Saturday, June 26, 2004

[This is the fourth and final entry. Previous entries can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Dr. Dennis Hale, Professor of Political Science at Boston College and an Episcopal lay minister:

[This was another one I thought worth reproducing in full.]

"Can you hear me on Tremont Street?! [Referring to the protesters in the back.]

Though they fail at so many other things, Arab governments and Arab organizations appear to be very good at fooling liberal Protestants, especially the leaders of the main-line denominations - Anglicans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Unitarians and the United Church of Christ. Perhaps these leaders are naturally gullible. Perhaps they were poorly educated. Perhaps the Arabs perfected the skill of fooling Anglicans from their long experience at fooling the British Foreign Office.

Whatever the cause, many main-line Protestant leaders have effectively been co-opted by the world-wide Jihad against Israel and against America and against infidels everywhere - without, of course, being aware of WHO has co-opted them, or how they are being used.

First the Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts, Tom Shaw, goes to Ramallah to commiserate with Yasser Arafat and puts a picture of him and Arafat sitting together, smiling, on the Episcopal Church's own web site. [See the picture, here.] Not to be outdone, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, travels to Ramallah to receive a 'peace award' from Yasser Arafat, and kisses on the cheek, no less. True to form, the former presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, Edmund Browning, joins with Arafat in denouncing 'Christian Zionism' as a heresy.

This is the true measure of the PLO skill. To get a modern Anglican cleric to embrace the concept of heresy is no small achievement, believe me. And by the way, if you need to amuse yourselves in your idle moments, you might imagine what the punishment for Anglican heresy will be in the 21st century.

Are these men merely fools, or are they something much worse? What we are seeing in the main-line churches is a form of appeasement that is depressingly reminiscent of the 1930's. Then, as now, respectable and highly educated men and women looked at evil but could not see it, and so became the servants of evil. Actually, today's main-line Protestants compare very poorly with their ancestors, most of whom stood up to Hitler and to Fascism without hesitation. Now, today's main-line Protestants are most like the secular English and Europeans who were drawn to Soviet Communism because they had lost faith in their own civilization and could no longer rouse themselves to defend it. Who, in fact, eagerly anticipated its transformation and who saw their betrayal as a form of service to mankind.

Because they are blind to the evil that seeks to destroy Israel, main-line leaders are blind to many other things as well. After all, if you can't see the evil in the PLO, what can you see?

And as in the 1930's, those who are blind not only become the servants of evil, they become evil's victims in the end.

So the Anglicans cannot see the dangers that Christians face all over the world from the Jihad warriors. From the Islamic Front in the Sudan, which killed Christians for twenty years before the Anglican hierarchy even noticed...from the Islamists in northern Nigeria who have imposed Sharia Law on Nigeria's Christians...from Muslim terrorists in the Philippines and Pakistan and Indonesia, and even in the Holy Land itself, where the PLO has driven two-thirds of the Christians to emigrate from the the areas that they control and the Anglicans are so blind, they blame Israel for this immigration while they sip tea with Yasser Arafat.

We are here today to proclaim and to defend the link between Israel and America, but we are also here to proclaim and to defend the link between Christians and Jews.

No main-line leader is willing to do either, although an unknown number of their congregants would not hesitate to do so. Many members of my own parish are frankly embarrassed by their Bishops' anti-Israel pronouncements. And while they are puzzled by the politics of the Middle East, they know the fundamental truth that their leaders are too foolish to know - that Arafat is a killer and an antiSemite - and any Christian who is willing to break bread with him does so at the peril of his immortal soul.

Can you hear that on Tremont Street?!

And I know that there are many others in the Diocese of Massachusetts who feel the same way - who yearn for an effective way to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and who hear from their leaders nothing but apology for terror.

And by the way, do not assume that your Christian friends believe what their leaders tell them. Challenge them. They may not believe at all.

Yet there are many many Christians in this country who are prepared to show us the way. They are prepared to show the main-line churches what it means to TRULY pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Faithful Evangelicals all over the nation have made clear their commitment to the defense of Israel and to the defense of Jews against the new surge of antisemitism. Their numbers dwarf the main-line churches, which is why the PLO's 'pet Christians,' like Hanna Ashrawi and [unintelligible] are trying to so hard to defame Evangelicals by inventing the so-called 'heresy' of Christian Zionism. They are afraid, and they have reason to be afraid. Outside of Israel, America is the only country where the majority sees the PLO for what it is.

And in this awareness, the PLO can sense its inevitable doom.

So take heart Israel. American Christians of all denominations stand with you, and together we will defeat the world-wide Jihad - with our Bishops or in spite of them."

Brigitte Gabriel, President and Founder of American Congress for Truth:

"I am honored and proud to be standing before you today as an Arab to tell you about Israel - the only democratic country in the Middle East! I am proud to be an Arab Zionist and I think we need more Arabs to speak out on behalf of Israel!

I am going to give you a glimpse as an Arab into the heart and mind of the Arabic world that is capable to produce such savagery as Bus 19..."

A previous entry about Ms. Gabriel is here. Ms. Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian Arab who knows the horrors on the days when the PLO was massacring Christians in her native country. Her story is powerful and her speech tough to beat. Rather than transcribing the speech, I will again recommend the reader go to the Boston for Israel site, where you can watch a video-tape of her entire performance. The tape also includes footage of the march, but you can skip ahead to her speech once the entire video loads (or you download it). It starts about half way through. Do not miss it.

Ilana Freedman, international counter-terrorism expert and a Senior Partner of Gerard Group International:

"The face of terror is the face of pure evil.

There is no excuse - there is never a justification - for the premeditated murder of innocent civilians - not in the quest for political power and certainly not in the name of religion.

We are here today to reach a hand in friendship and solidarity to the tiny nation of Israel, who must confront this evil every single day.

In the last three and a half years, there have been twenty-two thousand terrorist attacks initiated against the people of Israel. More than 675 civilians - men, women, school children, and little babies - have been murdered in cold blood. And four thousand five hundred civilians have been wounded, scarred for life.

We are here to say to the people of Israel: "You are not alone."

The enemy that you are fighting is the same enemy that has waged war on the United States of America. The money that pours into the coffers of Hamas and Hizbullah, the Islamic Jihad and the al Aksa Brigade, comes from the same people who are pouring millions of dollars into their war against America.

We did not choose this war. But we will not shy away from it. We will prevail, because we have the will to stop this terrible evil and because we have no choice. We are in a battle for survival against a new evil empire, and we will prevail!

We are here today to say to the people of Israel, "We care and we’re going!"

I will be leading a mission to Israel this summer and i hope some of you will come with me. I will be going back to Israel in September and again and again because I care and I’m going.

Will you also go? Will you also go? Let them hear you in Jerusalem! "we care and we are going!"

Oseh shalom bimromav hu ya’aseh shalom aleichem v’al kol yisrael v’im’ru amen.

May the Giver of Peace grant peace to us all and to all Israel.

God bless you all! God bless the State of Israel! And God Bless America!

Dr. Igor Branovan, President of the year-and-a-half-old group Russian American Jews for Israel:

"...we, the Russian Jews have come to this country, and we have made a great community. Now we are part of an American community. We work with our feet, with our words, with our voices and the American community has accepted us. Now it's time for us to rise up, to speak with one voice, no matter what we believe individually, we always believe the same - we all believe in the State of Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai!"

And that was the end of the event. A big success on a beautiful day I'd have to say.

Oh, one last thing, walking out I noticed another group of "protesters" had joined up at the back of the crowd. Well surrounded by a large group of Boston Police were a group of White Supremacist skin heads:

The sign says, "Is Antisemitism ever a result of Jewish behavior?" I didn't get too close to these guys, but there are more shots of them here, here, here and here.

Again, lots of resources, including a video of the march and Brigitte Gabriel's speech, as well as pictures (better than mine) at the event's web site.

The Boston Globe had an article on the rally which appeared the following day - Blasted bus speaks on behalf of Israel. The online version screws up the caption on the photo, and the article itself gives plenty of space to the pro-terror attendees. Why call them "pro-terror," and why aren't I more upset at the space the Globe gave them? Sometimes you have to have a little faith that people can figure things out for themselves if they just have a little light shined in the right places. From the article:

''I'm here today because this march is a march celebrating racism and apartheid in Palestine, where I'm from," said Lana Habash, a member of the committee.

Asked about her reaction to the bombed bus, she said Palestinians had tried work strikes, protests on the streets, and other methods to decry the taking of their land and acts of violence against them.

''I think when you've tried everything else, there is an international human right to resist," said Habash...

No excuses offered there. No attempt to sell what happened on the bus as the act of an insane, desperate minority. Shocking clarity is on occasion very refreshing.

The crowd estimate given by police as stated in the article is 350, while the organizers say 1000+. I'm not good at estimating these things, but I would definitely give the edge to the organizers' estimate. It was 1000+ in attendance there, no problem.

The organizers, Police and Mayor's Staff did a tremendous job in putting on a great event. According to one account, the Police even confiscated the bull-horn one of the PLO supporters was using.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Hi am an Iraqi American & I've started a Women's NGO in Iraq, I have always wanted and would love to come visit Israel, my mother always shared great stories of her Jewish friends that she went to school with in Iraq who she is look for now, to invite them to come to Iraq.

Please add me to your mailing list and also I would love to be part of your events.

Thank you,

Esra Naama

I was trying to reach Esra Naama, a friend from San Diego, CA. Do you happen to have a current email address?

Thank you.

Martin Blair

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