Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scott Brown took a half hour to talk to the local Jewish newspaper: Brown takes hard line for Israel

The Senate race
By Kenneth H. Kaplan Special to the Advocate

Nearing the end of a brief Senate campaign focused almost exclusively on domestic issues, State Sen. Scott Brown, the Republican candidate, sought to sharply distinguish himself from his Democratic opponent in the areas of security and Mideast policies. Brown called Attorney General Martha Coakley wrong on both Iran and Afghanistan and portrayed himself as a longtime friend of Israel who would be one of its leading advocates in Washington.

Brown, a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard who cited more than once his "training in the issues of war and peace,'' said Coakley is "out of touch on military issues." He said she is making a mistake by extending constitutional rights to terror suspects "at taxpayers' expense," insisting that they instead be treated as enemy combatants.

Brown spoke last weekend by phone from his home in Wrentham in advance of the Jan. 19 special election. At times both laid back and feisty in the half-hour interview, he wondered aloud whether young American Jews fully understand Israel's security needs. He criticized President Obama for pressing Israel to freeze all settlement activity, but praised his plan to send more troops to Afghanistan. On the campaign itself, he said, "If I could have the Jewish community come out, a bloc [Coakley] thinks she's getting, I'll win this thing by 5 to 8 percent."

The following are excerpts from the interview:

Q: Israel enjoyed extremely close ties with the United States under the Bush administration. Critics say despite that, no real progress was made toward achieving peace, leading them to conclude that the US should put more pressure on Israel. Do you subscribe to that view?

I understand it, but I don't agree with it. ... President Bush was one of the most pro-Israel presidents in our lifetime, and first of all, it takes two or three entities to get down to the bargaining table and come up with peace. But when you have groups who will not adhere to the treaties of yesteryear and want to have a whole new set of treaties, one of the first things you need to do is have these entities recognize the agreements and honor them, and obviously recognize the right for Israel to actually survive.

Q: Speaking of existing agreements, Israel previously agreed to stop building more settlements. The Obama administration pressed Israel to halt any more settlement activity. Are settlements an obstacle to achieving a two-state solution?

Well certainly, but Israel also has the right to live in its lands without having another country dictate terms before you get to the bargaining table. Whether it's close settlements or not build, you can't be giving away cards before you get to the bargaining table. ... I find it offensive that [Obama is] setting the terms before even sitting down at the table. ... I think that Israel had done more than enough in terms of extending the olive branch to get people to the bargaining table.

Q: Israel's security barrier in the West Bank and its incursion into the Gaza Strip both achieved their aims, measured by the reduction in suicide bombings inside Israel and rocket fire from Gaza. Yet both have been condemned as violating Palestinians' rights. Are Israel's methods excessive?

A: Well, when it comes to your survival, I don't know, what's excessive? When you have people lobbing missiles into your bedrooms, you need to establish security measures to protect your kids, your families. ... And don't forget. when you have Hamas lobbing missiles from hospitals and schools, you're at an unfair disadvantage. Israel and the United States, we follow the Geneva Conventions and the protocols and the laws of war.

Q: The United States was fortunate to have been spared in the attempted attack aboard a Detroit-bound plane. How should the US tighten air security? Is there anything that should or should not be borrowed from Israel's methods, which, while effective, have been criticized for involving profiling?

A: Let me just backtrack and add another wrinkle to that. I do not believe that these people should be treated as ordinary criminals. They should be treated as enemy combatants. We're in a war. Clearly there was a tie to Al Qaeda. [The Detroit suspect] should never have been lawyered up at taxpayer expense. He should immediately be treated as an enemy combatant and transferred down to Gitmo or some other facility, and interrogated under the laws of the United States and the Geneva Convention and all the laws of war, first of all. So there's a mistake that Martha Coakley is making by providing constitutional rights to enemy combatants and opening up a whole new level of rights that they're not entitled to at taxpayer expense. ... I would rather spend more time keeping our people safe and then maybe infringing on our liberties a little bit at a time when in fact there are some very serious threats upon us.

Q: How concerned are you that Iran is close to acquiring a nuclear weapon? Do you believe economic sanctions can halt the Iranian program? If not, should other measures be considered, or should the world, and Israel, find a way to coexist with a nuclear Iran?

That's scary. Well, first of all there's a couple of things happening. Ahmadinejad ... Martha Coakley wants to have one-on-one negotiations with him. She would go there. That's ridiculous. You don't want to legitimize his regime and give it a propaganda tool. She'd be the only one who wants to do that. Not even President Obama wants to do that. Low-level negotiations are great, but they're obviously playing the cat and mouse game. ...

They're at 28 percent unemployment. Their cash reserves are almost gone. So if there is any type of economic threat right now, that can work ... it would shut their industry down cold. ...

Everyone knows that Israel has the right to protect itself. The option to attack Iran is always there. You don't even need to mention it.

Q: Martha Coakley recently voiced opposition to Obama's plan to send more troops to Afghanistan. What do you think should be the American commitment?

First of all, she's wrong. It shows how out of touch she is with military issues. ... By having the amount of troops we have there now, they're spread so thin that they're vulnerable. So ... I do support the president. Especially his 180 on this very issue. He took the time to figure out what the problem was. I commend him for that, publicly. ... He's looking to provide the tools and resources to our men and women to finish the job. And the job is very clear. It's to make sure the Taliban and Al Qaeda do not reestablish bases, reestablish control.

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Attention Massachusetts Jewish Community, can we talk for a minute? We are being taken for granted and played for fools by the Coakley campaign. Let me give you some evidence. Two weeks ago, Boston's oldest Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Advocate,... Read More


This is about the first Ive heard of Scott Brown. Ive also seen an article criticizing the National GOP for lack of support for this guy. He seems like a great fellow, a giant leap forward for mankind over Ted Kennedy.

Also, have you seen this, Solomon, even if Scott Brown wins, the State is going to stall the process, so that Scott Brown cant kill the Welfare State Expansion in Perpetuity Bill, also known as the Health Care Bill.

Scott Brown swearing-in would be stalled so health-care reform could pass

Boston Herald

Scott is a stand up guy and a true friend of Israel. He will not turn his back on Israel. For thoses against the helath care bill, he will be the 41st Senator and thus be able to defeat this underfunded mandate. Please think about it and vote for Scott next Tuesday. Send a message to Washington, enough is enough!

I was unaware of Scott Brown's staunch Zionist beliefs until now. He sounds as hateful as George Bush. It shows that Israel rules the US. A Lt. Colonel who supports an apartheid Jews only state. Will Scott Brown follow Israel's lead and trash the US Constitution along with the other neo-cons?

Ill Wind,

I am gratified that nazi filth, jihadi swine, "progressively" blind morons are DISAPPOINTED by the election of Scott Brown to THE PEOPLES SEAT - and in a Blue state like Massachusetts, that's GOT to sting.

So far the Obama embrace has been the kiss of death for politicians.

Virginia, New Jersey - and now Massachusetts.

I'm ready to cast my vote for Scott Brown for PotUS.

Once again the candidate who did the best job of convincing AIPAC that he/she would subordinate the interests of the US to those of Israel came away with the kewpi doll...
Will the American public ever wake up to the "Democrat" vs. "Republican" scam?
Whose official slogan is "victory through deception?"

Are any of you aware that Scott "Brown" IS Jewish? He is a crypto. You are trained not to think this way, although our heroes certainly did: look at how his nose flares. He is a Jew who had surgery. Expect complete neocon sentiments. The "neo" in "Neo"-liberal and "Neo"-conservative means "Israel." These people can really lie, right in your face.

Also, isn't this is the most amazing US senate race? Didn't hear a thing about it, then - whammo- along with plenty of power media coverage Scott Brown is the new illustrious Senator from Massachusetts.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to have just one new senator who sides with the powerless or even prevailing popular sentiment?

Sheesh! Pretty ironic, ain't it, that the authors of #3, #5 and #6 call us the haters.

To the damned mofo who won't go away, if you didn't hear a thing about this Senate race, it's because you weren't paying attention. Like Martha Coakley who thought she could just mail it in, you thought it was a cakewalk for the arrogant, elitist jackass party machine.

We who supported Scott Brown felt the amazing groundswell of enthusiasm build for him and really got hopeful after Rasmussen's poll on the 10th said he had a chance. But we'd be happy and feel good about his run even without his decisive victory based or record participation -- higher voter turnout than even for Presidential elections.

Scott Brown ran a clean campaign that talked about the issues; he had huge overflow crowds at his rallies, and no one got paid to hold a sign, knock on doors ("Freezin' for a reason") or make phone calls. People holding signs for Brown often outnumbered Coakley's sign holders at Martha Coakley's rallies, and a lot of the signs for Brown were home-made labors of love.

By way of contrast,

  • Martha Coakley was dead wrong on the issues.
  • Martha Coakley's supporters lacked enthusiasm -- some of her standouts supported Brown and held signs for her only because they needed the $50 they got paid.
  • Martha Coakley's campaign and her PACs tried to bring Scott Brown down with disgusting mud-slinging attack ads full of lies and distortions about his record and false issues.
  • Martha Coakley's endorsement by big-name national pols couldn't save her sorry ass -- her campaign had to move Bubba's rally to a smaller room because they couldn't fill the bigger one, and after selling all the tickets they could, they still couldn't fill the second venue even by giving the tickets away. And how did Martha keep her face from turning red while standing next to the Obamessiah as he talked the sour tone of the negative attack ads.
  • Martha Coakley's support came from party elites, big unions and fat-cat lobbyists for big-pharma and big insurance. Sure, most Dems voted for her, but that was just a reflex. Her phony, nasty, scary attacks on Scott Brown were a tactic to keep the party faithful, the sheeple, from thinking and defecting.
More voters than not had enough sense to see through the nonsense. After such disastrous progressive victories as the 18th Amendment and the election of Barack what's-his-name Obabma, Scott Brown's win is enough to restore Nappy's belief in our republic and in democracy.

Comments here show that true-blue Dems still don't understand what happened on Tuesday and still don't realize that it wasn't an evil Zio-neo-con Republican plot -- what's so delicious about these risible charges is that most Jews are still liberals who pull the lever for the Democrat party. In fact, Martha Coakley won in heavily Jewish towns. Statewide, unenrolled, independent voters are the majority, not Democrats or Republicans.

The Democrat party has been hemorrhaging members for a long time -- Solomon and Nappy are two former Democrats. The party would do themselves a favor to try to understand what's going on. They may not understand it, but some see the writing on the wall; corruptocrats like Chris Dodd have fallen on their swords, giving the party a chance to put up a reasonable candidate and hold onto their seats. Personally, Nappy loves the hateful name-calling and relishes the thought of how the Dems are gonna get their asses whooped in the fall.

Go ahead. Instead of asking why Scott Brown won by a solid 5% of a large vote, bring on your wacko conspiracy theories. Keep up your old ways. Don't ever change. Let Democrats be Democrats. Nappy loves you just the way you are. Oh, November's gonna be so sweet.

Here's another fact.


El Nino? Who do you think it's named for? It was either El Exigente or El Nino. I like my coffee, so El Nino it is. I am honored.


"debbie", Here is a link to the FBIs Most Wanted Terrorists list.

How many of the 9/11 hijackers are STILL ALIVE?

If any of them are still alive, that would be a great way to prove that Bush and Cheney and Obama are LIARS.

Can your moronic conspiracy cultists prove that any of the identified hijackers are STILL ALIVE?

Please send my worst regards to your timothy mcveigh, personally.

I feel sick. Is it because of another politicians suck-up job to the zionist agenda? In the end they all tread the same KGB/ADL party line....."poor Israel this and that". Baloney, Israel is a rogue state with limitless power bestowed on them by weak politicians like this one who are some how being paid off to act and say what is a total lie. Israel is not a victim. They are THE most dangerous country on the planet and should be completely withheld of any military/financial/or any other aid. America needs to start investing that 30 billion plus it wastes on the hopeless cas of Israel into their own people, into their own country...EDUCATION/HEALTHCARE/INFRASTRUCTURE.

"karen", said "I feel sick".

Yes, you are sick.

It is probably due to your realization that SHITler is dead and your Turd Reich is kaput.

I suggest a bit of therapy where you recreate your furhers last day in the bunker with eva braun. It's better for you to use real cyanide and lead.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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