Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hey, what do you call a Save Darfur rally that includes "speakers representing genocide survivors ranging from a 95 year old Armenian man, to Rosian Zerner, (a Holocaust survivor...), to a survivor of the Khmer Rouge's Killing Fields, to a young Bosnian Muslim survivor of the Srebrenica massacre, to a Tutsi survivor of the Rwandan genocide, to a Darfurian refugee currently attending Brandeis University?"  Well, if you're one of Boston's Jew-obsessed lunatics, this is called a target rich environment. Where else is it possible to display what a complete douche you are in front of such a diverse group of exceptional people?  An opportunity not to be missed!

The Boston Globe reports: Genocide survivors urge China to address Darfur

Standing before several hundred people at City Hall Plaza yesterday, genocide survivors representing five countries, where more than 12 million people were killed, ignited a large torch to signify their hope for bringing an end to the suffering and death in Darfur.

They called upon China, host of the 2008 Summer Olympics, to use its influence with the Sudanese government and its permanent seat on the UN Security Council to address the crisis.

"The Sudanese government is not that strong on its own," said 21-year-old Carine Gakuba, a member of the Tutsi ethnic group, who said she lost her four siblings and parents as a result of genocide by Hutus in Rwanda in 1994.

The theme of next year's Olympic games in Beijing is "One World, One Dream," and organizers and speakers emphasized that they want people in Darfur to realize that vision...

Here's the rub:

...Speakers competed to be heard with a group of about a dozen people gathered nearby chanting, "Liars" and, "Stop the racist lies." Members of groups including Boston Anti-Zionist Action and the Troops Out Now Coalition, held signs that read, "Free Palestine" and "Stop Attacking Sudan." They said that if the United States intervenes it would steal Sudan's resources.

Green-Rainbow's David Rolde was the organizer.  Ian Thal was there and reports: Hecklers Abuse Genocide Survivors, October 7, 2007

...every one of the speakers had to endure heckling from a tiny group of counter-protesters on the fringe of the rally identified by the Boston Globe as being representatives of the Boston Anti-Zionist Action and the Troops Out Now Coalition. These hecklers spouted verbal abuse at the survivors regardless of the survivors' native lands, skin colors, mother tongue, or religious belief. A quick check of the Boston Anti-Zionist Action blog shows them misrepresenting a protest that was calling for non-violent action as "a racist pro-war rally against Sudan organized by the [...] Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston." Leaving aside the general anti-Semitic tone of the slur, this sort of disinformation leads one to wonder how much else on their blog is false-- including which groups they are allied with. Does the Green party really want to be identified with people who abuse survivors of genocide? I suspect not-- but BAZA clearly wants to identify with the Green Party.

Needless to say, the six survivors on stage were unfazed, they had suffered and survived far worse than crypto-fascists posing as hippies, shouting slogans like "from Kabul to Jenin, victory to the mujahideen" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!"...

Note photo of David Rolde and the masked Pete Lowney.  Adam nails it here: Green Party loons heckle survivors of various genocides

Ian Thal watched in disgust as a bunch of Green Party-affiliated hecklers shouted at speakers at a Sunday City Hall rally calling for action against the genocide in Darfur - which they kept yelling isn't happening...

Here's the email Rolde was circulating on the various Moonbaticus Odoriferous lists.  Note the suggested slogans:

This weekend is the 6th anniversary of the start of the current US invasion and occupation of Aghanistan. Members of the Green Party of the US Peace Action Committee have called for nationwide protests this weekend against the US/NATO war and occupation in Afghanistan. (see the draft proposal below)

Boston Anti-Zionist Action (BAZA) is calling for an anti-imperialist demonstration at Government Center, Boston, this Sunday, Oct 7, at 3PM til 5PM. The time has been chosen to coincide with and confront a racist pro-war rally against Sudan organized by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. BAZA and our allies will be demonstrating against the war in Afghanistan, against the US/Zionist war on Sudan, and to call for Zionists Out of All of Palestine and the Middle East.

All decent justice-and-peace loving people, please join us at 3 PM at Government Center this Sunday Oct 7

Suggested slogans:

US & NATO Get Out of Afghanistan Now
From Kabul to Jenin, Victory to the Mujahideen
Stop the US / Zionist War Against Sudan
Stop Attacking Sudan. Stop the Racist Lies Against Muslims, Arabs and
US/UN/AU Get Out Stay Out of Sudan
From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free
All Palestinian Arab Refugees Must Be Allowed to Return to Their Homes
Falasteen Arabiyeh
9/11 Was a Zionist False Flag Operation
"USA" and "Israel" Are the Real Terrorists
"USA" and "Israel" Are Genocidal Projects That Must Be Shut Down
End the Ethiopian Proxy-US Occupation of Somalia
Victory to Hizballah
Victory to Hamas
Victory to the Iraqi, Agfhan and Somali Resistances
Stop the US / Zionist War Against Iran
Stop the US / Zionist War Against Myanmar and China
Divest from "Israel", Not From Sudan, Not From Iran, Not From Myanmar
Stop the Zionist War Against Lebanon and Syria
Stand With Cuba to Stop Imperialist Interference in Myanmar
Stop the US War in Congo.
US/UN Out of Africa
No More Wars for "Israel" or for Oil

Get this, though.  These guys are even too much for the 9/11 conspiracy lunatics to deal with.  One such posted the following response:

...Happy long weekend! Some of the slogans in the email from David Rolde (below) seem DESIGNED to put off the overwhelming majority of Americans.

Gustavo Espada is a young man who graduated from Harvard and now works there. His father was a career U.S. diplomat for 20 some years. They both believe the 9/11 was an "inside job", and Gustavo spends every lunch hour leafleting about this in front of the Science Center at Harvard. He was doing the same outside of the Law School auditorium where the Boston Palestine Film Festival showed some films last week. I had last talked with him as he passed me and Lorraine as we picketed at the Somervill polls a year or two ago.

We discussed the 9/11 truth movement and Gustavo said that "Sure there are some crazies in it; but we are shaking them out and reaching a reasonable consensus." But he believes that some of the "crazies" are false flag crazies who aim to discredit the movement. As you and I have speculated before, David R. and Pete L. seem to be this type of person in effect if not in intent...

Yours for 24/7 truth,

Bob C


Oh for heaven's sake.

Have people completely lost their minds, along with their sense of proportion?

I am disgusted to find out that the man with whom I had the verbal interaction was an officer of the state Green Party. When Boston Anti-Zionist Action claimed on their website that they were affiliated with the Greens, I gave the Green party the benefit of the doubt and assumed that BAZA was misrepresenting its affiliations.

I hope the rank-and-file membership of the Greens decide that antisemitism is unacceptable and that David Rolde and his ilk need to be ostrocized.

Yes, Sophia. Many people. We're living in most illuminating times. (As in, "Everything you wanted to know about the '30s but were afraid to ask.")

One might want to remind them that anti-Semitism has much larger ramifications; but that would be appealing to their self-interest---and intense hatred has its own ferocious "logic." (Moreover, as a Jew, I suppose I could be accused of "extreme self-interest" of my own, with prejudice!)

And in times where conspiracy theory is the epitome of good sense (e.g., Mearsheimer & Walt, et al.), everyone needs a good scapegoat.

And so (sigh), it's happening again. The decent people of the world (yes, they exist) had better wake up and be ready.

(The counter-argument, of course, is that global anti-semitism was such a terrific idea the first time around, why not repeat the experiment? Keeping in mind that this time, one can furiously deny that it is anti-semitism, all the while excoriating Jews (and their fellow travelers) for even suggesting the canard....)

I'm appalled by the Green Party, that any of its members could be involved in such dreadful behavior. I've actually been a contributor in the past and lately have been wondering if they aren't actually a front for the looney-fringe RIGHT.

Oh aaarrrgggh. We do indeed live in interesting times.


To be exactly accurate, Rolde is not currently an officer. He was Secretary, now he's just an active member (AFAIK). If you spend time on the GRP email lists (they are public), you might find some veiled concern about his tactics (some have enough brain left to understand they have to, at some point, appeal as a party to normal people), but nothing anywhere approaching a condemnation of him or his views.

Thanks for the correction, Solomon. Most of the responses to my initial blog entry had identified Rolde as a current, not former, secretary.

As for myself, I had been a Green back in the 1990s, owing both to my concerns for electorial reform and the environment, and to Ralph Nader's admirable record of public service. However, I oft found myself at odds with the party on foreign policy issues (I had viewed the Clinton administration's Kosova Campaign as a justifiable intervention to prevent a genocide) and was also frustrated that on the state and local level, so few of the GRP candidates were people I wanted to see in office.

However, I was never so involved with the party's internal politics to realize that people like Rolde held prominent positions, and I am glad that I had already switched registration long before then.

Sorry, one further correction. Someone just emailed:
"Rolde is much more than just an active member - he an ELECTED GRP State committee representative which is defined as " The State Committee is a multi-member body which is responsible for the long-term policy direction of the party between state conventions".
Rolde is also a member of numerous other GRP Working Committees"
=End Quote=

Thanks for the information about David Rolde.

I have written a follow up on the story on my own blog:

Hi there. 9/11 conspiracy lunatic here. Needless to say I was very amused by this blog entry. I in fact have met the "dynamic dumbos" on several occasions and can only say that I find their tactics counterproductive while their hearts may well be in the right place. The quote from the Somerville local where he mentions me is only partially accurate. My father (the retired diplomat) also happens to be a lawyer and has only ever said to me that he believes based on the evidence I have shown him about 9/11 that a new investigation is in order. Neither he nor I in fact subscribe to the idea that 9/11 was an "inside job" either. I have clarified what I understand to be his views--my own are far more definitive. I believe that 9/11 was an "inside/outside job". I believe that American neocons in the Bush admin, Mossad, and certain prominent New York Zionists conspired to carry out the 9/11 false flag operation in order to villify arabs and muslims for various reasons, including geoploitical concerns and traditional plain-old money. This is in fact the growing consensus among those who have spent a great deal of time studying the relevant facts.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your shock and apoplexy. :)

Gustavo, the sane World knows that Islamofascists committed the 9/11 sneak attack just as Islamofascists committed

- the 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
- the 7/7/05 bombings in London
- the muslim doctor SUV bombings in the UK
- the 3/11 bombings in Madrid
- the Bali bombings
- the death "fatwa" issued against Salman Rushdie for writing a book of fiction
- the bombing of PanAm 103
- the murder of Theo Van Gogh
- the death threats against Hirsi Ali
- the bombing of the USS Cole
- the bombing of the US embassies in Africa
- the Beslan school massacre
- the destructiom of the two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Afghanistan
- the sneaker bomber convert to "islam", richard reid, attempted bombing of an inflight plane

Have you or your retired lawyer father heard of any case where osama or al qada have DENIED 9/11?

The Finsbury Park mosque in London call the Islamofascists who perpetrated the 9/11 sneak attack, their "magnificent 19".

Are any of the people identified as the Islamofascists hijackers of 9/11 still alive?

No one has to "vilify" arabs, they do a great job reinforcing their Islamofascist stereotype.


Considering how poorly this administration manages to keep any other secret, isn't it incredible that they can keep their alleged involvement with 9/11 so secret? Did they have a rare instance of immense competence for just that one day?

The claims that Mossad and "Zionists" were somehow participants in 9/11 has been so widely discredited that even conspiracy theorists should know better.


While all of the people you cited were Muslims and quite a few of them were fascists (or at least quasi-fascistic) they don't really form a cohesive enough ideology for "Islamofascism" to really make sense-- many are dire enemies of one another.

"I believe that American neocons in the Bush admin, Mossad, and certain prominent New York Zionists conspired to carry out the 9/11 false flag operation in order to villify arabs and muslims for various reasons,"

Actually, Gustavo, you don't even know half of it. Muhhammad was a Mossad agent, sent by the Zionists to force the people of Hijaz into accepting a religion that serves Zionist purposes and Jewish global domination. He may have murdered an entire tribe of Jews in the process but that was in order to establish an alibi and to MAKE it appear as though he were hostile to Jews among the Arab tribes. He then created and trained sleeper-cells, thousands of them, who remained dormant across the generations but nonetheless absolutely loyal to their leader, until the word came, from their secret Jewish masters to get going... Thus a conspiracy hatched and executed with the usual Jewish brilliance for long-term scheming, came to full fruition on September 11, 2001.

Funny, Noga! That was great.

Regarding Gustavo, I'm not sure what he's about. I googled him just out of curiosity...why, I don't know. But I found something interesting. A lot of left-wing sites claim that he's an agent provocateur, that he's pretending to be an activist but is actually an informer for the government. Yeah, I know, that's probably just far left-wing paranoia, but it would be interesting if it were true. I mean, think about it. His comment above sounds too silly to be sincere. It's more like a parody. So maybe...

There are so many people who'd give a limb to attend Harvard. One wonders if Gustavo got good SAT scores of something. Shame.

Joanne: I make a point of visiting some rather outlandish Leftist sites, by way of immunizing myself to the most scurrilous, defamatory facts and arguments about Israel and Jews, etc. It is quite possible that Gustavo is a sham but nothing he says is remotely uncommon or outlandish in that universe. Here is, for example, something recently encountered on Counterpunch (in which Chomsky and ilk, and even Avinery, write regularly):

"The Zionists. . .have been plotting virtually since the creation of Israel to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild a replica of Solomon's temple there. . . . the logical culmination of the Zionist project, eagerly fuelled by the official Israeli archaeological establishment. . .

Then there's the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which sets out just such a programme in albeit an overtly grotesque form and is solemnly disowned by Zionists as a forgery, though a forgery of what is never made clear."

Please note that the "Protocols" are treated as a bona-fide document.

It is the age of Irrationality. The more irrational the theory, the more credible it becomes. Anyone with some historical sense would be reminded instantly of other periods when this kind of irrationality was mainstream orthodoxy.

Noga, you must must have a stronger stomach than I do. I couldn't even stand to read those sites. But then, I guess it's like some poisons: If you take enough, in small doses at a time, you build up a resistance.

"Syme: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. You wouldn't have seen the [Newspeak] Dictionary 10th edition, would you Smith? It's that thick. [illustrates thickness with fingers] The 11th Edition will be that [narrows fingers] thick. Winston Smith: So, The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect? Syme: The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here [the larynx], not from here [the brain]" -1984 (film)


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