Friday, June 25, 2004

[Part 1 can be found here. Part 2, here.]

A brief musical interlude!

Shots of the crowd here and here.

Dr. Charles Jacobs, Founder and President of the American Anti-Slavery Group and President of the David Project, last seen giving an excellent speech at the anti-Kofi Annan protest two weeks ago. [See the report, and check out his speech at that event, here]:

[Once again, the Boston for Israel site has saved me some transcribing, although I've made a couple of changes according to my tape. As with the last time I heard Dr. Jacobs speak, his words are worth reading in full and I have included his speech that full.]

"We come here today to support and to celebrate Israel.

But also to express our deepest pain. Our hearts are not numb. It is Father's Day and we mourn for the Fathers murdered in Israel, and taken from Jewish children. And on this Father's Day, we are crushed with the fathers in Israel whose children have been cruelly slain.

So we came to Boston because we love Israel and we came because we have begun to truly understand the threat. And we came because it is time to tell the truth.

It is not an easy thing to get a glimpse of the truth about the Middle East in Boston.

Entire industries have arisen in this town that mass produce misunderstanding about the Middle East. The media, the professoriate, the human rights establishment, the liberal churches. The "four blind mice."

Discourse that masquerades as honest criticism of Israel, but in reality is an ideological assault that defames Israel as it sanitizes evils.

The distortion is so great I fear many people in Boston cannot see that bus. And I'm afraid that if we filled up this Plaza with buses and pizza parlors, and Passover celebrations and family cars with pregnant wives and little children . all with murdered Jews, many in Boston could not see it. They would dismiss the murder. More than a few would want to blame the Jews.

And so it's time for us to learn how to simply and powerfully to tell the truth.

The truth is that those who plot and plan and pay for the murder Jews of Israel's busses are fiercely determined to dominate all of us, all the people living in the world's democracies, even here, especially here. And terror is their weapon of choice.

It took a decade, but we Jews have begun to understand the threat. Our eyes are no longer blind to the images of hatred against Jews broadcast daily on Arab television to the children of the Muslim world. Some of us have seen the phony murderous docu-drama on Arab where some actor dressed as a religious Jew kills Arab children and uses their blood to make pastries.

It took a decade, but we have begun to understand. Our ears are no longer deaf to the sermons by Muslim mullahs in the Middle East whose call is jihad against Jews, and against Christians.

We are a decade late, we were lulled by a hope that all this hate was just emotional street talk that would dissipate when peace came. But we are beginning to understand.

It falls upon us to say the truth. Because so many of the people who interpret reality in our city - who explain to us events far away -have got the story wrong: the conflict in the Middle East is not about settlements - Arabs tried to wipe out Jews long before the settlements. The Conflict is not about the "occupation," --- Arab armies, 6 of them, tried to annihilate the Jewish people BEFORE there was an occupation. In fact if they did not attack there never would have been an occupation.

The conflict is not about the fence, and it is not about the checkpoints. All these things are problems, yes. But the conflict is about Arab rejection of the very idea of a Jewish state.

The Palestinians could have had a state alongside a Jewish state in 1939, in 1947, in 1967 and in 2000, and even now. They don't want a state. They cannot live with a Jewish state. The Koran, their leaders think, forbids it. The Jews are Dhimmi - subjugated by Islamic rule. Dhimmis cannot have a state in the Arab region. Period.

Now that's not the way the BBC and NPR tell us to understand the conflict. They prefer the neo-Marxist cartoon of white colonialists invading a land of poor, dark skinned innocents. But that's not the truth. Tell me, if we are colonialists, then what is the mother country we are supposed to send the loot back to --- Poland? Lithuania? And what of the half of Israel that is dark skinned refugees from dhimmitude in Arabia, who were forced from their homes in the biggest hidden ethnic cleansing ever known?

But the media likes the simple cartoon.

So it's time the people of Boston were told another truth: that the vast majority of us Jews in this city think the media cheats on Israel.

When they fill up the TV screen with the map of Israel and label that "the Middle East Conflict" it's a zoom lens media lie. They zoom in on Israel to create their little cartoon.

We have to teach people, because the media won't - to Zoom out! The truth is that Israel fits into the Arab region 600 times. She is the size of a matchbox on a double bed. There are 5 million Jews and 300 million Arabs. There are 14 million Jews and 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. If the Arabs wanted peace there would be peace. If they want conflict, there is conflict.

We Jews are the David. The Arabs are the Goliaths, with their vast lands, their huge populations, their enormous oil wealth, and their massive armies.

The four blind mice: say Arab aggression against the Jews is caused by the occupation.

Arabs killed Jews on busses long before there was an occupation. The 4 blind mice have it wrong: Arab aggression is not the result of an occupation. Arab aggression caused Israel to take control of the territories. And to stay there, though most Israelis would prefer not to be.

No, it's not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel. Israel is the most self-critical of nations. But it is anti-Semitic to single Israel out for special condemnation.

Israel is dragged in front of The Hague for building a fence to protect its people from the jihadi murderers and the "international community" is horrified.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 12 fences in the world to separate ethnic groups in conflict: There's one in Northern Ireland, between India and Pakistan, between Saudi Arabia and Yemen at the US/Mexican border, but there is no UN condemnation of these.

It's not the fence, it's the Jews they don't like.

And since we are here to tell hard truths, the hard truth is that much of the Left has abandoned Israel and the Jews. We Jews are stunned. We are, most Jews, leftists in our genes. We are a people who walk the earth as redeemed slaves. We are in the forefront of every human rights effort under the sun. Every Reform Temple is the Democratic Party at prayer. We are the only people in America who live like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.

Much of the Left has adopted "Palestinianism" as its holy cause and to do that, look what they are willing to do. They have to forget about all of the things that they are so, so, so compassionate about back at home. They are silent about women's rights, and labor rights, and freedom of religion in Arab/Muslim lands. They are silent about the treatment of gays in Arab lands. The Left wants so much this alliance that they won't protest TOO HARD the genocidal murder and enslavement of Black Christians by Arabs in Sudan. Because it's a jihad, and it's not politically correct.

Our friends on the left.

The Boston Globe and the New York Times, preeminent papers of the liberal voice -- both have a policy. They won't call a person who murders a Jew, even a Jewish child in Israel a terrorist. He's a militant, or an activist, or a gunman. But if the same person murdered people in Madrid or Bali or anywhere else in the world, they would call him a terrorist.

Our friends on the left:

Do you know that Amnesty International does not have the word Jihad on its website. Jihad is killing thousands, and tens of thousands, and in Sudan millions. Amnesty must have forgotten the word. Amnesty forgot about the word "dhimmi." It does not have the word "dhimmi" on its website. Dhimmi is the Islamic term that describes how Jews and Christians must be subjugated under Islam. Islamic radicals are today calling for the reimposition of Dhimmi penalties on Christians in Egypt. Amnesty forgot the word. You won't find it on their website.

What you'll find is severe and unfair and dishonest criticism of Israel. Amnesia International forgot that Arabs put their children in front of men with guns shooting at Israelis. Amnesia International forgets to criticize the culture of hate fed to Arab children. Amnesia International forgets to condemn in any serious way the child abuse that sends young kids out to kill and commit suicide.

I pronounce Amnesty International guilty of selective outrage.

We know the UN. We know that Kofi Annan is sitting out his third genocide in Africa. This is the man we know whose UN Human Rights Commission issues more condemnations against Israel than any other nation. We know who sits on the UN Human Rights Commission. Sudan! The slaver, the one who slaughters 2 million of Kofi Annan's fellow Africans sits on his Human rights Commission. We know these moral giants who sit in Judgment on Israel.

We were blind for a decade. But the veil is falling from our eyes.

We can do this.

We need to demand that our schools and universities promote a fair and honest discussion of the Middle East conflict. We can no longer remain silent while Israel is demonized for its imperfections while despotic Arab regimes rule over dysfunctional societies, oppressing women and minorities while promoting hatred of Israel and America as scapegoats to their illiterate masses. We cannot remain silent while many European and American intellectuals - so-called intellectuals - promote lies and distortions about Israel and Jews and America to maintain their Utopian fantasies. We need to speak out loudly! We need to break the silence!

And we can do it, because we're the Jews.

We make up less than one percent of the human race. By logic we ought to be a barely visible spec. By logic we ought never to be heard of. But we are heard of, and we have always been heard of.

We are prominent as any people on the planet.

We have made a marvelous fight in this world in all the ages, and have done it with our hands tied behind us.

The Egyptians, the Babylonians, and the Persians, and the Greeks and the Romans all made a vast noise and they are gone. And they sit in the twilight now. They have vanished. We Jews saw them all. We outlasted them all! And we are now what we always were.

And now we must focus sharply, we must bring all our talents to bear on this fight, to save Israel, to fight the new strain of anti-Semitism.

And now that we know the truth, now that we see the task clearly ahead, we will prevail.

Am Yisroel Chai!"

Dr. Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic:

"...from one generation to another, from one Administration to another, the American People understand that Israel is our spiritual and practical ally in the effort to improve life on this planet. We can be for Israel as Zionists. We can be for Israel as Jews, but let us know that we are also for Israel because we are American Patriots...

....the Zionist Revolution is the one undeniable success, the ONE undeniable success in this century of revolution...

....the Editorial Board of the Boston Globe is entranced with the Palestinians. The Bishops of the local Episcopal Church are entranced with the Palestinians, and I wonder whether they are entranced by the Palestinians because Israel is a Jewish State.

What kind of a society do these fellow travelers of the Palestinian Revolution envision? What kind of State do they think it will be? Yes, let me make clear. This is the good, honest truth. There will be a Palestinian State. There will be a Palestinian State. But, it will be a Palestinian State like Zimbabwe and North Korea...without technical prowess. Its hero is Saddam Hussein. Its credo is militant Islam. Let's face it, the distinctive contribution of the Palestinian Revolution in contemporary history is nothing but terror and suicide bombs. This is not the influence of the Iraqi Ba'ath on the Palestinians. These factors are the influence of the Palestinians on the Iraqi Ba'ath.

They now have the gall to want to decide where the wall against the terror will be put. That is not how history works. Thank God that the Oslo agreements collapsed. They would have put Israel into terrible precarious states. I myself, I trust Arik Sharon. I trust Arik Sharon to leave, after fifty years, a state that is secure, that is Jewish, and is democratic. God bless our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael."

Barry Shrage, President of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston:

[After a tribute to the Russian-American Jewish Community who organized the event.] "Am Yisrael Chai and God Bless America. Thank God we're here in Freedom... this century, more than we can imagine, or more than we might want to remember the Jewish People have been the canary in the mine. First the evil people come for us, and then they come for everyone else...

....the people who hate us are making a gigantic mistake. Because the Jewish people will not surrender, we have never surrendered, and the American People will NOT fall to terrorism, the American People get stronger. And so as Americans, as Jews, as Jews, as Americans we will stand together. We will not let the Nazis of this generation fight us and try to destroy us as the Nazis of the last generation did.

The Fascists of the Left and the Fascists of the Right will not defeat democracy, they will not defeat the Jewish People, they will not defeat the forces of civilization, we will not bow before terror.

Am Yisrael Chai. God Bless America."

Matti Zahaf, Director of the ZAKA Organization in North America (who I interviewed at the top of this piece):

"Two and a half years ago, I was driving from a town called Maale-Adumim towards Jerusalem. As I approached Jerusalem...the second traffic light which is the French Hill neighborhood, I was driving three cars behind the bus and the bus exploded right in front of me.

The first minute you have is the minute of silence where everything's quiet. Nobody's moving. Nobody's screaming. But right after that all the screaming started, all the yelling. The smell, the fire. I ran out of my car and got into the bus...and pulled out a twelve-year-old girl in my hands. She basically died in my hands.

That's how I got to know the ZAKA organization, because right after I took her out of the bus, they came over to me remove my clothes - my suit, my tie, my shirt and everything else that it should be buried together with this little girl, because according to Jewish Law every drop of blood, every piece of body has to be buried with the victim.

Literally within two minutes of the explosion the ZAKA volunteers are already on the site. We are very famous with the motorcycle units that we have. We have over a hundred motorcycles throughout Israel. Every motorcycle is equiped [unintelligible] if people need it, to be saved[?]. Because usually when there's an explosion like that the traffic stops and the ambulances have a hard time getting to the scene. We have the first four golden minutes which makes a difference between life and death. That's why we have the motorcycles..."

Ilia Sokolinski, President of Land of Israel Committee and Chairmen of Boston for Israel.

"As we stand here to express our support for the State of Israel, American flags on this Plaza are lowered to honor late president Ronald Reagan. President Reagan will certainly be remembered in history as someone who fought and won over the dark forces of Communism. As someone who brought freedom to millions of people of Russia and Eastern Europe.

For us, Jews, the word "freedom" has a special meaning. Only 90 years ago millions of Jews of Russian Empire lived in the Pale of Settlement created to ensure that Mother Russia remains "Juden Rein". Only 60 years ago no country in the world would accept Jewish refugees trying to flee their Nazi murderers. Only 30 years ago Soviet Jews began their struggle for the right to return to the Land of Israel.

We have made a lot of progress since then. Today we have a Jewish State that every Jew can return to. Today only two countries in the world are officially Juden Rein - Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Today Jews are free to live, work and worship almost anywhere in the world.

It is therefore, very sad that our very own Government of Israel believes that Gaza and Shomron – two parts of the Land of Israel - should be made free of Jews or "Juden Rein" as the Nazis would put it.

State of Israel does not exist on Palestinian Authority maps, and sale of land to a Jew is a capital crime in Palestinian terrirories. So it is quite clear what the real goal of PLO is. It is "Juden Rein" Palestine from the Sea to the River.

I would like to conclude with the following words from last week's Torah Portion, in which Kaleb and Yehoshua ben Nun plead to the Jewish People: "If God is satisfied with us and brings us to this land, He can give it to us - a land flowing with milk and honey. But don't rebel against God! Don't be afraid of the people in the land! They have lost their protection … God is with us, so don't be afraid!"

[Part 4, including an excellent speech by an Episcopal lay-Minister who is unenthralled by his Church's stance on Israel will appear shortly.]

Update: Go on to Part 4, here.

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