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Video from the JPost: Oren heckled at US college

Eleven people were arrested as Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren was repeatedly interrupted while trying to deliver an address Monday night at the University of California, Irvine.

Oren was speaking about US-Israeli relations and was interrupted nearly a dozen times.

A young man began with the first outburst, yelling, "Michael Oren! Propagating murder is not an expression of free speech!" The man's yelling was followed by both heavy applause and objections.

The outburst closely resembled part of a statement released by the university's Muslim Student Union (MSU) prior to and against Oren's appearance, which said, "As people of conscience, we oppose Michael Oren's invitation to our campus. Propagating murder is not a responsible expression of free speech."...[More.]

Well, this one will get your blood going. The ultimate responsibility for this resides with the university which has done nothing to curb this already known problem. UC Irvine has been a disaster area for Jews and a seething pot of jihadism for a long time. Students should have been expelled and the Muslim Student Union de-certified (or the equivalent) long ago. What you see in the video is not free speech, but the signs of a growing minority who seek to drag us down to the level of the typical Middle Eastern third world hell-holes they so admire. Where are the grownups in the UC Irvine administration?

Update: Roz Rothstein from StandWithUs was there and is circulating the following statement:

Israel Ambassador Oren Defends Free Speech at UC Irvine

Muslim students tried to silence Israel's U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren when he spoke at UC Irvine's Pacific Ballroom on Monday afternoon, February 8.

Ambassador Oren had come to share his historical and personal perspective on the U.S.-Israel relationship. An author, professor of history, and diplomat, Ambassador Oren is politically centrist and regarded as an expert on many issues of vital interest today. But the Muslim students were determined to silence him, deny him the right to free speech, and deny the audience the right to have civil, intellectual discourse at UCI.

The Muslim students had carefully planned their tactics. Shortly before the event began, large numbers of them gathered for prayers outside the Ballroom. They then entered and scattered throughout the room in order to disrupt the speech from different locations. They did. After every few of Ambassador Oren's sentences, a student would stand up and scream unintelligibly at him while the other students involved raucously clapped and howled. The student whose turn it was to disturb the event would then walk proudly out of the Ballroom, escorted by police, while glaring at the understandably upset and frustrated audience of over 500 people who had come to hear the Ambassador's remarks.

After at least ten interruptions, the uncivilized demonstrators marched outside to a spot closest to the wall of the Ballroom. From there, they shouted more slogans, hoping they could continue to disrupt the event. But they could not.

The Muslim students angered the audience and embarrassed the UCI administration. They ignored pleas and reprimands from UCI officials who took the microphone. They ignored Ambassador Oren's request that he be granted the civil hospitality due to a guest of the University. They ignored his urging that they raise their concerns during the Q and A.

The good news is that Ambassador Oren refused to be silenced. He had come to UCI to share his thoughts and did not abandon his right to free speech even as dozens of students coordinated this hostile demonstration. With his elegant manner, he remained calm, and stood his ground. He stood up for free speech.

There are lessons to be learned from this event. The University will need to identify the participating students and decide what consequences they will suffer for their uncivilized behavior. The organizers of the protest were seen coordinating the screams from their seats by text messaging on their cell phones, and the Muslim Student Union president may have been among the eleven arrested for disrupting the event. The UCI administration will need to consider sanctions for the MSU since it was clear to everyone in the audience that the MSU had orchestrated the raucous effort to prevent free speech.

Every speaker can learn from Ambassador Oren's example. Whether the speaker is a U.S. General, an academic, or a representative from another country, his or her right to free speech may very well be challenged. We have seen this pattern spread throughout the U.S., especially this past year. Just a few hours before Professor Oren's event, Israel's Senior Legal Advisor, Daniel Taub, had spoken at the UCLA Law School, and also faced a disruptive demonstration. Like Ambassador Oren, Mr. Taub responded with calm, dignity, and a sincere invitation to the demonstrators that they ask questions during the Q and A. Instead, they, too, refused to cooperate, and marched out, escorted by the police.

The main lesson from Ambassador Oren is that we must stand up with dignity and eloquence for free speech. If we do not, if speakers give up and walk off the stage, we risk sacrificing the civil dialogue essential to education and a bedrock of American values.

Update Feb 16: Welcome TownHall readers, and thanks to Mike Adams for linking!

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Someone should tell muslim students that hijacking planes on 9/11, shooting servicemen at Ft. Hood, stabbing Theo Van Gogh, using WMD on the Kurds of Halabja, murdering people in Mumbai, dynamiting the 1500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan, shooting people in the Washington Beltway, assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy, placing bombs on Pan Am 103, and much, much more are NOT "Freedom of Speech", but rather examples of ISLAMOFASCISM.

Ah - this is outrageous.

No wonder we can't make any progress. People won't even listen, so how can anybody learn?

I am getting depressed.

Yes Sophia, Welcome to reality, bummer, isn't it?

What is at question here is a fundamental American and human value, the right to free speech. As a number of the university spokesmen made clear the conduct of the disturbing students was in fundamental contradiction to the basic values of university education. Totalitarian silencing of others is a value the United States does not need. These students show themselves to be not worthy of being part of a free democratic society. They just do not understand and are unwilling to learn the basic democratic rules of the game.

Here are two interesting links.

From what I think is a student newspaper at UCI (University of California Irvine)

"For over 35 years, UCI's weekly student paper"

This one is pretty good - several links too.

Police release names of those arrested at UC Irvine in Oren protest

Good links, thanks.

Many of you have commented here that Michael Oren, as an invited guest, deserved respect--and you express outrage that he was heckled. Logically, I am assuming you also felt outrage when the president of Iran spoke at Columbia University and was not only repeatedly heckled, but insulted by the president of Columbia University. Pres. Ahmadinejad was introduced by Lee Bollinger, whose introduction included the following remarks (excerpted from transcript, "This event has nothing whatsoever to do with any 'rights' of the speaker but only with our rights to listen and speak. We do it for ourselves...In this lies the genius of the American idea of free speech....Let’s, then, be clear at the beginning, Mr. President you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator...When you come to a place like this, this makes you, quite simply, ridiculous."

Since President Ahmadinejad was an invited guest, as was Ambassador Oren, didn't they both deserve courtesy? Do you agree with the president of Columbia that a guest speaker has no rights; only the audience has rights? Or do all invited guests at university events deserve courtesy from the audience, and the right to speak? Remember, the students who heckled Ambassador Oren find his country's actions just as odious and barbaric as the actions of the Iranian government are viewed by Ahmadinejad's hecklers. Are the rights of a guest speaker only important if their views mirror your own? Are student protests shameful when you yourself disagree with the protesters, and are they honorable when the protesters share your views? Food for American thought, in our country of cherished free speech.

Leaving aside the objective differences -- no, not just objective differences, but value differences -- which anyone whose views are worth listening to should recognize, between Michael Oren and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, what's ironic is that Ahmadinejad actually got a better reception at Columbia than Oren did at UC Irvine.

Oh, and Ahmadinejad wasn't disrespected because of an organized campaign to wipe IRAN off the map.

That was beyond heckling. It was a threatening, vicious verbal assault not only on Mr. Oren but on the other people there, the other students, faculty and people who wanted to learn something.

Also, UC Irvine is notorious for this - it isn't just this one instance.

It isn't just a matter of heckling, but in fact the MSU has hosted openly genocidal speakers who threaten violence and slander Israel and Jews in general.

Here's a snip from the above link:

The most provocative of the lectures delivered so far were Malik Ali's two presentations on May 14 during which he stated that "Zionists" are "the new Nazis," "the party of Satan," and that "Zionism must be destroyed." He dedicated one of his presentations to the claim that the recent hate crimes legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives was in fact a conspiracy to consolidate Zionist control over the American people by criminalizing criticism of Israel and questioning the historicity of the Holocaust. Malik Ali received positive feedback from the audience of MSU members and supporters, Organizers standing behind Malik Ali held a large banner that read: "Death to Apartheid," implying that Israel is an apartheid state.

A video trailer advertising the event that was posted to the MSU Web site and on YouTube has as background music a religious-style Jihadist song in Arabic. The lyrics include the following text: "With all force we'll drive them away…We will restore purity to Jerusalem." The last part of the song, which is not included in the MSU video but is available online, also declares: "We'll never relinquish one inch of our land to be humiliated. The earth will bury them and burn them."


Nor is this kind of thing limited to UC Irvine:


MSU has staged such events every spring for the past several years, with some of the most anti-Semitic speakers participating regularly. It should be noted that while these annual hate fests may be the most offensive, the most radical, the best organized and, it appears, the best financed, Muslim student groups at other California campuses have organized similar events every year, often featuring the same anti-Semitic speakers that frequent UC Irvine.


This goes way beyond heckling a speaker.

Roger Simon interviewed Micheael Oren the next day. PJTV has Interview with Israeli Amb. Michael Oren, Part 1: Trouble in Iran and UC Irvine|9min.

The Left has been doing this for 40 years. And they always give the defense that Solomon gave.

You must hold the correct opinions, approved by the Left to be heard. When Conservatives shout down Leftwingers they are fascists. When Leftwingers do it to Conservative speakers they are the revolutionary vanguard, standing up to The Man.

There is nothing new here.

Here is Tom Tancredo silenced by the same Leftist creeps. When it becomes evident that they arent going to silence him, they turn to violence, to do so. I can point to hundreds of such instances, probably 1000s or 10s of 1000s going back to the 60s. Just think how many werent invited to the university to speak, self censorship, for fear of violence by the radical left. Always apologized for by the liberal Left as well, I might add. Keep up the good work silencing our political adversaries, no enemies to the Left...and all that.

The Decent Left has created this situation for their policies of no enemies to the Left and any coalition to achieve power, enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc. The racists have been disempowered by the Center Right...but the radicals, racists, Islamists, and sexists have not been disempowered on the Left.


Below is a video of islamofascists disrupting the speech by Ambassador Oren.

Please show us any videos of people standing up and shouting to disrupt Ahmadinejads speech at Columbia.

To compare and contrast. To test your thesis that Ahmadinejad was treated as poorly as Ambassador Oren was by jihadis at UCI.

UCI has been hijacked by islamofascists who regularly use racist speech against Jews.

I HIGHLY recommend the last video... gallowsway LYING documented.

From Artuz Sheva News Service:

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has issued a scathing indictment of Michael Drake, the Chancellor of the University of California at Irvine, for “enabling an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel atmosphere” on the campus for several years. The ZOA warned that the university will be responsible if anti-Semitism on campus escalates to the point where Jewish students and professors may be physically injured.

Muslim protestors Sunday night heckled guest lecturer Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, several times and at one point stopped him from speaking for 20 minutes. The raucous protest succeeded in preventing a question-and-answer session following Oren’s speech on American-Israeli relations.

A statement by ZOA president Morton A. Klein and by Susan B. Tuchman, director for its Center for Law and Justice, lashed out at Chancellor Drake (pictured at left) for refusing “to criticize this student group and its hateful and bigoted rhetoric, thus sending a message to the Muslim Student Union and the rest of the community that anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing are acceptable and will be tolerated by the university.

“The administration has given the Muslim Student Union a free pass, which we believe has emboldened this group and encouraged an atmosphere that tolerates and accepts anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing. University policies are crystal clear. They prohibit harassment. They prohibit unauthorized fundraising. They prohibit the obstruction of university activities, like Ambassador Oren’s lecture. They prohibit disorderly conduct."

Klein and Tuchman blamed Chancellor Drake for dragging his feet. “University administrators who have tolerated their misconduct should be disciplined,” the ZOA officials said. “Under Chancellor Drake’s leadership, the anti-Semitism on campus has been allowed to escalate to the danger point. We must be concerned for the physical safety of Jewish students and professors. If someone gets hurt, the university administration will be responsible.”

They asserted that the ZOA for years has called on Chancellor Drake “to exercise his First Amendment right and his moral duty as a university leader and publicly condemn the Muslim Student Union for the anti-Semitic and Israel-bashing speakers and programs it regularly sponsors on the campus.” The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees free speech and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”

They also charged that the University of California’s Irvine campus “has actually lauded the group and honored students who have contributed to the bigotry and divisiveness on campus,” according to the ZOA. “In 2006, one such student, who helped organize a rally at which Jewish students were told they weren’t welcome, received a community service award from UC Irvine’s Alumni Association, was publicly praised in a UC Irvine publication, and was named a speaker at UC Irvine’s commencement ceremony in 2006.
“UC Irvine’s Fall/Winter 2009 Alumni Magazine recently reported that the Alumni Association awarded a scholarship to a student who ‘is involved with the Alkalima Magazine, the magazine of the Muslim Student Union.’ Alkalima has published anti-Semitic and Israel-bashing articles, including one which asserted that Jews are genetically different from everyone else.

The ZOA also suspects that the “Muslim Student Union may have been involved in raising funds on campus for the terrorist group Hamas, when the Muslim Student Union sponsored a program featuring George Galloway last May. Such fundraising, if proven, would not only violate university policy but also federal law.”

Klein and Tuchman said that the university promised to issue a report by the end of 2009 on a probe of the charges, but that date later was changed to the middle of last month. “Almost five months have now passed since the university was provided with evidence of the Muslim Student Union’s wrongdoing and possible violation of federal law,” they said. “To our knowledge, neither the Muslim Student Union nor a single administrator has been disciplined.”

Here is some news on a similar but even more shocking event in England:

Police probe 'Kill Jews' Oxford chant

University student shouts “Itbah Al-Yahud” at Danny Ayalon during lecture.
British police are investigating the verbal attack on Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon after an Oxford University student shouted “slaughter the Jews” during a talk he gave at the university on Monday night.

During the event, hosted by the university’s Student Union, a Muslim student, who had been heckling the deputy foreign minister, got up and shouted in Arabic “Itbah Al-Yahud” – “slaughter the Jews” as he was leaving the lecture hall.

The incident was referred to the police on Tuesday. Thames Valley Police confirmed on Wednesday that they had received a complaint and were considering a charge of racially aggravated public disorder.

A police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post they were taking the matter “very seriously,” that they were at the very early stages of investigation and that no arrests had yet been made.

The university has promised to look into the incident once the police have completed their investigation.

“Our policy is always to await the outcome of police investigations where criminal offenses are alleged, and to look at any internal disciplinary process after the police have finished their investigation,” an Oxford University spokesperson told the Post. “So we will await the outcome. We abhor racism but obviously now this is in police hands we cannot comment on the individual case.”

The Oxford University Student Union released the following statement condemning the disturbances at the event and distancing itself from the individual.

“Whilst the vast majority of the audience behaved in an orderly and responsible fashion, some members continually interrupted the speech and one individual in particular appears to have made a directly anti-Semitic remark. These individuals exceeded the principles of free speech that the Society upholds. They and their remarks are not representative of this Society, nor the vast majority of the audience. The Oxford Union will not tolerate this kind of behavior by its members.

"The president of the Student Union, Stuart Cullen, has launched an investigation to identify the members who disrupted the event.

“The Union will be taking disciplinary action against these members, in accordance with the Society’s rules. The president praised the work of the security and local police on the night and expressed his gratitude for their help, as well as that of the Israeli embassy, in coordinating the event.

“The Oxford Union believes in the rights of free speech and protecting our invited speakers' ability to express themselves in an orderly and disciplined environment. We further believe that our members have the right to challenge and question the speakers in keeping with the Society's expectations of good conduct.”

Ayalon had considered pressing charges before police began their investigation.

“This demonstrates our new policy on hatred and racism and we will have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, something that should have happened a long time ago,” said the deputy foreign minister.

Ayalon received a hostile reception at the university and was heckled throughout his talk by accusations of “war crimes” and racism. Another student carrying a Palestinian flag tried to approach the platform from which Ayalon was speaking and was led out by security staff.

At a demonstration outside the lecture hall, organized by the university’s Palestine Society, protesters chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Speaking to a partly hostile audience, Ayalon took a number of hostile questions and received applause at the end. Ayalon said that after the event, several students approached him thanking him for providing a narrative they said they had never heard before.

“Comments like these show proof that the narrative on campuses have been hijacked by those who have a hatred for not only Israel but also Jews,” said Ashley Perry, Ayalon’s media adviser. “The event also proved that if the Israeli narrative is explained in a calm matter, as the deputy minister did, then we can increase understanding among those who have not ever been exposed to another narrative.”


It is of course the Anglo-jewish leadership response to the Oxford Union outburst to pretend it did not happen, but I understand Ayalon is pursuing criminal charges - I agree with you both - outrageous that anyone from my alma mater should behave thus -but not unexpected particularily if the guy is under the tutelage of Avi Shlaim there .. My alma mater by the way has an alumni representative in Palestine in the official list --- my latest complaint to the Vice Chancellor!!. Do not forget Oxford University has a Chancellor in the form of Chris Patten now - ex EU commissioner on foreign affairs!

Friends, the following blog was posted today to my site
Hope you find it of interest and if you want to continue receiving this please let me know and will add you to the list.

Best Sherwin

Responses to University Student Anti-Semitism

Just in this past week we have seen a number of instances of anti-Israel (read: anti-semitic) outbursts aimed at speakers who have been scheduled to appear at various universities around the world.

For example, the appearance of Israel ’s Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren at the University of California/Irvine was met by numerous verbal outbursts against him and against the “apartheid” State of Israel during his presentation sponsored by the school’s Political Science Department.

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Danny Ayalon , who is also a former Ambassador to the U.S. , was verbally assaulted at a speech he tried to give at Oxford University earlier this week.

Ben Gurion University of the Negev’s Professor of History and prolific writer, Benny Morris, was recently dis-invited by the Israel Society at Cambridge University after protestors accused him of being guilty of “Islamaphobia” and “racism.”

While universities have never been a source of significant support for Israel , of late the chances of any Israeli speaker appearing at a university forum anywhere in the west without being harassed or verbally assaulted are almost nil.

And yet, what is our response as Jews and as Israelis? In articles that appeared in this morning’s papers here the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken the position that this kind of verbal haranguing and protest is standard on university campuses and that the media is blowing the importance of such actions way out of proportion. I disagree.

For our government to take an official position that this is just more of the same and for the organized Jewish community in these locations to remain virtually silent gives the impression to the rest of the good citizens of each community that we, as Jews, do not care what the protestors say or what the heckler’s do. Frankly, we cannot afford that kind of passivity as we know, from our history, that passive response to these kinds of anti-semitic acts (even though they may be couched in anti-Israel terms….there is no difference any longer) generally leads to more serious infringements on our rights as members of the human race.

So what should our response be? At a minimum, every time one of these events occurs anywhere in the world, the local Jewish community, along with its real friends and supporters, should immediately mount a massive protest march denouncing the disrespect being shown to visiting dignitaries while underscoring the ultimate danger to all of the community’s citizens should this type of activity be allowed to continue.

16 years ago in Billings , Montana , the (really) small Jewish community there was traumatized when a rock was thrown through the window of the bedroom of a Jewish youngster whose parents had the audacity to exhibit a Chanukah Menorah in the window of the home. At that time the Jewish community stood up and with the incredible support of the majority of the citizens of that city, made the public statement: “Not in Our Town.” The result was an outpouring of support from the local citizenry which sent a message to the bigots that this type of behavior is not acceptable and a national movement began which spread throughout the country.

Today, we must also say, in every location where such anti-semitic events occur, “Not in Our Town” and that message must be loud and clear and supported, as well, by the Government of Israel that has, as its obligation, to be the Government of the Jewish People. Else we abandon our responsibility to our brethren worldwide and to the promise that gave rise to the birth of this country in the first place.

Sherwin Pomerantz

Jerusalem February 11, 2010

As a footnote to the discussion I thought I'd post this link to my favourite Arab blogger's post on the subject:

Pay particular attention to the comments. One commenter urges murder:

"Why didnt all of them rush the speaker, KILL him, and KILL the cops as well?

With how the crowd was cheering I doubt if they had their faces covered that anyone could, or would, ID them."

"I would have been much more impressed if those 11 pulled out M4s and started shooting at him."

Note that the comments were not deleted and did not elicit even the mildest protest from any of the other commenters.

I wonder where the commenter lives:

I was at UCI Monday night. I have taught there for 11 years and have witnessed the tactics of the msu for years. The admin will not do anything about this bullying bunch of thugs. I have been to many msu events and their hateful speakers are never disrupted. Fortunately, several hundred Jewish community members saw first-hand that there is a problem at UCI. Nobody can deny it anymore.

gary fouse
adj teacher

EV. These MSU people are not "Left" or "The Left".

Please. Can we discuss ANYTHING without these ridiculous political stereotypes?

As far as this and the Oxford incident with Ayalon and also cancelling Benny Morris' speech at Oxford - it's the opposite of Freedom of Speech and to try and use the concept of 1st Amendment Rights to protect this bullying, as CAIR is apparently doing, is truly cynical.

Also, there has been a clarification about Oxford.

According to a recent Harry's thread, they are now claiming that "Death To the Jews" isn't exactly what was said, but rather "Kaibar" which is - well - Death to the Jews with a reference to history.


"When Amrozi bin Nurhasin, the smiling Bali bomber, entered a Bali courtroom on the day of his sentencing, he was shouting "Jews, remember Khaibar. The army of Muhammad is coming back to defeat you." What was this Khaibar, and why should it be remembered?"

"... the name of Khaibar has great significance for us all. For extremist Muslims like Amrozi, it stands for the defeat of infidel enemies, and their humiliation and subjugation under shari’a conditions, an enduring signpost to the hope of an Islamist victory. For non-Muslims this name stands for centuries of obliterated history and oppressive discrimination, referred to by Bat Ye’or, historian of the dhimmis, as dhimmitude."

We demand JUSTICE for the Jews of Kaibar/Khybar!

In case islamofascist swine don't get it, the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 europe OR Kaibar.

Khybarian Jews were well armed, Eddie, and defended themselves well.

The muslims here in America are quickly learning to act like the muslims in the UK. It is past time to start deporting these animals or soon they will become a physical threat to every American or visitor from another country who wishes to execise their right of freedom of speech. These animals are fanatics and must be treated accordinly; and with force!

If it had been algore speaking the cops would have forcefully removed the hecklers from the arena no doubt with handcuffs on before the protester was able to get to the end of the isle.

Please, please. There is no need for (or path to) violence if college administrators and their legal departments do their jobs.

What I saw on this video makes no sense at all.

A speaker who is invited to speak has the right to speak. Even an idiot should be able to understand that. One cannot invite a speaker and then shout him down.

If you know what the speaker is going to say before hand, and you disagree, or are not interested in what he has to say then stay away from the event, or hold your own parallel event, but do not attend the speech for the express purpose of disrupting it. Students like that must be severely disciplined.

They say that the "youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow". If those doing the shouting and heckling are an example of future leaders, then may their tribe significantly decrease.

I have seldom seen such a display of lack of civility or respect, and that on a University campus of all places. I used to believe that the one place you were sure to find thinking people was on a University campus. After watching this unforgiveable display I have been left in serious doubt.

I am sure the students who I saw on the video feel proud of themselves. They should! There is no possible way that any other group of students could have outdone their atrocious behaviour. worse.

If Islam has produced such a great civilization, why do these rabid young people attend our universities; why not one of their own "great universities"?

The most potent defense against these brainwashed simple children, would have been to simply make them look as foolish as they are. This reminded me of a Jerry Springer show more than anything else. Some sheeple standing up and getting their 15 seconds of fame, then following the script of such things. Everyone on Springer knows that when the bell rings, they are supposed to pretend to fight...knowing full well that the bouncers will prevent any real they comply. Their expectations are being met, and they meekly comply with the unspoken "rules" that they think make them look cool.

Looking un-cool is their worst nightmare. Next time something like this event happens, a few people of good sense ought to simply trip the "radical" sheeple as he meekly makes his way to the security detail that is supposed to validate his status as some kind of icon of ignorance.

Falling down will forever ruin his supposed moment of fame. That he counts on people being polite and moving out of his way, when he has displayed a decided lack of decorum himself, shows his own naive arrogance, and will completely surprise him. All this video showed was that idiots can win in their own minds, when we tolerate it. It would be a kindness to these poor wretched robots of Islamofacism to let them know that their antics may get them a mild and well deserved bloody nose, before they decide that people will continue to be polite even if they are deluded enough to actually try to hurt someone.

Since it's in California, maybe we could call it "Tripping for Peace!"

Cut it any way the proponents of the twin tyrannies of multiculturalism and political correctness may shape the dialogue, Islam is a politically ideological manifestation of evil. And both Islam and its death cultist followers are by definition unassimilable into Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization.

In his 1899 work, The River Wars, Winston Churchill wrote:


"... How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!

Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property (either as a child, a wife, or a concubine) must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science (the science against which it had vainly struggled) the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the
civilisation of ancient Rome."


Islam's barbarians have gained access to the strong arms of science and Europe's civilization, corrupted and degenerate, has long gone.

And given the forty years during which the State Department's execrable bastard-offspring of the Soviet agents, Alger Hiss et al-descended Brahmanas and that elitist gang's carefully cloned for both its cluelessness and its un-and-anti-Americanism Foreign(er Service(ing) have issued visas to so many of our enemies?

Islamanazis need no Trojan horses, their hostile colonies are well established -- and, as is visible here, their arrogance knows no bounds!

And both our beloved fraternal republic and the very Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization we have long vanguarded and must for ever guard are in their sights.

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angels - Califobambicated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad

Maybe thing would have gone differently if the speaker didn't have a dead Palistinian child around his neck as a trophy.

catchit, maybe you would have been able to think clearly if you never took the brown acid.

we will leave ur country, but first u leave our countries!!! i.e palestine, iraq, iran, afghanistan and pakistan!!!!
we are just protesting, ur animals are killing!!!

The two speakers are not equivalent. The two nations are not equivalent. Muslim Iran and it's leader wish to "wipe the 'zionist regime' off the map" and exterminate the Jewish people. That is their stated goal. Israel, on the other hand, wants to live at peace with it's neighbors. The Muslims are wrong in their basic perception of reality. The Jews are right in their basic perception of reality. They are not equivalent. Not even close. No comparison. A student in Iran behaving that way would be flogged or shot. For your comfort let me say that Islam will not exist anywhere on earth in 50 years. It's days as a belief system are numbered.


Embassy cancels deputy envoy’s talk at Manchester Uni

Prosor: We will not be intimidated by groups who threaten violence.

LONDON – The Israeli Embassy in London was forced to cancel a talk by its deputy ambassador at Manchester University on Thursday, saying it could not guarantee her safety after threats from anti-Israel protesters.

Deputy Ambassador Talya Lador-Fresher was scheduled to speak to the Politics Society at the university’s student union, but after 300 people signed on to a Facebook protest page organized by another student society, Action Palestine, and information was received that protesters intended to storm the talk, the embassy asked for extra security. When the university could not guarantee this, the embassy called off the meeting.

On the Politics Society Facebook page, the society’s president Jonathan Ridge wrote: “This event has been canceled. The Israelis have pulled out on grounds of security, threats had been received and the possibility of large protests overwhelming security led to this decision. Apologies to all, you’re as disappointed as I am.”

Ridge said the move was “disappointing for freedom of speech,” especially since controversial speakers had been allowed to speak at the student union, including the previous Saturday, British Palestinian academic Azzam Tamimi, who has expressed sympathy for suicide bombers.

“There has been a clear lack of equality and it’s problematic for freedom of speech at higher education institutions,” Ridge said. “It’s much better to have a policy of engagement rather than pass up the opportunity to question and hear what they have to say – that’s the entire point of university – to hear different viewpoints.”

Ridge said he had received e-mails threatening him about the talk.

Ambassador Ron Prosor expressed disappointment that an institution that is supposed to protect academic freedom failed to do so. He said the talk will be rescheduled.

“Israel will continue to represent its view and position across the UK and will not be intimidated by groups who threaten violence,” Prosor said.

The Union of Jewish Students said it was shocked but “sadly unsurprised” by the threat of violence by students opposed to the talk.

“Moreover, the undemocratic implementation by a fringe, extremist minority of a ‘No Platform Policy’ against representatives of the Jewish state smacks of totalitarianism of the worst kind,” UJS spokesman Mark Wolfson said.

In reference to Tamimi’s appearance at the university the previous week, he added: “While they attack anyone who challenges their hatred, they continue to invite speakers who advocate violence. UJS repeats its call for the government and university authorities across the country to deal with this issue with all the care and concern afforded to other minority groups.”

You know Solomon the wonderful head of Iran
is nothing but a thug, based on a right to
kill everything that is not muslin. Why do you
live in my country win you can spue your hatred
somewhere else.

Take your non-religious ideas and put them
where the sun will never shine. I am sick an
tired of people like you in my country. Go
somewhere else or respect the ways of demorcracy.

God Bless this country.

What does "DD" stand for? Deaf and dumb? Ding-dong?

You totally misread what Sol wrote. Btw, he's the founder of this site and its primary blogger. Take a look around. Put your brain in gear before engaging your mouth.

Another travesty of campus "free speech". This time in Canada. Again, "No free for pro-israel speakers". The rationorkale of York College is pure burlesque. It seems the only way to make univerisities come to their senses is to violently disrupt pro-terror and pro-Arab speakers. Then the issue of "security" becomes equal for both sides. No free passes for islamic nazis.
The Jewish Tribune

York University discriminates against Christian and Jewish coalition ahead of Israel Apartheid Week

Wednesday, 24 February 2010
TORONTO – At the last minute, York University has cancelled events organized by a coalition of Canadian pro-Israel students and organizations due to “security” concerns. The events organized by the Imagine With Us coalition were scheduled for this week in anticipation of Israel Apartheid Week (IAW), which begins on March 1.

The Imagine With Us coalition – a “multi-faith, multi-political movement that is concerned with maintaining Canadian values and keeping our campuses safe from hatred, discrimination and radical incitement, particularly from those subscribing to radical Islam,” explained Michael Mostyn, national director of public affairs for B’nai Brith Canada – is led by My Canada, a non-partisan organization of young adult Christians who are passionate about a variety of social justice issues, and B’nai Brith Canada.

On Monday and Thursday of this week, events were scheduled at York which included the participation of Middle East expert and political commentator Daniel Pipes, Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and political discourse Dr. Mordechai Kedar, ormer PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat, human right activist Rev. Majed El Shafie, social justice activist and founder of My Canada Faytene Kryskow, and B’nai Brith Canada CEO Frank Dimant. The events were scheduled to be streamed live to campuses across Canada and to be viewable online internationally.

On Monday morning, York University informed Imagine With Us campus partners Christians United for Israel (CUFI) that the university was cancelling the event due to the fact that Imagine With Us did not meet their requirements. York had required that the organizers include a formidable police and campus security presence paid for by the organizers, a list of all attendees in advance, a minute-by-minute synopsis of all speakers’ talking points and a ban on public advertising of the event at York and on satellite campuses.

York University has said that the requirements were demanded of the event organizers due to the participation of individuals who they claim invite the animus of anti-Israel campus agitators.

In an interview with the Jewish Tribune, Rob Kilfoyle, director of security at York, confirmed the event had been cancelled and stated that the need for security at events is determined on a case-by-case basis and that the participation of speakers such as Dimant and Pipes was the cause of the stringent requirements. When asked why similar demands were not made of the organizers of Israel Apartheid Week events, Kilfoyle stated that even though the organizers of those events will not be paying for their own security – as the university had demanded of Imagine With Us – York will be there “to monitor the activities.”

“York’s continued appeasement of anti-Israel agitators at the expense of Zionist Christians and Jews is unacceptable,” said Frank Dimant, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada. “Regardless of the fact that York has, in effect, banned me from lecturing on their campus, the show will go on despite all of the hurdles that are being putting in our way.”

The Imagine With Us event organizers continued with the event at an off-campus location for the benefit of the satellite campuses and international online viewers.

This week, the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) and Hillel, with the support of local federations, are also running a campaign. Entitled Size Doesn’t Matter, it stresses Israel’s remarkable achievements in science, medicine, technology, business and humanitarian aid. The following week, during IAW, The Truth Campaign will feature posters with messages challenging the veracity of anti-Israel messages.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 February 2010 )

Please excuse the typos in my last post. Of course i meant to say "No Free Speech for Pro-Israel speakers" and "The rationale of York College..."

Israel is the first line of defense for the West against the Muslim barbarian invaders. American citizens need to arm themselves now before it's too late.

Reading all of the comments here is scary....Mr. Brain Richard Allen your assesment of Muslims is not too far off the mark from Himmler's theories on jews.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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