Sunday, August 14, 2005

Further on the post below, Not a Saint, let's take a look at the horse Cindy Sheehan has tied her cart to, the Crawford Peace House [Note: The CPH people have deleted the material mentioned in this post from their page, but I have the original. Here is the Google cache a screenshot of the page as it was. See the update at the bottom of this post.]. They claim to be a house of peace, and Cindy Sheehan's agenda would seem to be centered on the War in Iraq, but even a cursory look at the CPH's web page shows a clearly different agenda. As I write this, the word "Iraq" appears on CPH's front page a total of ONE time. The number of times a certain eastern Mediterranean country's name appears? Seventeen times. And the single essay on the page is about...Iraq? No. It is about the world's true demon, root of all evil, Israel.

The first photo is one of a Mr. Eugene Bird giving a speech with a Palestinian flag waving next to him. Who is Mr. Bird? According to Honest Reporting, Bird is President of the Paul Findley founded anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Council for the National Interest, a group which seeks "to restore a political environment in America in which voters and their elected officials are free from the undue influence and pressure of a foreign country, namely Israel." He also writes regularly for the Saudi shilling, and need I mention anti-Israel, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs -- where old Arabist diplomats who've gone native go to die.

Bird is known for blaming Israel for the Abu Ghraib abuses:

We know that the Israeli intelligence was operating in Baghdad after the war was over. The question should be: Were there any foreign interrogators among those that were recommending very, very bad treatment for the prisoners?

Do I need to mention that Bird is a big fan of divestment, and uses all sorts of strained narrative reasoning to justify himself? He also thinks what we really need is -- not Syrian, not Saudi -- but an Israel Accountability Act.

By the way, if you want a report on the demonstration these pictures are apparently from, you can get it at this Indymedia site.

The second photo on the CPH site shows a man holding a sign which appears to show the ever shrinking borders of "Palestine." What do you think the protester thinks would be a "just solution" to this shrinkage?

The third and fourth pictures are of protesters carrying the mother of all anti-Israel banners, which also looks like it blames the Jewish State for the region's strife. As an emailer wrote to me, "This is a group that appears to think that it was Israel that started the wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973. Remember when Polish tanks invaded Germany on Sept 1, 1939? Remember when the United States bombed Pearl Harbor? Cindy Sheehan's friends probably do."

Finally, we have a photo of radical Leftist Professor Robert Jensen, who's list of hits include:

Ward Churchill Has Rights, and He’s Right

...So, for the record: The main thesis Churchill put forward in “’Some People Push Back’: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens” is an accurate account of the depravity of U.S. foreign policy and its relationship to terrorism...

and, Get definition straight on Palestinian ‘terrorism’

...If we were to take seriously the moral call to end domination by colonial regimes, certainly Israel’s occupation of Palestine would be among the first to be addressed...There is no doubt that both sides in the conflict have killed, and at times killed civilians. The 1987 General Assembly resolution deplores any taking of “innocent human lives,” but it also acknowledges that the causes of terrorism often lie in “misery, frustration, grievance and despair” that leads people to seek radical change...But Palestinians revert to the status of terrorists when they resist the daily humiliations of checkpoints, closures and random violence against them, or when they refuse to accept a subordinate status that allows Israel to retain the best land...

and, U.S. just as guilty of committing own violent acts

...So, my anger is directed not only at individuals who engineered the Sept. 11 tragedy, but at those who have held power in the United States and have engineered attacks on civilians every bit as tragic. That anger is compounded by hypocritical U.S. officials' talk of their commitment to higher ideals, as President Bush proclaimed "our resolve for justice and peace."

To the president, I can only say: The stilled voices of the millions killed in Southeast Asia, in Central America, in the Middle East as a direct result of U.S. policy are the evidence of our resolve for justice and peace...

On and on in that vein...

Finally, as so often with these things, take a look at the final picture on that Indymedia page. It shows the only American flags (and Israeli for that matter) on display at the demonstration -- put up by the obviously non-plussed regular citizens of Crawford. As is so often the case with these things, the oh-so patriotic protesters wouldn't even think to display them.

Cindy Sheehan's sacrifice is unfathomable, but as an adult, responsible for her own actions, her politics and public statements are open to examination because she has put them out there, and as I said at the beginning, she has tied her cart to a decrepit, decidedly Judenhass horse.

Update: Of course, the Crawford Peace House is only the most recent Judenhass horse Mrs. Sheehan has tied herself to. Here she is lecturing college students along with convicted terror-enabling lawyer Lynne Stewart in a sweatshirt advertising the virulently "anti-Zionist" United for Peace and Justice.

As I said in my first post, the media was never interested before in the real agenda of groups like ANSWER and UFPJ, so don't expect them to show any interest now aside from the dog and pony show gloss on the streets of Crawford. It fits their agenda too neatly for them to ruin it with any real reporting -- far easier just to re-print the live-action press release crafted for the consumption of a lazy press who'll never dig for themselves.

Update: Looks like the Crawford Peace House people have changed their page to expunge the material criticized in this post. Wonder if they check their referrer logs? Anyway, I saved a copy of the page as it was when I wrote the post and will post it if necessary. In the mean-time, here is the Google cache showing the original. Since the cache has changed, here is a screenshot of the page as it was (assembled from three images for easier scrolling).

Update2: Welcome Power Line readers...and LGF Lizards, too.

If I may, some visitors may also be interested in this recent post on a very loosely related topic -- the destruction of the archaeological record under the Temple Mount. It's an issue that hasn't gotten anywhere near the attention it deserves: Murdering History in the Dark. The post contains a few scans that I'm not aware are available anywhere else on the net at the moment.

A final (I hope) Update: There was another interesting, but probably unrelated, change to the CPH page that readers may find interesting. I have noted it here.

OK, one more Update (8/18/05): A commenter points out that the front page material was moved to one of the inside pages. It is still available here.

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Great post. I put a post on directing people to you site and this post.

I guess I have a question that, if already mentioned, I may have missed. Who is footing the bill for Cindy Sheehans 'vigil'? Meals, motels, communications, transportation, etc. The source of the funding would be interesting to know.

Should We Support the Iraqi Resistance?!!!!!!

Mrs. Sheehan, why are you supporting our enemy?!!!

You are traitor.

This Cindy Sheehan is an anti-semitic disgrace to her son. Why does she get Fox coverage every day and when we demonstrate at Crawford on behalf of Israel we get no coverage?

have you sent Drudge this info? I would love it to be a headliner.

Nice going. One look at the author's name at the CPH site and wups, hey, ka-ching! Keep punching.
A short take on Sheehan at New Spew

This Sheehan woman is making quite a franchise out of her son's death.

The Vacaville Report has a letter thanking all those who volunteered labor and materials to remodel her home recently.

When the home is seized by the IRS for back taxes we should at least be able to get something for it.

My post on the subject here:

Good job. Thanks for the footwork.
I'll work on a trackback too.

I'm just so disgusted at the double standards I see in evidence with the media coverage of Cindy Sheehan and the so-called "anti-war" movement in general.

Grieving Mother Status gives you something of a pass, sure, but does it mean you can get away with heinous Jew Hating without question? Apparently it does.

I'm sick of it. Enough. My tolerance for those who blame Israel and Zionists and Jews for everything under the sun has come to an end.

I'm not going to stay silent about it anymore. It's time for people like me (from middle-American, nonreligious, vaguely Protestant backgrounds) to stand up and say that the anti-Semitism of the political Left is just plain wrong.

No more.

Very interesting! Thanks for the deeper information! Enjoyed your post!

News Flash==The bereaved mother of Heinich Himmler has vowed to stand outside 10 Downing street until Winston Churchill is arrested for mking her little boy so depressed that he ate cyanide

It's a real shame that the Jewish newspaper reporters, editors, and producers, and their counterparts in the electronic media are so blinded by their hatred of Bush and the Republicans that they refuse to confront the vulgar anti Semitism that Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, and the entire Left-Liberal-Democratic Party countenance. If the newspeople who are covering this non story would sharply question the supposed Jewish influence over national policy these anti Semites proclaim, sooner rather than later, this blame the Jews disease would be cured.

Seems odd that there is a Crawford Peace House, although I get the impression that Crawford isn't terribly far away from Waco (from a Crawford web site), still a "Peace House" in a town population 705? That indeed seems odd, unless it was established to be perpetual protest against George Bush. I wonder what the zoning laws have to saw about this?

(a visitor from LGF)

Another Jewish person that doesn't go along with the BS from the MSM? Saw you from Michelle Malkin and our group is at livejournal.

We're the one and only Jewish_GOP at Live Journal bubbalah. We have 95 members! Anyone that is reading this and wants to join us please do. See this url:

Jewish Gop at Live Journal

Listen to yourselves! Anti-Semitism this! Anti-Semitism that! Jews have it better than any ethnic group in the world right now, and yet so many of you still find enough time to whine and attack people because of your own paranoid insecurities. This woman has said nothing to indicate she is anti-Semitic. Disagreeing with Israel's policy has nothing to do with disliking Jews. I'd suggest those of you who are spewing this irrational vitriol that offends ME as a goyim, or as you would say in public places, a gentile, to seriously consider your upbringings and all of the paranoia instilled in you about how the entire world is out to get you JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A JEW and analyze your own behavior and how people just might not like you because of how you act. If you don't think Jews have offended a vast multitude of groups in the world with their scripture, words, and actions, you need a history lesson and a reality check. You're not perfect. Seriously people, grow up!

Oh genile Esau, when an certain Islamic-fascist government uses it's a newly developed nuclear bomb to pulvarize what is left of the tiny state of Democratic Israel then maybe, just maybe, you will open your eyes to the reality that Islamification is truly at the heart of Islamic-fascist purpose. Islamification has no room for peace.

After the Jews are eliminated, Islamic-fascists will come after you, that said, you'll most likely submit all in the name of peace.

I am not Jewish but I can clearly see I have a great deal in common with their plight.

Other moms follow Ms. Sheehan's lead...

"Nebraska Mom Demands Meeting With DQ CEO"

I am not Jewish but I do have Jewish friends that have suffered from actual anti-Semitic attacks. It is their feeling that comments like those above trivialize the plight of Jewish people.

When ANY criticism of Israel is constantly elevated to the bogus status of 'anti-Semitism', it diminishes any genuine suffering by those who really are experiencing it.

You with your comfortable lives, blogging your irrational hatred and spoilt brat propaganda.

Notice the word "freedom" is not included
in the slogan "Peace and Justice".

"ANY criticism?" Sure about this because from what I have read over the past four years, that from the United Nations on down Israel/Jews are ALWAYS to blame. In the year 2000, the world had a chance for Isreali/(Arab)Palestine peace but Arafat flushed it down the toilet.

The anti-Semitic attacks have even evolved to the point where people are blaming those "neo-con Christian Jews" running the White House, fercryinoutloud!

Anyone who believes that by simply ridding ourselves of the Jews will end all our world-wide problems is going to end up either submitting or will be exterminated.

No one is saying that ANY or ALL criticism of Israel is anti-semitic. But when you obsess about Israel alone and there are dozens of repressive dictatorships in that same area of the world about which you say nothing, or if your criticism of Israel or your rhetoric is way beyond what is appropriate to your point, or if you see a conspiracy of American Jews behind every policy you disagree with, you're an anti-semite.

Further here.

> there are dozens of repressive dictatorships
> in that same area of the world about which
> you say nothing

Personally, I've been a lifelong critic of repressive Arab governments. But I've also been a lifelong critic of those who for selfish gain have kept them in power.

> or if your criticism of Israel or your rhetoric

What rhetoric? I simply said that raising all arguments to the status of anti-semitism is counter-productive. What rhetoric?

> if you see a conspiracy of American Jews behind
> every policy you disagree with, you're an
> anti-semite

Well in that case, I'm not! You've cleared me nicely. But then again, you're seeing an anti-Jewish conspiracy behind every criticism of Israeli policy. What does that make you?

> Anyone who believes that by simply ridding
> ourselves of the Jews will end all our
> world-wide problems is going to end up either
> submitting or will be exterminated.

...which isn't what anyone here has said is it. It's also not what Mrs Sheehan said either.

I put it to you that if you see a conspiracy of anti-Jewishness behind every policy and criticism you disagree with, you're also an anti-Semite, since you harm the cause of Israel and cheapen the cause of Jewish people across the world.

Call it Anti-Semitism?

Ms. Sheehan has allied herself with some notorious anti-Semites.

United for Justice and Peace, a group whose T-shirts Ms. Sheehan proudly wears at public speaking engagements, sponsors demonstrations where attendees wave Palestinian flags, and chant "Intifada Intifada, Long Live the Intifada."

Think about that for a moment. The intifada consists of blowing up innocent people at Passover services and in University cafeterias, of sending suicide bobmers to destroy hospitals, of transporting munitions in Red Crescent ambulances, and breaking into into homes and shooting babies at point-blank range. but wait, there's more.

Where is the justice - let alone the peace - in the program UFJP is supporting?

At a United for Justice and Peace demonstration in San Francisco signs and messages included "No blood for Israel," "I want you to die for Israel." "Israel Sings: Onward Christian Soldiers," "I Love NYC even more without the World Trade Center," and a model Israeli tank with dollars dripping blood and the sign, "Paid for with US tax dollars."

This is what we call anti-Semitism. Also anti-Americanism. I mean to say "I love NYC even more without the World Trade Center" What kind of people are these? What kind of person would associate herself with them?

Sheehan associates with known anti-Semites. she makes anti-Semitic statements about her son having died for Israel. OF COURSE people call her an anti-Semite.

She is also, of course, a grieving mother, perhaps someone whose grief has caused her to act in ways that are extreme and not part of her normal behavior. But many mothers grieve without associating themselves with notoriously anti-Semitic organizations.

We're not talking about people who merely "criticize Israeli policy." We're talking about people who consider Arab mass murderers to be heroes, and Jews who defend themselves to be villains.

Of course it's anti-Semitism.

Look at Esau's post to see what I mean. He, too, starts out by trying to hide behind the "Israeli policy" trope, but he's too stupid to keep it up and launches into an explicitly anti-Semitic attack at the end of his post. That's the only difference between him and the rest of the "anti-Israeli-policy" crowd.

Listen: If you prefer Arab murderers to Jews who defend themselves against murder, you are an anti-Semite.

When I saw the picture of Cindy Sheehan speaking to a room of anti-military college students who would have disliked and misunderstood her son, I wondered about their real mother-son relationship.

Also, I wonder when is the first time she appears on the public stage, I am guessing it was many years ago, but about what?

I linked this on Lifelike Pundits but the trackback doesn't work. Neither does your e-mail.

Thank you for the link and sorry about the difficulty. Email should be working, so just double-check the address. Trackback is always a crap-shoot, unfortunately. Blame the spammers I guess.

Hi Solomon

I, too, have linked your post on my Monday musings post with the trackback failing. (activity log is showing a 404 error). Came here via LGF.

I've been under "attack" from the usual lefties taking exception to my posts on "Mother" Sheehan.. especially my designation of Crawford "Peace" House as anti-Semitic. Boy, did that ever knock a few knickers! Thanks for your post.

According to Esau -

"If you don't think Jews have offended a vast multitude of groups in the world with their scripture, words, and actions, you need a history lesson and a reality check."

The world is so offended at the contribution Jews have made, that most of them have accepted Jewish Scripture as their own. Ever hear of the Bible? Christians adopted it directly, and even the Mohamedans based much of their teachings and history on the Jewish Bible. If by "words and actions" you refer to Israel's defense against a never ending onslaught of vicious terrorist attacks against innocent civilians, yes, that offends much of the world. Those people are the modern day descendants of Hitler and his supporters who believe Jews have no right to exist and wish to see them dead. Perhaps it is Israel's words seeking a negotiated solution that you find offensive. Israel was prepared to sacrifice much at Oslo, but Arafat chose blood instead. Israel today is directly confronting its extremist's in the name of peace; Abbas continues to pay only lip service while permitting Hamas, Jihad, and his own Fatah to espouse terror.

I emailed the full article to several news sites with this lead: How does this affect your coverage?

(Trackbacks should be fixed now.)

This is a great site. I am linking the Sheehan post to my blog,

This woman's loss is terrible, but she is using it to shill for the left.

And that's despicable.

Re Esau's comments:

Israel is a Jewish state, and its policies directly affect the welfare of Jews; it is the homeland for the Jews. If you put down the Nation of Israel, you put down Jews.

Since the re-establishment of an Israel state post WWII, Israel has been continually defending itself from hostile attacks by the Arab world ... who have a stated goal of driving Israel into the sea.

Following an attack of the entire Arab world against Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip were occupied by Israel in order to protect their borders against future Arab attacks (which did occur).

Since the occupation in '67 Israel has made many efforts (with the help of the USA) to establish peace with the Palestinians, but these Arabs have no desire for peace (as shown in the Oslo Accords). They want the destruction of Israel.

To deny this is to join the liberal ranks of uninformed who ignorantly come down on the side of the Palestinians. They (and. obviously, you) are the ones who are in desparate need of a history lesson.

Cindy Sheehan has aligned herself with people who support Palestine, and oppose Israel (i.e. Jews).

Solomon, you seem think that Sheehan should be held responsible for all the actions and statements of anyone with whom she is directly or indirectly associated.

Therefore I wonder what you think of these recent episodes of kissing and hand-holding. These public displays of affection seem to indicate we have no problem with people who spent $4 billion to finance terrorism against Israel (link). These public displays of affection also seem to indicate we approve of a regime that (according to a highly-redacted congressional report) had "very direct" links with 9/11 (link). I guess we also have no problem with the folks who arrested 40 Christians this year, for the crime of practicing Christianity (link).

By the way, the hand-holding was done exactly three days after the 40 Christians were arrested.

Please refer me to your recent posts where you condemn Bush for his public displays of affection toward these folks, whose anti-Semitic and anti-Christian policies are well-documented.

Then again, maybe you think it's only fair for Bush to show gratitude toward the people who helped him launch his first oil business 27 years ago (link).

Or maybe you're a hypocrite and you think Bush should be exempt from the rules you're quick to apply to Cindy Sheehan.

Solomon, the Crawford Peace House can flush the Google cache if they want. Did you grab screenshots?

By the way, I'm not a Republican, I'm Jewish, and I hold many of the same views as Solomon.

I am SO tired of people generalizing about a group's opinions. Some "lefty" Jews agree with Sheehan. Some do not. Gee, what a surprise. Different people have different opinions.

Someday, I'm going to see an article widely linked from one side or the other that doesn't have partisan bashing.

Oh, let's be realistic: No I won't.

> signs and messages included "No blood
> for Israel," "I want you to die for Israel."
> "Israel Sings: Onward Christian Soldiers," "I
> Love NYC even more without the World Trade
> Center," and a model Israeli tank with dollars
> dripping blood and the sign, "Paid for with US
> tax dollars."

Of course they do. Has there ever been a demonstration, no matter what the cause, where there weren't a minority of nut-jobs holding offensive signs? That's never been a sign of anything except the presence of nut-jobs.

> What kind of people are these? What kind of
> person would associate herself with them?

They're the kind of people who are so entrenched in their own view of the world that they can't see past their own hate. Very few people would associate with them and very few people do, contrary to what you would have us and yourself believe.

Don't you people get tired of having a clenched jaw and bulging blood vessels all day? Don't you get tired of seeing a conspiracy behind everything? Don't you ever wonder if you're a gift to the enemies of the Jewish people, in the same way as the sign-holders are? Don't you worry that you'll get to the end of your lives one day and have achieved absolutely nothing of value? Have you ever tried searching for something positive and committed to making it grow? You represent the past. You've already lost and the future owes you nothing.

For outrage above against those who criticize neo-con Christians, have you ever considered loving your enemies? Christianity is not a game. You have to live it or you have nothing whatsoever in common with God. Live it!

I love dearly my Jewish friends and I also love dearly my Palestinian friends. I wish the best for them both.

It's not just the sign-holders.

The Crawford Peace House, which is sponsoring Sheehan, proudly posts photographs of promonant Jew-Hater Eugene Bird on its face page. Inviting a known anti-Semitie to speak and boasting about it on your web-page is an anti-Semitic act.

Furthermore, even if we accept your premise that people one doesn't like might bring unwanted signs to a rally, most of us would distance ourselves from an organization known regularly to sponsor rallies where large numbers of racists show up with hate-placards. Cindy Sheehan proudly wore the T shirt of Peace and Justice following a series of such hate-filled rallies.

One way to stop racism is to refuse to associate oneself with racists. Cindy Sheehan knowingly associates with anti-Semites.

In 2004, 42,600 people died in auto accidents. That's 42,600 deaths which were probably just as horrible as getting shot or blown up. That's 42,600 grieving families, whose loss is just as great as Cindy Sheehan's. Let's have them all go to Crawford and demand a meeting with the president. Let's have the MSM demand that Bush do something about the carnage on our roads. Perhaps we should "pull out" of all the highways.
Lest you think otherwise, I literally weep when I read the stories about our casualties in Iraq. But, they have fought to liberate 25 million people and to defeat the Islamofascists. God bless them all.

Meryl, yes, I have screen-shots as well as the complete page code from the original and the cached pages. I also asked a couple of other people to save them. Never can be too careful in making sure the issue doesn't change from...the whether the page as I describe it was real or not.

ScottM, being insulting won't get you anywhere in life. Grow up. This is exactly the behavior I'm talking about people. This stuff is obviously offensive. I never sided with the Muslims, although I'm sure many of you would like to believe that. In fact, I think most Muslim countries are just as bad as Israel. You know, you never hear of anti-Anglism among the Indians when discussing Americans pushing westward. The people who wrote the histories just didn't care about that kind of stuff. The Irish, the Italians, the Poles...when they came to this country they worked hard and honorably and didn't antagonize the host population, and within a generation or two had earned the respect of the other groups, and most of the prejudice melted away. Something to be learned from this.

Carl B, a short list - the writings of the Talmud, the importation and enslavement of black Africans (mostly done by Jews), the celebration of mass slaughter a la Passover and Purim, the massacre that was Communism, Theodore Kaufman's Germany Must Perish calling for genocide against Germans, and yes, forcibly displacing Palestineans from their land. I could go on...

Anna, Israelis have committed their share of war crimes and killing innocents is not new to them either. Rachel Corrie is but one of many victims you can learn about. Also, supporting Israel in its current incarnation is about as un-American as you can get. Lavon Affair and USS Liberty ring a bell? Also, they harbor criminals, including many pimps who exploit gentile Slavic women. Why do you think Russia no longer allows its politicians to have duel citizenship?

CraigB, yes putting down Israel is putting down some Jews, but not BECAUSE they're Jews. What is it with absurd remarks like "OH NO! He doesn't like Howard Stern or Jerry Springer! He's an anti-Semite!" Blah, I'm done for now.

Esau, you were done before you started as your ramblings make little sense. Sure Jews have done some not so nice things. So have others including people in this country but most of that is history. If you can forget the past at least for a moment you would realize the threat to freedom today doesn't come from Israel and the Jews but from the Arab countries and Islam. So trying to lay the blame on Israel serves no useful purpose except to dilute the fight against the Islamic terrorists who are supported by most of the Arabic states.

Curiously, your name is Jewish in its origin. Are you one of the Jews who hate their ancestory?

Er, Doc Dave, I suspect that the penname, "Esau" is intended to remind us of the first man to be murdered by a Jew. It must be what passes for humar among blatant anti-Semites like "Esau."

And I do understand why he uses a pen name. I mean, if you were out there posting racist material on other people's blogs, would you want your neighbors to know who you were?

Docdave, Esau is not really my name. He is a character I've always felt sympathetic to, and felt the name would be relevant.

My "ramblings" make perfect sense if you would just open your mind for a second. Thanks for being oh-so-respectful.

I was making a point that Jews are not above criticism and anti-Semetism isn't just something that randomly happens. And yes, I have moved on, but have most Jews? How many Holocost museams and memorials are there, and how much of our school curriculums are spent being told about the Holocaust?

I realize that the Muslim nations are a huge threat, but the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. I do not condone the humans rights abuses and traitorous actions perpetrated by Israel. And yes, I have problems with the Jewish community at large as well. I feel they often go too far. All of that outrage over Mel Gibson's The Passion, the Holiday Tree thing, and the outlawing of Holocost revisionism in certain countries are some of the reasons for this. Maybe if Jews stopped seeing themselves as victims and lashing out at everyone things would begin to change.

Anna, I find nothing funny about my pen name. Esau is sometimes used to represent the father of gentiles, and being a gentile on a Jewish site, I thought the name was a good one to use. Nothing anti-Semetic about that, now is there? I find it very offensive that you brand me an anti-Semite, which I am most certainly not. If you knew anything about my life you would realize that, so stop making snap judgements. Now, if you would like to state exactly WHY you see me as an anti-Semite, I'd be interested and amused to hear it.

Hi Sol; The sign of a great post is the number of resposes received. This is obviously a great post. I still have a question regarding Mrs. Sheehan. Is she paying all of her own expenses, or being subsidized? If she is covering all of her meals, lodging, transportation, etc herself, then I believe she has the right to say what she will, regardless of how inaccurate or outrageous her comments may be. If she is receiving financial subsidies from other sources, then I think any comment she makes should carry a 'truth in advertising' disclaimer identifying the source.


Of course she has the right to say what ever she wishes.

However, once you deliberately set out to become a public figure, you become fair game for examination even if you are wealthy enough to fund yourself.

It is perfectly legitimate for Sol to inquire into the stands taken by groups like the Crawford Peace House that Ms. Sheenan boasts of her association with.

It would be cruel and unfair to go around snooping into the political affiliations of every grieving parent who has lost a child in this war. And I know of no one who is doing so. Ms. Sheehan put herself in a different category when she decided to devote her time to becoming a spokesperson for the anti-Iraq War movement.

Please note that the law has long recognized this distinction by setting different standards for libel depending on whether the individual is in private life or has made herself into a public figure.

> If she is receiving financial subsidies from
> other sources, then I think any comment she
> makes should carry a 'truth in advertising'
> disclaimer identifying the source.

Do you really believe nonsense like this? Should Bush carry a truth in advertising disclaimer from his fundraising trip when he drove by Cindy Sheehan?

As far as 'advertising' is concerned, I'm not aware that the growing number of thousands of ordinary Americans now contributing funds to Cindy Sheehan are advertising anything at all. $50,000 was donated to her cause in one single day. That's expected to rise to $100,000 in a single day today.

Truth is folks, even if her camp was shut down today, Cindy Sheehan has already won and there is no war left to lose. It's been lost since conception.

And even if Cindy Sheehan is never heard from again, as surely as thunder follows lightning, the troops WILL be coming home from a lost war.

They will leave behind them a terrorist superstate of enormous threat to the United States.

They will leave behind them a growing alliance between Iran and Israel (oh, you didn't know?)

They'll leave behind them a destabilized middle east of unprecedented threat to Israel.

They'll come home to the most heavily indebted country in the world, with 25% of US treasuries owned by China.

There is no comparison between Iraq and Vietnam - Iraq is now much, much worse in terms of the threat and the damage done.

When they come home, thousands of them will be leaving the military. And when they settle down and have a chance to think, they'll be asking questions just like they did after Vietnam.

They're going to read the words of Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, British Secret Intelligence Service. They're going to read about how the intelligence was fixed around the policy a year before the war started after having been assured that the war was a last resort.

Then they're going to think about how they went through hell for a lie and how two thousand of them died for a lie, including Casey Sheehan.

They're going to go on the warpath again and guess who they're going to turn against? Cindy Sheehan, one of their own? Not! They'll turn against those who lied to them and those who supported the liers. And they're going to thank those who stood up to the liers, the profiteers and those who are a threat to the country they've been trained to protect.

What you believe is of no consequence whatsoever. You've been wrong from the start. You haven't been right about a single, tiny detail. Bury your head in the sand but it's still coming.

> They will leave behind them a growing alliance
> between Iran and Israel (oh, you didn't know?)

Should have read 'Iran and Iraq'

We all know the "peace and justice" the lunatic left wing favors.

The "peace" of prison for anyone who resists socialism, the "peace" of a bullet in the temple", the "peace" of an unmarked, mass grave. All in the name of their beloved Marxist-Leninism.

Which is why they mesh so easily with the religon of "peace". Idiots don't get any more useful than Cindy Sheehan.

"Remember when the United States bombed Pearl Harbor? Cindy Sheehan's friends probably do."

I hate to bring it to your attention but I believe it was JAPAN that bombed Pearl Harbor ..but regardless.. Are her statements are anti-semetic? If the truth hurts say ouch.. her point is this.. the only neighbor threatened by any muslims was ISRAEL..period.. why should americans die for you? a country who has 200+ nukes of its own to use? And how come none of you "patriots" are out there fighting??

Dear Conspiracy Brutha,

Sigh. It really is necessary to have both some knowledge of history and some sense of humor in entering on political debate. This was a joke. Allow me to explain it to you.

I have copied the passage to which you refer: "The third and fourth pictures are of protesters carrying the mother of all anti-Israel banners, which also looks like it blames the Jewish State for the region's strife. As an emailer wrote to me, "This is a group that appears to think that it was Israel that started the wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973. Remember when Polish tanks invaded Germany on Sept 1, 1939? Remember when the United States bombed Pearl Harbor? Cindy Sheehan's friends probably do."

Of course Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and not the other way round. Also, it was German tanks that invaded Poland in 1939, not the other way round. (Can you possibly have read that sentence and not noticed that it was backwards?) Just as it was Arab armies that attacked the Jewish State in 48, 56, 67, and 73, and not the other way round.

Cindy Sheehan's friends at the Crawford Peace House allege in their banners that it was the other way round, that Israel, the invaded, was - somehow - the aggressor. The joke is that anyone who thinks that Israel invaded Arab lands in those four wars probably also thinks that it was the U.S. that bombed Pearl Harbor. Get it?

Solomon, did it ever occur to you that you are wrong? This constant leap to the charge of "anti-semitism" has got to stop. Did it ever occur to you that wrongs could be committed by Jews? OJ Simpson was a brutal double murderer, it isn't "anti-Black" or "racist" to point this out.

Discriminating against people because of their religion is wrong. That is what Israel is. Israel is a system of discrimination. Pointing that fact out is not "anti-Semitism"

You have a distorted view of MANY of the basic facts. To take just one, i is a very extreme and dishonest position to claim that Zionists were sitting there peacefully in 1948 and "were attacked". The misleading story often told is that "Jews declared Israel and then they were attacked." The fact is from November 1947 to May 1948 the Zionists were already on the offensive and had already attacked Arabs. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had driven 300,000 non-Jews off their land. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had seized land beyond the proposed Jewish State. After the massive ethnic cleansing and expansion beyond the UN suggested boarders, Arab arms responded INTO THE AREAS THAT WERE TO BE FOR THE UN PROPOSED PALESTINIAN STATE. Also, Jordan had an agreement with Israel to prevent a Palestinian State so Jordan invaded the West Bank.

The fact that the rights of the majority, 67% of the population, were violated is suppressed in the media. Why in the world would you think it is legitimate for 33% of a population to seize land and carve up the land into 7 parts? Why in the world should 67% of a population ever accept that? These population stats, which highlight just how undemocratic the UN proposal really was, are almost never mentioned in US media.

It is totally delusional to declare that Israel wasn't the one that attacked in 1956 and 1967. Solomon, there is something VERY wrong if you honestly believe that Israel did not start those wars.

Sadat offered peace in 1971, Israel refused. This facts is basically suppressed in the United States. "February 1971, when President Sadat of Egypt offered Israel a full peace treaty in return for Israeli withdrawal from Egyptian territory, with no mention of Palestinian national rights or the fate of the other occupied territories. Israel's Labor government recognized this to be a genuine peace offer, but rejected it, intending to extend its settlements to northeastern Sinai; that it soon did, with extreme brutality, the immediate cause for the 1973 war."

How does one navigate to the cache from this?

"In the mean-time, here is the Google cache showing the original.

Update2: Welcome Power Line readers...and LGF Lizards, too."

Notwithstanding Attila's post defining an anti-semite as "someone who hates Jews more than he has reason to", I would not have classified the Crawford Peace House site as anti-semitic. I prefer to reserve that term for explicit instances of bigotry and hatred against Jews qua Jews, not for criticisms of Israel (no matter how inane or hateful or over-the-top).

However, I was very amused that Crawford Peace House modified their web page in response to the criticism. Obviously they are very sensitive to such charges. I find it ironic that their cover-up constitutes stronger circumstantial evidence in favor of the anti-semitic charge than the deleted material. It also proves their technical illiteracy if they believe they can bury information once it has escaped onto the Internet.

Anna: Where are you when we need you? The discussion appears to have taken a kind of weird turn. We need your intelligent discussion, rather than revisionist history.

Tom M: As I recall from history, it was the Grand Mufti who told the Muslims to leave, so that the five Arab armies that were going to attack Israel could slaughter the Jews without hitting any Muslims. After all the Jews were dead, or driven into the sea, the Muslims could then return and take back all of Israel.

I have said it before, and I will continue to stand by my assertion that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that allows freedom of religion. Until the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, purchased with our blood, Isreal was the only country in the Middle East that allowed Muslims to vote in free elections. Is Israel perfect? No, I know of no government that can make that claim, and I certainly do not agree with everything Israel does. But it remains the best friend we have in the Middle East, and I am confident that they will remain so.

And finally, to the ConsiracyBrutha. My youngest son, and my youngest nephew, are both in the military. I know why they chose to serve their country, and I am proud of both.

It intellectually lazy to call every critic of Israel an anti-semite, and it's nearly impossible to defend against the charge. It's like being called a pedophile. It doesn't have to be true because the mere association with the label is enough to discredit the victim. It is clear that some of the more vocal defenders of Israel are aware of this fact and use it to their advantage.

I freely admit that Israeli policy gets far more criticism from American leftists (such as myself) than other (arguably worse) regimes in the region. The reason is this: Iran might be controlled by a repressive regime, but it is not a regime that is morally and financially propped up by U.S. taxpayers.

Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid. I am compelled to finance with my labor the oppression in the occupied territories. The Iranian mullahs may execute homosexuals, but I have no direct complicity in that act. In the case of Israel, their actions are financed by me. I have every right to petition my government to disassociate itself from those actions. My outrage is at my forced participation in the attrocities.

It's the golden rule, my friends. Lead by example.



You seem positively giddy at the prospect of the United States retreating from Iraq defeated and humiliated, leaving "a terrorist superstate of enormous threat to the United States" and "a destabilized middle east." Apparently, in the battle to bring down George W. Bush the amount of collateral damage that is acceptable is unlimited.

Craig, a lot of countries with track records much more dubious than Israel's receive US aid. Egypt comes to mind as a willing recipient. I trust you are just as vociferous about disassociating yourself and the US from those countries as you are with Israel.

This, too, is part of the golden rule.

You wrote, "As I recall from history ..."

That myth was exposed over 40 years ago by British writer Erskine Childers. Israeli archives, available since the the 80's, also expose this as a myth.

"The myth of the radio broadcast was important to us because, if followed to its logical conclusion, it allowed all the blame to be placed on the refugees themselves." --Yeshiva University Commentator

It is another self-serving myth, just like the "land without a people, for a people without a land" myth. The bottom line is the Zionists wanted to ethnically cleanse Palestine in order to achieve an overwhelming majority population of Jews to establish a Jewish supremacist state and this was the plan going back to the father of Zionism who insisted that "Immigration is consequently futile unless based on an assured supremacy "

And what about the thousands of non-Jews who didn't leave and yet still had their homes and land stolen? In the first 8 years, the Jewish State took away a staggering 50% of all the land owned by Palestinians remaining in Israel. The shocking fact is some 39,000 Palestinians who never left were robbed anyway! "Israel seized property and land from some 39,000 Palestinians who escaped expulsion and remained in Israel. It was never retuned, and these individuals never received compensation although they are citizens of Israel." (see endnote 67 of The Palestinians: In Search of a Just Peace by Cheryl A. Rubenberg )

Israel was accepted into the United Nations on condition that it accept the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees. Israel stated it agreed to comply with the Right of Return but after it got itself into the UN it refused to honor it.

We know it is hard to accept emotionally, but in this case the Jewish people are in the wrong. We took most of Palestine by force from the Arabs and blamed the victims for resisting their dispossession. Jews for Justice

> You seem positively giddy at the prospect of
> the United States retreating from Iraq defeated
> and humiliated, leaving "a terrorist superstate
> of enormous threat to the United States" and "a
> destabilized middle east."

Hardly! This disaster has made the world we live in a much more dangerous place. This is a direct threat to me, my family and my friends as I knew it would be. Thousands of people have died, not only for nothing, but to turn a situation that was no threat to the US into one that is a massive threat.

Personally, I do not want the troops to come out immediately. I believed from the start that the war was a lie (as has since been proven), but now that we're in there we should not leave until the Iraqi's can contain the civil war for themselves. However, a growing number of Americans are less socially minded.

Humiliation kills no one. We walked into this war without asking questions, calling those who did 'unpatriotic' and 'traitors' and that is a very good reason to feel humiliated. Humiliation will be an extremely motivating factor, ensuring that those who lied, pay. That they will pay is a certainty at some point in the future.

The google cache must have been flushed. The page is a now full of begnign, new-age, "teach the world to sing" claptrap.

Well, it's good to see you want us to stay the course, JL.

> Well, it's good to see you want us to stay
> the course, JL.

... which is nevertheless extremely unlikely to happen. If it does happen, that still doesn't mean that Iraq will be anything less than an Islamic State in alliance with Iran.

'Stay the course' implies a possibility that America will come out of this with a good outcome which is now an impossibility - the war is already lost. 'Staying the course' now means minimizing the deaths of innocent Iraqi's. Sadly, nothing more than that.

I'm not Jewish, but I found Esau's comment offensive and ignorant in the extreme.

I visited Dachau, site of the first German concentration camp near Munich. If Esau needs some perspective perhaps he should visit a place like that where the sense of evil is still quite palpable.

Dachau and the other camps were not simply the final solution for the Jewish question, but Hitler's answer for all who dared oppose him.

oh, and Comparisons between those camps and Guantanamo is an outrage.

I do not understand why Jews are not more vocal in opposing the hideous Orwellian revisionism that the Sheehan woman represents.

On the subject of "Dear Cindy" letters, I can recommend this:
"What we have seen about the recent abuse at Abu Ghraib is a joke to us," says Ibrahim al-Idrissi, president of the Association for Free Prisoners, an Iraqi non-governmental organization that has been documenting the execution of political prisoners under the regime of Saddam Hussein, reports The Daily Star:

If Idrissi seems a bit callous about the fate of the Iraqis in US-run jails, he has probably earned the right to differ. He recalls a day in 1982, at the General Security prison in Baghdad:

"They called all the prisoners out to the courtyard for what they called a 'celebration.' We all knew what they meant by 'celebration.' All the prisoners were chained to a pipe that ran the length of the courtyard wall. One prisoner, Amer al-Tikriti, was called out. They said if he didn't tell them everything they wanted to know, they would show him torture like he had never seen. He merely told them he would show them patience like they had never seen."

"This is when they brought out his wife, who was five months pregnant. One of the guards said that if he refused to talk he would get 12 guards to rape his wife until she lost the baby. Amer said nothing. So they did. We were forced to watch. Whenever one of us cast down his eyes, they would beat us."

"Amer's wife didn't lose the baby. So the guard took a knife, cut her belly open and took the baby out with his hands. The woman and child died minutes later. Then the guard used the same knife to cut Amer's throat."

How can these moral relativists live with themselves?
Please feel free to print that out and mail a copy to:
Cindy Sheehan
c/o Crawford Peace House
9142 East 5th St
Crawford, TX 76638-3037

Michael, please explain what was ignorant and offensive about my comments. I'm sure most people here will agree with you so I'm not going to bother arguing as it will go nowhere, but I would like to know.

You know, I really don't hate anyone. It's just not in my nature. I just call things as I see them. Yet I feel very much hated by many people in this discussion. I have nothing against any of you, and I certainly don't hate you or intend to defile your culture or ancestors. I began posting here to defend a good woman against slander, and I stayed here to defend myself, my ideas, and what I love. Why does that bother some of you so much? As far as I'm aware I've been nothing but civil. Anyway, unless someone has something original to say, I'll leave you guys to find someone else to complain about. Shalom.

Michael, if you've got a point to make, make it. But a long, genuinely sad piece attempting to associate Cindy Sheehan with the horrors of Saddam Hussein's regime just comes across as mental illness. Most people just aren't that easily indoctrinated.

By this time next week, Cindy Sheehan will be responsible for the Russian Gulags, Auschwitz, the Rwandan genocide, 911, WWII and for the fall of mankind into sin.

Her son died in Iraq. How dare you even think about associating her with the horrors of Saddam Hussein's regime!

you know, the material that inspired this post is still on the house's website; it's just been cycled off the front page as it's 4 months old. so there is exactly no point in linking to google's cache or a screenshot. unless, of course, you want to falsely imply that the material was removed because it exposed The Real Agenda of Cindy Sheehan.


I have been openly critical of U.S. gov't support of anti-democratic regimes in Israel, Egypt, Colombia, and throughout Central and South America, however, the theme of this thread was (loosely) Israel and anti-semitism, so I was trying not to digress too much. I don't want to be responsible for dragging this thread into chaos!


Cindy Sheehan is dishonoring her son Casey in several ways. One way she dishonors him is by omitting what his own views on the Iraq war was and synthesizing her own personal views with his. I find it strange that she says her son was against the war in Iraq, but yet Casey Sheehen reenlisted in the army of his own volition, that just doesn’t comport with Cindy Sheehan’s statements. This is a 100 % volunteer military, there is no conscription and that begs the question as to why Casey Sheehan reenlisted in a war he opposed, if that is even true. If perhaps Casey Sheehan disagreed with certain aspects of the war in Iraq e.g..he felt maybe we needed more troops in Iraq, or more armor on humvee’s or better food for the troops etc., then that should be explained by Cindy Sheehan without the partisan hyperbole. A person can complain about particular conditions in Iraq without opposing the entire war in Iraq you know. During another interview on national television Cindy Sheehan stated that her son was killed by friendly fire, when she was pressed about that statement she then said ” well I have speculative evidence that he was killed by friendly fire.” It’s amazing that anyone could use the words speculative and evidence in the same sentence side by side and keep a straight face. Evidence substantiates an allegation, speculation is just the opposite it requires no evidence at all,to use “speculative evidence” together is a perfect example of an oxymoron. The real truth of Casey Sheehan’s death is he was killed by hostile fire in Sadr City, this was the consistent report of his death since day one, medical reports and the reports from fellow soldiers who were present at his death confirm the same fact. Casey Sheehan was a real hero of the first order, when a convoy of soldiers from his unit was attacked in Sadr City he volunteered to join a rescue force to get them out, even after his commanding Sergeant told him he didn’t have to go because he was a mechanic and not an infantryman. Casey was reported telling his officer ” I go where my chief goes.” Thats not a man who didn’t believe in his cause or his duty, thats a hero. Casey Sheehan’s family has released this statement and I quote ” We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son’s good name and reputation.”

Judenhass is justified in all cases. Look at history.

Crybaby Dorkie is upset that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested europe.


"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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