Monday, February 1, 2010

[Update: The protest is over! Scroll down for more, including video.]

Previous posts: George Galloway is Coming to Boston and More on Galloway and Viva Palestina's Terrorist Ties.

A protest is being held. This reminder just in from Americans for Peace and Tolerance:

Christians and Jews United for Israel and APT are co-sponsoring a protest against a fundraiser for George Galloway's radical organization at the Palestinian Cultural Center, 41 Quint Ave., Allston, MA on Monday, February 1st at 6:00 p.m.

George Galloway, who is banned from entering Canada and was recently deported from Egypt, has entered the U.S. to raise money for his Hamas-connected organization. The Palestinian Center is hosting him for a talk and a $1,000-per-plate dinner.

Please join us outside the Center at 6:00; signs and other materials will be provided. Let them know we want Hamas Out of Boston!

Michael Graham did a great job with this on his show today. He writes about Galloway here: Massachusetts Is For Terrorists?

Update 10pm: I've heard a good crowd of 30-40 people were there to greet Galloway! Here's some video sent in by Hillel Stavis:

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I wouldn't ordinarily post this, but there was quite a bit of interest in the fact that terror supporter George Galloway was in town Monday night raising money at the Palestinian Cultural Center for Peace in Allston. I wouldn't ordinarily... Read More

An email update from Americans for Peace and Tolerance: Our allies in Florida have just released a video showing the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation Mahdi Bray and British MP George Galloway raising money for... Read More


Wish I could be there.

Those types dont bother coming to Charleston, SC, though.

EVil, george gallowsway is one of your fellow "white christian euros" who are working toward and are having great success in destroying europe and Western civilization.

gallowsway is a modern day lord haw haw.

I hope gallowsway ends up like lord haw haw.

INSHALLAH georgie!


Not right. Galloway has been in bed with the Muslims for quite some time.
He is not that innocent twit frittering away his inheritance.
You should read up on who he married and how they financed themselves.
It may even be that he has converted although not disclosing it to the general public.

Good luck, what a worthy cause!

As a Brit, I am delighted that Americans will be protesting against the vile George Galloway.

This is a man who has publicly embraced Hamas leaders, and who never turns down a chance to bash Israel unfairly.

Just recently, when a Swedish newspaper *wrongly* alledged that Israelis were 'stealing organs' from Palestinians, Galloway jumped on the bandwagon and described Israel as a 'mini Mengele'.

Mengele, many of you will know, was the Nazi 'doctor' named the 'angel of death' by concentration camp prisoners, because of his grotesque 'experiments' on children and pregnant women.

Galloway is always trying, desperately, to somehow equate Israelis DEFENDING themselves, with Nazi atrocities.

He is a vile creature, to be sure.

Yes, Michael Graham did talk about Galloway's fundraiser, but despite emailed suggestions to him, he did not pimp the protest, not on the air, not in his blog. It would have been nice if he'd have given the time and location. Even nicer if he'd shown up.

Going by the appearance of those who showed up for the event, Nappy finds it hard to believe that very many of them ponied up a Kilobuck to get in the door. (It would be nice to know how much they raised.) For some the alternative ticket price may have been to look grubby and wear an Arafat-style keffiyeh.

Some of the moonbats couldn't let us go unchallenged, so they yelled and chanted at us from the entry to the former church now repurposed as a mosque and Palestinian Cultural Center. The noise (from us and from them) succeeded in annoying some of the neighbors who came to the windows of the apartment house behind us to take a look at what was going on.

Nappy didn't count but ballparks turnout on our side of the street as over 30, maybe 40, about 50-50 between us Elders of Zion and our Christian Zionist friends, some of whom schlepped all the way in from the North Shore or Merrimack Valley.

After the demonstration broke up and most of the EOZs had left, most of us still there (15-20) joined hands in a big circle. One of the pastors lead a spontaneous prayer for peace, love and tolerance, not the violence and hate emanating from those on the other side. People added their own thoughts, including the wish that the building return to its former purpose.

The cops didn't seem too happy about the other side of the street. Nappy told the Sergeant that Galloway was barred from entering Canada because of his ties to Hamas. He naturally asked why we're letting him here. "You'll have to ask our President." His partner got it right away: "Oh, yeah. Barack Hussein Obama." Sarge asked "Is he on the no-fly list?" Partner answered "No, he doesn't blow things up himself, he just funds the bombers." Ain't that the truth. Terror leaders never go on "martyrdom operations" or send their own kids.

Jew with a View,

galllowsway is not the only scottish scumbag.

Remember the VICTIMS of Pan AM 103

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