Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where to begin? So much has been going on lately to cement the Left/Islamist alliance here in the Boston to dive right in. We'll take this somewhat chronologically -- as they fall in my email box -- though each section here could probably have made its own post, so dig in, as there is much of interest. In short, the Greens have welcomed in -- and I use the following terms advisedly, realizing I risk losing people by jumping to buzzwords and jargon right at the start, but as you'll see below, I'm probably understating it -- a racist anti-Semite, and at least one core member thinks she'd make a great co-chair.

First, understand that the Green Party (Green-Rainbow here in Massachusetts) view on Sudan is perfectly in sync with the Arab League/Islamist viewpoint:

We reject the racist mischaracterization of the situation in Darfur as "genocide" being perpetrated by “Arabs.” Only the government of the United States has labeled the conflict in Darfur as "genocide". Governments of other countries - as well as international bodies such as the UN, African Union and Arab League - have not. The false allegations against Sudan by U.S. leaders such as George Bush and Colin Powell are the same as their false allegations of WMD's in Iraq 4 years ago: an incitement and pretext for US aggression...

...We oppose the imposition of sanctions on the Sudanese government, particularly since U.S. sanctions since 1997 have selectively aided rebel groups who have exacerbated Sudan’s civil war. We oppose campaigns to divest from Sudan.

We oppose any military intervention in Sudan by Washington or any other foreign power. We note that African Union troops have been used as proxies for U.S. military operations in several countries in Africa, most recently for the US-Ethiopian invasion of Somalia...

...The United States should normalize relations with Sudan. Washington's hypocritical and false accusations against Sudan should be dropped. All sanctions against Sudan should be removed.

Translation: It's all an Imperialist plot.

[As an aside, in this they are joined by ACLU of Massachusetts employee Nancy Murray who also opposes divestment from Sudan, apparently as some sort of Zionist plot [correction: This particular email refers to divestment from Iran.]

Sensing an opportunity, our own familiar faces have jumped in to GRP (Green-Rainbow Party) politics with both feet. According to a recent message on the GRP email list, referring to Karin Friedemann (aka Maria Hussain, Karima, Karin Friedemann-Hussain, ummyakoub, etc...) and husband Joachim Martillo (aka various other constructions):

...If we had made the space and time to talk about this together, maybe we would have (s)elected 4 co-chairs including Merelice, Nat, Gary and Karin. Karin is new to the party; in a short time she has become one of the most active members in our chapter and as a Muslim women, who along with her husband, Joachim, has strengthened our connections to Muslims in the Greater Boston area. They have two young children and an infant that they brought to the convention. Karin would bring a lot to our leadership...

Indeed, "Karima's" contributions to the Jamaica Plain Greens discussion list have been numerous.

At the GRP convention this past Saturday, Karin Friedemann appears to have emerged as something of a leader in the party. More on that shortly.

Why do I say "sensing an opportunity?" Because Friedemann's interest in "progressive" politics is reasonably questionable, and her real interests seem to lie elsewhere. From Jon Haber's excellent piece, Marriage:

...The name Karin Friedemann (without the aliases) may ring a bell to readers of the Somerville Journal. On May 5, she wrote a standout letter to the editor supporting divestment that included the following gem:

"Soon after the governor of New Jersey invested all of his state employees' 401K plans in Israel, it was revealed that the governor was being poked from behind by an Israeli agent."

For anyone unfamiliar with the reference, Friedemann was talking about the former governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, who recently resigned due to a scandal involving his closeted homosexuality. The 401K accusation is total nonsense, and simply used as a hook for a homophobic slur directed at McGreevey's male lover (who was Israeli).

Lest anyone think Friedemann's anti-gay crack was an inadvertent slip of the tongue, here is what this outspoken woman and convert to Islam (under one of her many pseudonyms Maria Hussain) had to say about Islam, feminism and homosexuality in an article entitled "Observations on the Palestinian Solidarity Conference":

"Muslims ... are not seeking peace. We get peace from Allah. In Palestine, we will stop only at victory, which will be, inshaAllah, in the end, a just implementation of Islamic religion. We have to guard against the Palestine movement being represented primarily by homosexuals and feminists." ...

Friedemann has proudly published at David Duke's web site pontificating about...well...from Is Islam a threat to the White race? (must be read to be believed): America it is pretty clear that "democracy" means nothing but a multi-ethnic mass of ignorant fools serving Jewish interests. Meanwhile, the Islamic world is clearly fighting with valiant honor against Jewish world domination. When we actually look at what is going on over there we definitely must realize that this war is not in the interest of the White race. The Iraqi people are as Aryan as any White American can claim to be...Not only does obeying the Jews put White Christians at risk of terrorist attacks, but these same White Christians are so demoralized by their association with Jewish controlled culture they cannot even claim to represent Christianity anymore. It is not an easy task to find an American White man who is not either a drunk or bisexual...

Yes, you read that right, the Greens have welcomed in someone who writes racial screeds for David Duke.

But this isn't the time (and space doesn't allow) for (another) in-depth look at Friedemann's various publication venues (such as, nor another re-hashing of hubby Martillo's various vile ramblings -- readers of this blog should be well familiar with them just from his many comments left here -- they provide an accurate and concise view of what he's about, so let's take all that as a given and move on.

Martillo recently used his "Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel" blog to plug the GRP convention.

Why the interest? In large part, Sudan. Wife Karin has also been pushing area Muslims to get involved in GRP. As noted before, Karin is a frequent poster on the moderated Muslim American Society/Islamic Society of Boston email list, where she has been agitating for readers to come to the GRP convention. What's the particular interest? A Sudan workshop organized by Friedemann, and CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper gave his blessing to the event. From the email:

CAIR director Ibrahim Hooper has given his verbal support and approval in calling all Muslims in Massachusetts to please come to the Green Rainbow Party Sate Convention’s Sudan workshop, organized by GRP Boston Chapter. This is a very good opportunity to learn how a grassroots political party is organized. Anyone who is registered to vote GRP (you can switch at the conference) can help choose candidates for the 2008 elections, possibly including Ralph Nader for president and Cindy Sheehan for VP. Pastries from Dearborn’s Shatila Bakery will be served. Free childcare by licensed providers available. Pizza lunch with keynote speaker follows.

GRP open workshop SUDAN: What’s going on & what can we do about it?”


Dr. Abdel-Rahman Mohamed, retired BU Professor and CEO of AIM International, Inc.

Loay Abdulkarim, president of Jamaica Plain Residents for Human Rights

Yousef Abdallah, operations manager of the Northeast office of Islamic Relief


Free admission to non-GRP members...

According to Freidemann, things went swimmingly:

Muslims attend political convention in Boston

Karin Friedemann for the Muslim Observer

The Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, which is affiliated with the national Green Party, held its annual State Convention at the Community Church of Boston on August 25, 2007. Ibrahim Hooper, director of CAIR, told organizers to tell all area Muslims to come to the convention to learn how a grassroots political party is organized. The convention drew about thirty active GRP members and fifteen observers.

After opening remarks, the groups split into three workshops: 2008 Elections Strategy, Using Technology to Promote the Party, and Sudan: What’s Going On and What Can We Do About It? Most of the Muslim observers attended the Sudan workshop, which was led by Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, a retired BU professor, Loay Abdel Karim, who heads Jamaica Plain Residents for Human Rights, journalist Keith Harmon Snow, and Yousef Abdallah from Islamic Relief. The popular workshop received reviews of “phenomenal” and “illuminating” by those who attended...

Celebrity anti-Semites were in attendance:

...Towards the end, Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney walked in wearing a T-shirt that read, “First Aid for Democracy: Impeachment.” She made a pro-Africa statement during her brief speech and called Keith Harmon Snow "the best investigative reporter in the world." [Harmon Snow was apparently an addition to the Sudan panel at the event. -S] She also expressed her disapproval of the Patriot Act and America’s many wars. McKinney was the victim of the first campaign in history, which was organized by the Zionist community, where Republicans as a group switched to Democrat in order to support her opponent in the Congressional primaries. Charismatic McKinney told the group she is considering running under the Green Party ticket next time. She received a standing ovation.

Readers may remember McKinney's supporters as having gone on a racist and anti-Semitic tirade after her last electoral loss, telling a member of the press to "put on your yarmulke and celebrate" and "...gonna get your Jewish ass..." Video.

Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner, a regular at anti-Israel/anti-Jewish protests was also there.

Word is that some members are upset over the lack of "diversity" (or something) amongst the folks taking positions in the party. Silence, as usual, about the racists now taking a starring role.

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Pastries from Dearborn’s Shatila Bakery will be served.

Hey, what could be more Green than flying in pastries from Michigan to your meeting in Boston?

Lack of diversity? What's up with that? They got Arab racists, Aryan racists, assorted Muslim racists, and even an identity-bereft Jew.

Reminiscent of the Durban conference under U.N. auspices, if I recall correctly, a mere week prior to 9/11. Hardly a coincidence, or a surprise.

McKinney was the victim of the first campaign in history, which was organized by the Zionist community, where Republicans as a group switched to Democrat in order to support her opponent in the Congressional primaries.

Putting aside the somewhat confusing use of commas there, that's not even true. Georgia had an open primary; nobody had to switch parties. On the contrary, McKinney ran a voter suppression campaign that called Republicans to leave misleading, threatening messages about how they couldn't vote in the Democratic race "without proper identification". And if anything it was the Georgia Indian community that organized it, to the point where McKinney gave a speech on the way out of Congress about how a New Delhi-based conspiracy had targeted her.

Of course, we all have things to learn, and the fact that the "put on your yarmulke and celebrate" guy was in "Enter the Dragon" was certainly news to me.

Coincidentally, I just read a note that indicates the "United Nations" is beginning to make plans for Durban II. Again, hardly surprising.

JSinger, he wasn't the one who said that (to be fair), he seems to have had a brush with a reporter, though. I couldn't believe it when I saw that. I remember that scene quite well (he's only on screen for a few seconds).

The circle is now complete. The inclusion of white racists to the Green party, although it caught me off guard at first, makes perfect sense. The anti-Semites and holocaust deniers in the Klan type groups make a nice fit with the overtly pro Palestinian terrorist apologists already active in the Greens.

Fabulous post, Martin. The scary fact is that the far left and the far right agree on so very much (primarily a hatred of Jews and the United States). So, this confluence, however unsavory, was more or less inevitable............


I can only echo Bald Headed Geek. Martin, you have done a great job of pulling this all together and I tip my hat to you. I'm going to try to get a post up linking to this. Fabulous job my friend.

Post is up, tried to trackback unsuccessfully.

Thanks, GM. Trackback went through...eventually. Spammers have ruined a good thing, as usual.


Indeed, I was there, but were you? Your perspective is fascist, to say the least. What you might want to remember is that the Rockefelklars, Chase MAnhattan, John Fosten and Allen Dulles and tehir law firm SUllivan and Cromwell, all worked together to support Hitler in teh annihilation of teh Jews (and blacks, homosexuals, gypises and supposed criminals).

keith harmon snow

Gee, it seems that all they are missing is the La Voz de Aztlan crowd - the Mexican anti-Semites.

Gee, it seems that all they are missing is the La Voz de Aztlan crowd -the Mexican anti-Semites.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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