Sunday, June 18, 2006

It was a glorious day for a Talk, Walk and Rock with Israel rally, if a little warm -- well into the 90's. This was the third year I've attended. (Previous years: 2004, 2005) I didn't attend the start at Copley Square, nor did I march in the parade this year since I wanted just to head down to City Hall and get pictures as the marchers came in.

Overall, the event at City Hall itself was better than last year I'd say. There was a lot more to do, look at and eat, with various groups manning tables, and moonbounce and other stuff for the kids. As a guess I'd say attendance was down just a bit. A good time was had by all, though. Heck, Greg even managed to get me to do Tefilin with the Chabad Rabbi.

"Gaby" has left a comment in the thread below, and I've pasted his message into this post. He relates that for some reason, organizers wouldn't allow the marchers to bring their signs and banners into the event past the security checkpoint. That seems rather odd. It almost seems that the moonbats, who were once again allowed to hang right there at the entrance and harrass people as they went in and while the event was ongoing, who had their own amplification, and who were even given their own spritzer tent (the little tents with a water mist for hot days like today) almost seems that in a way they were running the show.

And what a show it was! Lets get on with some photos and video. (I've focused a lot on the freak show at the front gate, but that's something of a false impression. You could go right in and ignore them...but where's the fun in that? Or the blog post?) Moonbats ahoy!

I've got a gallery set up with all of my photos of the event, but here are some of the high and lowlights. Oh, there are also a couple of videos taken with my digital camera down toward the bottom of the post. I have video taken with my regular video camera, but that will take a little longer to get posted. I will update. Also, if you were there and took pics or have a blog post on it, let me know and I'll link.

Apparently, the Greens thought better of bringing their banner, because I never saw it, although they did officially "endorse" the protest, and Andover High's Ron Francis did attend.

Click any thumbnail for a larger version.

Boston City Hall is right behind the Holocaust Memorial:

City Hall Plaza through the glass wall of the Holocaust Memorial. Am Yisrael Chai. You can see some of the blue and white decorations, but no one has arrived yet:

No wind, but a friendly flag flies on the center pole to the left of America's:

The protesters (most appeared to be from the New England Committee to Defend Palestine) got their start out on the sidewalk.

Hey, I thought these guys were supposed to be anti-racist. What's all this about Arab land?

She must teach art at the local adult-ed. Nice flag:

Who's this "Al" guy I keep hearing about:

Anti-Israel, and anti-American. Never forget. They never do. That's one of the chief big-mouths on the right having her MSM moment:

Not anti-war, just on the other side. Note the "Veterans for Peace" t-shirt. I guess some old vets don't mind aiding and abetting the enemies of today's troops:

Well, that's clear enough:

Well if it isn't Andover High's own Ron Francis, wearing a "We've tried the rest, Now try Divest" t-shirt. Yes, the guy who supports Hamas and has students from the High School going door to door in another city for his divestment project (follow links in this post for background):

Mr. Francis, can we calculate the trajectory of a Qassam rocket today? What happened to the Green-Rainbow banner, Ron?

What means "We" white man? One man's terrorist and all... Guess he's the "other man."

Jaffa? Hey, what about a two-state solution? I don't think they're into that:

Not anti-war, just...well, you know:

Chanting into the microphone in front of the big banner! "Look at me, I'm a star!" ("Does this hijab make me look fat?") Note the guy filming me. Right back at ya pal!

567 years of racism and genocide, holy smokes!

The mounted police arrive:

The riot police march in:

The marchers arrive, moonbats scramble to engage:

A WW2 vet (Soviet, but they fought the Nazis, too):

Marchers "funnel" into the event. Note protesters on right with layer of riot police and horse cops between:

Motherf^*&#er says Kosher what? Hey, I don't want to scream anti-Semitism or anything, but if the sign fits:

Horse's ass:

The security check-in:

CJP President Barry Shrage does an MSM interview:

The line-up. Note open mouths. They didn't shut the f&$k up from the time I took those pictures before the marchers arrived (around 11:00) 'till the time I left at 2:30 or so:

See the guy in the red shirt with stripes? Yeah, the guy who's clearly upset Old Navy didn't want him for their commericals? He was like a hyper-active boy without his ritalin -- he was literally chasing school buses down the road waving his sign in the windows and screaming slogans. If I'm very lucky I got some video of that:

There's that Al guy in the background again:

Horse's ass redux:

"They told me they'd buy me a cup of coffee if I stood here with this sign" (and what's a protest without some pre-printed Workers World Party posters?):

Ah, some smiling faces. I believe this was the David Project's booth:

See the note below. They had to sneak signs in. (BTW, I've been informed this is not a picture of the commenter):

I'm sure glad those protesters are there to make sure none of those evil Zionist children exploit any giant rubber monkeys. If only he could break free and go all Mighty Joe Young on their asses:

Those Russians and their strange scientific instruments:

I forgot to ask just what the heck Jewish Astrology is:

Kids dancing. I'm sure glad those protesters were there to remind everyone that kids are supposed to feel guilty for dancing:

Protest this, assh%les:

Learning Israeli dance:

An old-timer keeps watch on the Hall of Heros. Them Jews have been doing pretty well by America for a long time now:

Don't invade Sudan (let the Arabs finish the job):

It's Dr. J and Larry Bird! I'm honored, even if you are here to act like pricks! (yeah, I know the number's not right):

Son, belly shirts on men are a fashion faux-pas. As is crotch sweat. At least I hope that's crotch sweat:

These girls were quite camera-shy, but resistance is futile. They were having a grand time, though:

Ahhh...I was beginning to worry we'd never see Che here:

This guy's a fixture:

It's Super Arafat Man!

One on a long list of crappy leaders making poor communities poorer, Boston City Councillor (yes, City Councillor), Chuck Turner:

Complete with Workers World Party signage:

Finally, a sign I think we can all come together over in our own ways. Oh, some more fashion advice, and trust me on this...the more buttons you have on your hat, the more seriously you'll be taken. Indeed:

Only two Nazi-types showed up this year. The guy on the left is standing on an Israeli flag. They even had their own circle of bike cops:

I leave, the same way I entered, with kids dancing and singing and playing in the water in the shadow of the Holocaust Memorial:

Am Yisrael Chai

Here are three short videos taken with my still-video camera of moonbats fumbling through some chants ("From Iraq to Fallisteen, Long Live the Mujahideen!" "They're martyrs, not suicide bombers...we support our freedom fighters" &c...): Video, Video, Video

I'll see what I've got on my regular video camera and see if anything's worth uploading. I'll update the post, if so.

Gabby reports in the post below:

Here are some impressions fresh from today Boston Celebrates Israel event. It started at Copley square; from there, we walked to City Hall Plaza, where most of the event was taking place. I had the same posters as last year, white on blue. ------------------- Genocide against the US = Genocide against Israel = Islamonazism Remember 9/11 -------------------- Moderate Muslims Help US to fight Islamonazism ---------------- We are NOT DHIMMIES -------------------

Last year, I had those posters attached to a massive handle (a spade handle that I bought at Home Depot: one of the people at the event joked that these were dual user posters and indeed, I wanted to be able to use them to protect myself). As a result security people and the police insisted that I should get rid of those handles, before entering City Hall Plaza. I had to rip my signs off the handles, and after that they allowed me to enter.
Remembering my last year experience I attached my posters to very thin and long pieces of wood that could not be used as weapons, yet, this year, the security people were insistent that I should get rid of the handles not even near the City Hall Plaza, but next to the Copley square. That I did, and proceeded holding my signs by hand.
It was a very difficult day for such event: hot and humid so maybe because of this, or because of the disengagement I got impression that there was less of a crowd this year than last. Also I got impression that this year both Jews and Christians who came to the event were to the left of those who came last year.
As expected, when we came to City Hall Plaza we were “greeted” by the haters of the USA and Israel.
Probably due to the weather there were fewer of them this year than last year, as well. They were pretty close to the fence (behind which the event was taking place). They were holding signs urging destruction of Israel, right to resist American occupation of Iraq, Palestine from river to see, Palestinian right of return, calling Israelis and Americans racists, nazis and colonialists. They were also shouting slogans to match, against Israel as well as against the USA.
Right before I was entering City Hall Plaza, the security people started shouting that everyone, entering it, cannot carry signs, but should leave them next to the gate. In spite of this I “smuggled” my signs. Once inside, I was trying to understand the rationale behind not allowing the posters in. I talked to several organizer people before I found someone who could explain this to me. Imagine the DHIMMITUDE of it: it turned out that if the would allow Jews and Christians supporting Israel in with their signs, they would also have to allow the Islamonazis in with their signs. This is in spite of the fact that the Islamonazis could stand next to where we were entering the area, hold their signs and shout with the help of a loudspeaker. I asked what I should do. The person told me that if I want to carry the signs, I should leave the area. I went out and stood behind the police facing the shouting crowd of Islamonazis. I started shouting too, something like “Islamonazis go back to Saudi Arabia”. And I did my best to be heard. A woman organizer came to me and started urging me to get inside and join the event. But since she insisted, that I should give up on my posters, I stayed where I was. A policeman asked me not to stand behind them. So I went around the police and continued holding my signs and shouting right face to face with Islamonazis. An islamonazi girl pointed me to an islamonazi boy, he came within ten inches made a face, meaning to scare me and started shouting. I was not frightened and just increased the volume of my shouts. Policeman insisted that I should not be face to face with the guy like that (even though it was the guy to came to me, not vice versa). I stepped away, holding my posters. At some point I started shouting again and two policemen insisted that I should get inside the fence. I asked them what about my posters, they said, pointing to the organizers, that it was their business.
Anyway I entered the place smuggling my posters again. For the rest of the event I was standing next to the fence, facing the islamonazi crowd and holding the signs. Sometimes people were coming to me and helping to hold the signs or bringing water. At some point an organizer girl came to me insisting that I should leave the signs, and join the event. I showed her “we are not DHIMMIES” sign and asked her not to be one. After some time trying to convince me, she left.
Overall, as I said, the Islamonazi crowd was thinner than last year. Perhaps, because of this, police allowed them to be very close to the fence. At some point I counted them: there were ~10 Naturei Karta (an ultra-orthodox anti-zionist Jewish sect) who probably came from NY (most of them are located in Jerusalem, but some live in New York city). There were also ~50 of others: many wearing caffia, some young people, probably students, and some older people that looked more like junkies. Unlike last year, it seemed to me that there were fewer people that looked like they were of middle east origin (I have no idea why). At some point, I wanted to take pictures of them, but it turned out, I do not know how to operate my camera on such a bright and sunny day. (Next time, I’ll consult with zombie).
Outstanding was an islamonazi girl in her 20ties, shouting most. At some point, apparently, she led the crowd to break into the celebration place, because more police were summoned, and from what I could see, there was a minor scuffle. I hoped that they would all be arrested, but unfortunately it did not happen.

To summarize, there was much more dhimmitude on the Jewish – American side this year and this is worrisome. On the other hand, as I said above, the anti-American anti-Jewish crowd was smaller than last year and, even though they were using a loudspeaker, they were not shouting as loud as last year (perhaps police did not allow them).
Also last year, some white racist organization came to demonstrate against Israel. They stayed separate from the pro-palestinian demo and actually they were much milder and quieter than Islamonazis. This year, they did not come at all.

Update 1: JR Telegraph has an excellent post on the event with pictures, video and info about the speakers at the start of the walk.

Update 2: I've been informed that Andover High School physics teacher Ron Francis was there himself, and have added a couple of photos in to the post. I'd be interested to know if any of some of the very young attendees were Andover High students.

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I think that sign said 5,671 years of racism and genocide, not 567 years. Still doesn't make sense, though.

Heh, it actually said 56 with a line through the 6 making it 57. It's still lame.

L'Chaim. Wish I could have been there, to honor my Aunt Marcy and her children. Take solace from the fact that while the children of the marchers were splashing in the fountain waters, the moonbats and tinfoli hat briagade was standing on hot pavement, bereft of shade trees. Some of them might even have redder necks than we in the Midwest.

Solomon check this out!! OT, I know but I think you'd be interested this info on the PCUSA assembly meeting.

In honor of the protestors, I say...

"F", "F", PaleSWINE.

but shouldn't it be 5766 years?

That bucher with "Palestine is Arab Land" - isn't he one typical redneck? Strange, I would like to check whetehr he knows where Palestine is supposed to reside...

which one is Ron Farncis?

I have been told (don't know the man myself) that he's the black fellow holding the "Justice for Palestinian Refugees..." sign.

SnoopyThe Goon, from a born in the MidWest RedNeckette, get out of your little box and visit us some time. Funny thing, of every town I've lived in around here, nearly all the highschool graduates attend college the following fall. Yes, we know where Palestine is supposed to reside. Be careful, we happen to be some of Isreal's biggest supporters and knocking us like that does nothing for "our side".

I came here by way of LGF and I enjoyed the article. I wish I had opportunities to attend things like this to show my support for Isreal.

I think it is supposed to be 5766 years. That makes the poster even more puzzling.

So, Ron, you're right. But I don't understand how "Israel" can be blamed for racism and genocide for 5,000 years. Somebody is fuzzy on his history. Unless they meant to say that Judaism was responsible. Still weird. I don't know.

You're right about the moonbats and blogfodder. I'm sure the event was lots of fun and most people there ignored those morons. But it does make for some fun pics. I'll have to catch the videos later - I'm still working my way through all the stuff I missed by being gone for the weekend. BTW - I too was relieved to see Che show up - I mean - what would a moonbat protest be without him!

great report and gallery of shots

blowing up this picture give you an idea of what the holocaust memorial is like but to go there yourself and stand inside the glass chimney and look at the serial numbers that were tatooed on the concentration camp survivors is quite affecting. as is seeing youself or loved ones inside the chimney through the numbers.

"There but the for the grace of God go I"

As the old commercial said, "you don't have to be jewish to love Levy's" (rye bread)

and, of course, you don't have to jewish to experience a genocide or murderous rampage by crazed people

Jews may be canaries in the coal mine but remember Hitler also managed to murder another 5 million or so in the camps

I love chicken soup.

Great post. Keep up your good work. Looking at these protest pics is like a guilty pleasure for me.

*sigh* "Same morons; different city."

San Francisco

If I had been in Boston, I would have attended your Pro-Israel rally. The video showing the hatefullness at the pro-Hizbollah rally is disturbing and should be publicised for all to see.

Keep the good work and know that you have moral support.

Another disgusting display from my "fellow" bostonians, It is disturbing to see this level of of support for terrorism coming from "Americans"

Keep moving forward Israel!
The only good hezbollah are dead hezbollah.

"It seems to me that unless we emphasize and maximize the spirit of cooperation and humanistic exchange - and here I do not speak simply of uninformed delight or of amateurish enthusiasm for the exotic but rather of profound existential commitment and labor on behalf of the other - we are going to end up superficially and stridently banging the drum for "our" culture in opposition to all others." ~Edward W. Said (The Clash of Definitions)

If there was a massive Arab immigration to the United States such that to be Anglo-Saxon meant to be in the minority, would you feel threatened?

Joe, when will you be ending your occupation of North America? Which ancestral homeland will you be returning to?

Was the Soviet medal guy a friend or foe?
I wonder why Americans would support the Pals...
I am for human rights but this is ridiculous.

Friend, I think.

Sol's right. The Russians here are very strong supporters of Israel.

Here are a few cues from the picture: He's not protesting with the moonbats,or carrying an anti-Israel poster or in costume with a keffiyah or buttons; he's talking in a civil manner away from the loonies, and that's not like them. The police were confining them to a small space and keeping them from mixing with us, so it's even more unlikely he's a foe. Finally, the plastic bag he's holding looks like one that was given out at one of the booths.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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