Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[By Lee Kaplan, of StoptheISM.]

Quick - What rhymes with treason?

Tali Hoe?!! Tali Latowicki's bio describes her as thus:

"Born in 1976, Tali Latowicki, besides being a promising poet, is also a literary critic and pianist. She studied literature and musicology at the Jewish University of Jerusalem, with a specialization at the Ben Gurion University of Beer Sheva, where she also taught Jewish Literature. So far, her poems have only been published on internet sites and in specialized magazines. A few of her critical essays have instead appeared in the Israeli magazine Da qui. She currently works as editor at the collection Saggio critico at the University of Ben Gurion."

Not much of an author then, more of a glorified editor in Italian, and not really a scholar, Tali Latowicki never-the-less has landed herself a sinecure at Ben Gurion U. The question that lingers is if her job there was obtained because she spouts the ever present anti-Israel dogma on Neo-fascist Neve Gordon's stomping grounds, or if she became so-against-the-Jewish-state as a result of working on the Negev campus.

Like all Ben Gurion University radicals, Latowicki is a signer of anti-Israel petitions, of course. She signed the petition to celebrate Jewish terrorist and collaborator with terrorism Tali Fahima. She signs petitions calling for the academic boycott of her own country and her own university. But since her real "academic skill" is supposed to be poetic writing, let us share with you some of the drivel she writes.

At a joint conference of "Israelis, Arab-Israelis and Palestinians ," she relays to her readers that Palestinians are murdered every day by IDF soldiers at the checkpoints that serve to keep our terrorists and suicide bombers (who kill Arabs as well as Jews) out of Israel. Did she research to find out if the checkpoints are designed to keep Arabs from murdering Jews? Of course not.

"[The Arabs]... are being killed there every day, humiliated and abused, and are close to exploding -- in both senses. Our empathy is perhaps good for us, so that we will feel that we are not part of the oppressive system, but we are part of it -- and it doesn't matter at all what we think. They had an extremely clear answer to our questions about what they expected us to do: refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Defend the lives and well-being of the sons, husbands and friends by preventing them from going there. Support the refusers (sic), distribute the shocking stories that they told us, in order that it will be clear to everyone that the Army doesn't have a chance anymore of being seen as a body that has any hint of humanity."

The poet goes on: " I will write about the stories later -- if it's hard for someone, it's better that you don't read. To those of us who tried to raise the double argument that, first, this is unlawful, and second, that if we refuse, we will leave the field to all the hooligans that enjoy "giving it to the Arabs", they replied that, first, they have never come across a soldier who helped, or prevented the abuse, and second, as such, we are simply helping and strengthening the occupation, even serving as a fig leaf for it. The 'nice soldier' might be microscopic in reality, but is exaggerated through the Israeli mass media -- enabling the Army to show off that it is still, in spite of everything moral, considerate, and humane. No moral soldier can help them now, and in fact there is nothing humane or natural, in their view, in this basic situation of checkpoints. Even if a soldier is very nice and lets them pass a checkpoint, there will still remain the burning humiliation of dependence on an 18-year-old who decides whether adults and parents can pass from point A to B in their own territory."

I've been to the checkpoints, and those 18 year-olds conduct themselves very responsibly and with consideration. The fact that Ms. Latowicki has no qualms about repeating every lie and innuendo from the Arab propagandists comes as no surprise, given her working environment. If you want to see photos of IDF soldiers displaying kindness to Arabs, click here, film, click here.

She then descends into fantasy, describing imaginary "atrocities":

"The brother of one of the participants was shot in the back at a checkpoint, while he was carrying his baby in his arms, and this happened after he was allowed to pass. They simply indicated to him that he could pass, and then shot him in the back. It's true, this is an extreme event. Many other times they simply throw tear gas after them, just for the fun of it. Other times a soldier refuses to let them pass and points toward the hills, a hint that they should go around that way. But it's clear to everyone that it's not easy to go through the hills, and the soldiers do not hesitate to shoot, without checking first if it's a teacher or student trying to get to the local school."

Perhaps she also believes Palestinian stories about Jews poisoning wells or using the blood of Arab children to make matzoh?

But, wait, there's so much more:

"As long as the ruling idea here is that Jews should live alone, in their own state, separated from the whole Arab world around them while ignoring or evicting the owners of the lands -- we will not have a moment of quiet or security. We must strive to come to a compromise with them, a true and honorable compromise whose point of departure is that the lands that we dwell in were formerly theirs. If we learn to live together with them -- with Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Arabs -- in a respectful and equal way, there is a chance that we will be saved. And there is no exaggeration in these words, now I know. (And the words are appropriate, by the way, also regarding the Bedouin citizens of the state, who are being evicted from their lands and going through a series of discrimination and humiliation that are likely to create one day another Intifada. And we don't learn)."

But nothing can compare with Tali Latowicki's justification for suicide bombings and terror attacks:

"And between us, it is clear that these terror attacks, that seem to us like Satanic craziness, are the only way for the Palestinians to remind the average Israeli of their existence. Because if it will be quiet here, really quiet, the average Israeli will not care if several million people are rotting under closure. He will simply forget that they exist and will continue to live his everyday life. He will not have any interest in returning one meter of their land."

Latowicki recites the Arab mantras about the "stolen lands" (that weren't stolen) and "the right of return." And she excuses terrorism some more:

"And just as some of them were extreme in their one-sided stance toward terror -- that is to say, that it's allowed for them but forbidden for us -- so some of them understood the return to the 1967 borders as a sacrifice that was too big on their part. As they see it, we compensated ourselves for our traumas at their expense, with settlements on land that is not ours. We conquered the lands, slaughtered or expelled its residents, and afterwards even widened the occupation in 1967, to parts that were not part of the war but became its victims. They still hold the keys to the houses from which they were expelled in 1948, and they want to return. Some want to return to the house itself, and some are willing to compromise for some sort of arrangement. But it's important we understand that even a return to the 1967 borders is understood in their eyes as a great compromise and sacrifice on their side, and the conflict will not end if the solution those not include a real and just solution to the refugees problem."

Here is another Tali poetic fantasy:

"Dogs began to eat him while he was still alive. Two weeks afterwards it was possible to approach the area to move him, but by then there was almost nothing left of him. Then she said that the dogs belonged to the soldiers and that they had set the dogs on him on purpose. I simply refuse to believe this story. But who knows...?"

Who knows...? Maybe the Jews do use the blood of Arab children for matzoh...After all...Who Knows?

Tali Latowicki sure doesn't, but she's glad to smear the Jews whenever she can.
This woman is an embarrassment for Ben Gurion University, if BGU is even still capable of being embarrassed by its anti-Israel pseudo-academics.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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