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You've likely seen this already, but here's James Abourezk, former US Senator (D-SD), in an almost unbelievable appearance on Hizballah's Al-Manar TV.

MEMRI TV: Former U.S. senator James Abourezk to Hizbullah TV: The Arabs who were involved in 9/11 cooperated with the Zionists. Alan Dershowitz is a real snake. I Watch Al-Manar TV in the U.S.

The clip has everything. Abourezk is also founder of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, yet ironically, if I were to say that many Arab Americans and their leaders enjoy Hizballah TV, think they and Hamas are "resistance fighters," not terrorists, that the original terrorists were Jews, that Ilan Pappe is an important historian, that the Jews made Arabs and Muslims the enemies of the West after they lost the Soviet Union as an enemy, that the 9/11 terrorists were just cooperating with "the Zionists" and other such strange theories...why I might be accused of discriminating -- by ascribing a lot of views from the crazy to the despicable to Arabs who I should by default presume have the same views as most Americans.

Then along comes James Abourezk and opens his mouth. I may not agree with everything he says, but by and large, Abe Foxman's views are fairly well in line with those of rank and file Jews I must admit. How about Abourezk's views? Are they in line with most Arab-American's? If not, where's the outrage?

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You've likely seen this already, but here's James Abourezk, former US Senator (D-SD), in an almost unbelievable appearance on Hizballah's Al-Manar TV. MEMRI TV: Former U.S. senator James Abourezk to Hizbullah TV: The Arabs who were involved in 9/11... Read More

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The only statement former senator Abourzek, an ethnic Arab (Lebanese parents), said that I agreed with is that Arab armies ran away from Israel.

During last years Lebanon war, Hezbullah and Nasrallah hid deep underground in their bunkers and launched missles from civilian areas.

That would be equivalent to the US installing and launching ICBM's in Manhattan to attack the Soviet Union.

I hope Abourzek will live long enough to see another Arab defeat and victory for the US and Israel.

What amazed me was hearing these theories and views, outrageous as they are, being expressed in a Midwestern American accent. This stuff was worse than Mearsheimer and Walt; it sounded as if it should be coming from the mouth of Chomsky or a Hezbollah spokesman. Yet, in his folksy tones, Abourezk was expressing these views as if they were common sense incarnate. For me, that was really disorienting.

I couldn't watch it. Just your description is mind blowing for a member of Congress

I posted on this, too. The fact of the matter is that Abourezk's views ARE COMPLETELY IN LINE with those of most (note: I did not say "all") Muslims in the U.S., and certainly almost all Arabs.

"disorienting" My reaction exactly.

I don't know if a former Senator or Representative has ever been sanctioned, but, if not, this may be a good time to start the practice. Look at the facts: 1) Abourzek was interviewed on the main media outlet of a self-avowedly anti-Semitic terrorist organization which has been implicated in terrorist acts against American citizens; 2) Abourzek gave aid and comfort to that terrorist group by expressing support for it and by supporting/obfuscating its campaign of war against Jewish and American civilians; 3) Abourzek supported the conspiracy theories of Hezbollah by making the bizarre claim that "Zionists" had manufactured anti-Arab sentiment as a substitute for the USSR; 4) Abourzek claimed that the U.S. does not have freedom of speech, offering the denial of tenure to Norman Finkelstein as evidence; and 5) Abourzek did all this in Syria, a nation with a history of supporting terrorism, assassinations, and suppressing free speech.

If the U.S. were at war with Syria or Hezbollah, this would be treason. Considering that they are subtly at war with the U.S. it is disloyal, reckless and, most importantly, sanctionable.

Start writing your representatives!

Good points, Adam, but if Dennis Kucinich and Nancy Pelosi aren't getting sanctioned for pandering to Basher Assad, you can be sure that nothing will happen to Abourezk.


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