Friday, May 4, 2007


The webcam goes on and the veil comes off. Saudi women overcome domestic repression...

MEMRI TV: Saudi Women, Oppressed by Husbands, Turn to Stripping in Internet Chat Rooms in Search of "Admiration"

Reporter: Behind closed doors and far from any supervising eyes, they remove their shame and turn their backs on all customs and traditions. Girls display their bodies in chat rooms on the Internet, in most cases, free of charge. As soon as one of these girls places the camera in front of her, she begins to strip, displaying her seductive charms to more than 300 young men of different ages. Some believe that the phenomenon of stripping over the Internet may be understood within the framework of social hypocrisy, especially since they believe that our religious and educational discourse does not attribute importance to the strengthening of self-restraint, and prefers the appearance over the essence. This drives some people to play several roles and wear several masks...


MY first thought was "HEY! Give us the link". But that was replaced immediately with visions of what could happen to these young girls if the Saudi religous police get on their case.

Thanks for briging this to light here Sol, So sad, so pathetic- this repression is the dam that holds in place the great reservoir of rage that they can only express by hating Jews and "The West". I touched on this in my two posts on sexual perversion in Caliphate Islam.

hay i just want to say one thing fuck you israel and stop interfering with othe countries issues. i say to all the people who think that israel is a country fuck you and go to hell mothfucka. you are all bitches you just understand nothing but being fucked( fuck israel and all its allies)

Well, John,
I do hope you feel better now. Let's see if we can get you to take those pills on schedule- you know you shouldn't be exciting your self that way. (Hey, could someone unplug this idiot's keyboard?)

A visitor from Saudi Arabia.

I know, aren't site meeters wonderful? John from Saudi Arabia? Maybe he meant he was in the...
Oh well, back to 24/7 denial, repression, rage and masturbation

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well well! its not about shame ! ppl ur mising thewhole point! ur mexing being saudi with being muslim! tradtions won't stop girls from striping off but islam would do !islam is bigger than saudi and ofcourse not all saudies are good muslims and not every muslim is a saint! and f u put a percentage of how many muslims strip off infron of cameras u'll c that its much smaller comparing 2 other communties!u can't judg a whole country by a person's attitude! thats just waay too ignorante or we'd judge ya ppl n the west by all the crimes and porns ! this is just stupid !

come see the saudi girls in beirut ever ul think they are mexicans hehe,what country to live in where u are forced to leave the streets in prayer time,in europe saudi's are never forced to pray with the eu comunity,saudi guys are jumping in the streets chasing a girl witha short skirt in eurpe what a shame...
and u tell me its fair

Dear John of Saudi Arabia,

Just remember, and tell your friends and family, that if the US or India or Israel suffer a nuke attack, the "holy" cities of Mecca (and the Kabba) and Medina and Qom will be utterly destroyed in retaliation.

Do you hate the US and India and Israel more than you live Mecca and the Kabba?

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saudi girls r very unattractive, exessive bodily hair and too much make up on.

saudi girls r very unattractive, exessive bodily hair and too much make up on.

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Dear Good wishers and criticizers,

Islam teachs life in two parts, one is here and the other is here in after. Shemales in Islam means girls in safety, girls of dignity and girls of precious.

The lady who like to be an Islam then she must be loved life as Islam and she must be live within its boundaries.

For any ladies, if she does not like life as Islam then she can choice whatever she likes. Allah (God) no needs to bow Him by such a person.


saudi girls absolutly typical ladies except those none saudi orginally breed from outside by some enmiy agencies as a muslim girles to reflect a bad pictures for islam not in saudi only but all muslim world because islam spread like sun over world . none muslim stung ,they can not stop it by force because it,s god religon .so they stolen famus say explain whow to destroy muslim members from us for work through it to isolate muslim away from their strong bonds.if u a typical muslim you can not find any evidence or proof against islam except some useless says used for against god prophets but they lost every thing.none muslim come to see what a typical muslim do(not baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad muslim) and then chooce baradise or straigh on toward hellfire

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What is the problem with people I can't understand What is this topic "The webcam goes on and the veil comes off. Saudi women overcome domestic repression..."
Okey for the sake of arguement agreed that it is happening in saudi. If one saudi girl doing such kind of activities you blame to all country.
If it is so then western girls what they are doing on cam.
I want to tell one thing to all non-muslims Saudi is not greater than Islam or any saudi he is doing something wrong it is his personal choice.
So please clear views and try to understand the ISLAM.

Hey, here's the irony. The Saudi society covers their women up in order for men not to find them attractive and therefore not to sin.
What happens? People really want to see them! Hell, you see a nice bod under an abaya, or the nicely made up eyes, tell ya what, it's not bad :)
She'd probably be as ugly as sin if I was to see her face, but this way she look okay to me :)

Women in Saudi Arabia are treated so badly. I wouldn't blame them for stripping on cam, because they really live miserable lives. Under the cruel sociaty rules in Saudi Arabia, you need a break. It is not the girls that need to be judged, i remember that the Police in Saudi Arabia left girls to die in a burning building because they were not covered. Could you imagine that ? Is that human ????? Don't tell me, Islam is a peaceful religion and the bla bla bla, and don't tell me that muslims are better than other people. Just, consider yourself a dad, looking at his child burning because she shouldn't be at the street not covered.
I am married to a muslim woman by the way.
Have a nice day
Love you haifa

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Overall,plz dont try to say or to write any thing about saudi ladies cos u wont c them in ur fuckin life also u wish to only talk to one of them

Hey Mr.Yaacov,
Don't show so kind. There is no person, no race and no nation in the world that does not have a mistake. Making a mistake by a jewish does not mean as the whole followers of Moses are wrong. Problem between Arab and Isriel is related to some geographical territory not any cultural conflict. If you like to say Islamic caliphat as a wrongness does it mean Moses is also not true? Cause the Islamic prophet claim Moses not only a man of messengers of God but he enlisted Moese the most prominent messenger in top category. So that if the Islamic messenger is wrong it means Moses was also not. Agree or not????


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المرأة في الاسلام حافظ عليها وكرمها ورفع مكانتها واعزها وأصان عفتها
بل المرأة عندنا مكرمة وعزيزة , ونحن نحافظ علياها لانها ضعيفة بطبيعتها

هي ليست مثل المرأة الغربية المحررة
التي تعاني من الاظطهاد والاغتصاب وغيره

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fuck israel ur not the best pepole to joking abut saudi women yes we cover thend thy like
hijap coz ther relegon say that and wat is ur point with us u want see our girl dam monky jewish fuck off no body like u in tis world coz u kiling ensint pepole in palistain u no savlisation to talke others

"i heat israeil" just came back from the hajj and the ring-around-the-kabba filled with peace love and understanding.

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Jus think if usa r any other country in the world try to destory mecca r medina in future
there will be 50crore muslims who r ready to be sucide bombar n we ll finish all non muslim countries within moments

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wel the comments about saudi girls are quite impressive, bt i think a trail would be the best judge.catch ya al latter.

people please I want you to imagine something for me...
lets say that you are a good person and you have a very big family, all of them are good people whom give to the poor and are nice to other people and do good deeds in general. but there is only one or two members of your family whom aren't as good as the other and they do bad things. is it fair if people judge your whole family based on what these two bad people do?
or should they know the whole truth about the whole family before they judge?

most of you people know very little about islam and about the reasons why we do such things like veiling women. good muslims belive in thing that are much bigger than this world we live in. It's hard to make you understand the beliefs of muslims in these short lines but I honestly ask you to please do some research about islam from the right sources thoroughly before judging what we do. because the media will never show you the good parts, they will only search for anything bad and show it.

sorry for talking for so long but I was hurt by some of the comment above.

thank you

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co incidence??
wow, but anyway, 24/7 anger repression and masterbating..
i came here cause i searched the words. hot saudi women..
and all i get here are lame coments about islam and look at what u ppl are talking! lol gives me an idea u guys are quite narrow minded..

let me straight up something for u .
1. 3 out of 8 muslim arabs (including majority of saudis) have residence in United states , canada or london.

u hardly can recognize thm cause ur a noob who thinks , those that cover face and body with black clothes are musilims and saudis

what u mean in general is " free the muslim saudi girls.. they are imprizoned with black clothing"
plz make up some relations with any one in passport office and ask thm how many saudis wud he randomly say have dual us citizenship.
have a check on how many SAUDIS TRAVEL TO STATES ANUALLY.. and how many saudis have the biggest business there..

the rule of wearing a black dress is from the king just as wear white for men.. its a sign of unity that u ppl proclaim in a wrong manner..
but if any woman doesnt want to she doesnt..
sad that ppl like u whom we think are modern and have broad mind are more narrow minded than the steriotyoes we have..
it doesnt reflect that the westerners are bad.. never did.. or majority of us wudnt have traveled there.. we travel and live and stay there and here.. and are happy.. u can be (LOL) all the jealous u want.. of the indians who u think steal ur work.. of all the arabs and muslims u think are in ur land.. but it wont matter much . i wrote here in hope that maybe ur not the one with closed mind. and i came here to show my friend about the saudi girls that do not wear hijab.she had the same misconception as u posted.. i wl get it from another place no matter.. thers loads on net.. saudi girls are yes sexy and in demand!
and they will always be in ppl like urs topic..
if u had a discussion with positive signs i wud have apreciated and clarified u where i think u must have gone wrong.. BTW.. MBC is not a saudi channel . happy surfing

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Allowing these comments through is one of my guilty pleasures.

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Who said this, Do You Dare ?

I'm Telling You, You'll pay for what you said one day.
i swear to god it's gonna happen.

Mother Fucker , i wish i can get you in my hands.
i swear i will cut your head.

God Damn You. Fucking Jewish . and Extremest Christians

Go to Hell


Why we are running behind illegal thing, marriage is so easy and lets make a illegal sex so costly.

how we can make illegal sex costly ? Lets put meher for marriage less as less a common person can take a illegal CD to watch at home. In this way we can save our girl and boy secure and pass this generation with the illegal things.

Girls should live there live simple, they are trying herself to put size zero and walking style is same as any Fashion TV model walking on RAMP.

Boys should learn respect for ladies. Boys are the main source for making girls bad. Every girl dream for a man who loves her and live there lifes open so any boy/man approch in a non-traditional style or English style, girl feels that, yes! he is my man that am waiting for and he can give me life and new shape apart from my parents traditional roots.

So Guys go for it. A single step of your good deed will make a environment clean healthy.


Ass hole

i think its time to stop this....jst think about our kids n parents n live peacefully.....its just a gal did something we ve no right to blame a whole country or religion...i dnk knw abt other muslims but islam is best for a god fearing peace loving person...try not to hate the things u dnt like...dnt hurt anyone...its not for ur way to heaven its for this worlds peace...for our kids...for us...ignore the things u dont like pls...

i 4gt, by the way 'save culture' better u keep quiet rather thn tlkin nonsenz

as far as i knw polish gals are most pretty in the world not arabic gals over weight and over make up .lotta flesh nothing else...!!!!hahahahahahaha

please don't judge as stupid after just noticed a particaular activity of a women or particular country. see what Islam says, it describes all spheres of human life in this world and here after just for peace or ultimate success in both worlds. that is why Islam spreads the whole world and real intelligent people who like to understand truth is accepted Islam as a religion.
they will be peacefull and scucceed. Islam is not aginst any religion and no compulsion to do it. but those who do as All Allah ordered will be successful. he is watching everything.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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