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BBC should cut these people off earlier ... they're ruining Hamas's message. Someone at BBC should lose his job over letting this guy talk on the air.

I'm amazed to see this reportage on BBC. When the anchor made a point of asking this expert about the extent to which civilians were taken into account, I thought she was trying to undermine his credibility, but then I realized that she was just giving him a chance to respond to a question that was probably on the minds of her viewers.

It's interesting that a British military officer has this point of view. I wonder how representative he is of his colleagues.

An anomaly only. For example, Media War Crimes: BBC Throws Journalistic Integrity out of the Window, excerpt:

"Yet again, journalistic professionalism is thrown out of the window in the BBC's desperate attempts to attack and sully Israel. A story claiming that IDF soldiers have fired on Gaza civilians attempting to leave their homes - in some cases carrying white flags - is based on totally unverifiable and unsubstantiated claims.

"The article states that "BBC journalists in Gaza and Israel have compiled detailed accounts of the claims." Who are these BBC journalists in Gaza? On the basis that foreign press have not been allowed access to Gaza, one can only assume that these supposedly neutral observers are, in fact, Palestinians. This seems to be confirmed by a footnote in the story: "Research and reporting by Hamada Abu Qammar in Gaza and Heather Sharp, Fouad Abu Ghosh and Raya el-Din in Jerusalem."

"So the BBC is relying on a Palestinian 'journalist' and Palestinian 'eyewitnesses' in Gaza along with others who are nowhere near the conflict zone. This form of agenda-driven reporting sees the BBC sinking to new moral lows."

h/t Dissecting Leftism

And, They’re Here Already!, from Venerable Beads, reflects upon information that is more simply edited out, redacted from the news cycle:

"It was one of a series of ‘hate’ incidents in Whitechapel which have included anti-Semitic graffiti, believed to be linked to protests over Israel’s operations in Gaza.

"The thugs hurled the petrol bomb through the front glass door of Starbucks in Whitechapel Road, 300 yards from Brick Lane, at 1am. The manager was trapped in the office at the back and saw the intruders smashing their way into the premises on the CCTV and had to stay hidden. A senior fire brigade officer told the East London Advertiser: “The manager feared for his safety and kept out of sight when the firebomb was hurled.“Then he managed to get out through the fire escape at the back to raise the alarm.”"


"The new Tesco Metro supermarket in Stepney’s Commercial Road was targeted at the weekend when several windows were smashed and the words ‘kill Jews’ was daubed in paint. The same slogan was daubed on the wall of a children’s playground on Whitechapel’s Chicks and housing estate last week."


"So how do you account for the fact that the BBC is silent on the matter?"

And from the redoubtable Melanie Phillips, The Mild-Mannered British Desire for the Annihilation of Israel, a particularly representative excerpt, one hi-lighting a certain muted quality:

"What is so terribly shocking is that in the face of this unprecedented wave of hatred and bigotry, Britain’s senior politicians have been all but silent. They have a duty not merely to condemn the anti-Jewish violence but also to condemn the blood libels about Israel that have been inciting it. Instead, ministers such as International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander have breathed upon the flames by condemning Israel’s behaviour as ‘disproportionate’ and regurgitating as fact the distorted propaganda of Hamas and its patsy, the UN, about the number of civilian casualties."

Those are three examples only, all reflecting pieces of a certain puzzle, pieces that fit together all too well.

AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on a first for the BBC. First time broadcast of an independent and unbiased report in favour of Israel.

May it be the first of many more.

From the history of the anti Israel broadcasts of the BBC the ansers that this British Colonel gave were certainly not anticipated my the interviewer or the BBC. Well done to Col. Richard Kemp for telling it as it is on the BBC.

Well, for a change, you broadcast the truth.

It's about time the BBC started some honest reporting when it comes to Israel but we are to presume this won't happen again as Colonal Kemp probably will not be invited back to the Beeb!

England has forgetten that at the end of the war rockets were sent over from Nazi Germany which caused many casualties and loss of life.
The rockets were aimed at civilians not military targets. The newer rockets were so fast that England had no answer and lucky for many people the war ended.

An impressive expert. I hope that COl Kemp is used by the BBC more often

Soooo sad that we have to cling to this one bit of honesty from the BBC......surely intellegent people can see that both sides have lost a lot, but that all reporting on the BBC is totally biased, except for this one bit on News....

very brief and to the point. Thank you Col. Kemp, and --I never thought I'd be in a position to say this, but -- thank you BBC. I'll be happy to change my attitude if this kind of reporting keeps up.... Unfortunately the people of Gaza elected these manipulators... so no one's left to speak for them but FATAH... who swindled them so many years they voted them out... from devils to tyrants... they need some honest moslems to speak for them, not the bull-horn blowing european protestors...

Good on you Colonel, for your honesty.
One point worries me, is it Israel who said "go this safe house" and then bombed it? I dont think so!

Listening to hard talk with Col. Richard Kemp another straight ralking military expert stating important issues firstly that Gaza people talking to the UN have Hamas people standing beside them putting fear into them not to tell the truth, The bbc cannot deny this when going back in history when the media were filming the palistinians & the hamas took their camaras & threatened them & their families if they published the whole rotten episode. why does the bbc still act as a propaganda machine for Hamas & make it politically correct not to talk about 9/11 etc.
Bravo Colonel Kemp bravo bravo the truth has to prevail.

Listening to hard talk with Col. Richard Kemp another straight talking military expert stating important issues firstly that Gaza people talking to the UN have Hamas people standing beside them putting fear into them not to tell the truth The bbc cannot deny this when going back in history when the media were filming the palistinians & the hamas took their camaras & threatened them & their families if they published the whole rotten episode. why does the bbc still act as a propaganda machine for Hamas & make it politically correct not to talk about 9/11 etc.
Bravo Colonel Kemp bravo bravo the truth has to prevail.

g-d bless Richard Kemp!!!finally someones speaks the truths.we support israel as well as we support usa together with spain and united kingdom!!

Col. Kemp has put the "B" back in Britain. God bless his candor, courage, and honesty. Would that the timid took heed and spoke the truth as he has done.

UN Watch is a Zionist, pro-Israel group founded by Morris Abram. Richard Kemp has associated himself with Israeli NGOs( translation: he is being paid by these people to promote pro-Israel propaganda). Of course, Kemp is OK with Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian women and children in Gaza since Kemp's English soldiers did the same to unarmed Irish teenagers in Northern Ireland, especially Catholic teenagers. Occupation causes death and destruction, whether to Palestinians or to Irish. Kemp and his Israeli allies are a scourge on humanity and a danger to peace.

Let me get this straight.

Israelis are a scourge on humanity?

I just wanted to make sure I understood you properly.

Alas, Mr. Colonel Kemp is a hasbara apparatchik working for an Israeli outfit called UN Watch. He is useful because he does not own up to his pro-Israel sympathies, and his value is in his perceived objectivity. Unfortunately, he has recently written an article in jpost where he comments about IDF as "us" and "we". So IS Mr. Kemp a (? passport holding) Israeli? And shouldn't we take his "objective" testimony to be a little less.... objective?

Ah. Am I to understand that you feel the UN is objective when it comes to Israel? If so I suggest you do some serious unbiased reading.

And - are you claiming that Col. Kemp is lying or inaccurate?

If so prove it.

Simply claiming that Col. Kemp is a "hasbara apparatchik" or questioning his motives doesn't constitute proof of any kind nor do you present a persuasive argument that he is in fact wrong.

Eva, please provide a link to the JPost article you refer to.

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