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Jewish Graves Desecrated in Iran

A sorry sight: desecrated and smashed-up gravestones in Jewish cemeteries in Iran. Arutz sheva has the story: A video uploaded to YouTube on Friday shows the broken tombstones and desecrated graves. The Jewish cemeteries that were desecrated are located in the Damavand region of Iran. There are two Jewish cemeteries in the area, one in […]

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Tunisians Embrace Israeli Song

Well, what do you know? An Israeli spoof becomes the ‘anthem’ of rebels trying to change Libya. Now a song written two years ago by Israeli singer Bezalel, the son of Tunisian Jews – all curly locks, bulging triceps and eyeliner – has found favour with Tunisians. Its name? Tunisia – of course. The pop […]

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Hummus Wars on The Boston Common

Busy as little bees they were for weeks planning their latest anti-Israel gala.  Having expended their capital on “Occupation” and “Apartheid” the Cambridge based group that had become a fixture at the Park St. subway entrance at the Boston Common would now try out their Marat-Sade routine au sujet de BDS, but not just any […]

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Video: BBC Ethics Unveiled: Lies About Jerusalem, Lies About Guidelines

From CAMERA: BBC Ethics Unveiled: Lies About Jerusalem, Lies About Guidelines The BBC revealed its complete disregard of its own Editorial Guidelines when it defended an egregiously one-sided and inaccurate documentary about Jerusalem. This video investigates the flouting of these guidelines by Panorama and the disingenuous ruling of the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee in […]

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Video: IDF Spokesman on Al Jazeera

Here’s another one that’s been making the rounds that I had meant to post but don’t think I ever got around to. It’s actually an old video of the last go-round with Hamas, but Capt. Avichai Adraee’s answers are excellent and all still relevant:

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Video: Melanie Phillips Discusses Itamar, the British Press and More

I had meant to post this the other day, but apparently never did. There’s some reason not to now?

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Video: ‘Losing Our Sons’ Breaks Media Silence about Radical Islamic Recruitment in America

The story of the first successful homegrown Islamist terror attack on American soil. As noted in Congressman Peter King’s House Homeland Security Committee hearings. Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), an interfaith coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims today released a trailer for its upcoming documentary about Abdulhakim Mohamed, formerly Carlos Bledsoe, a 23 year-old […]

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Artists4Israel’s Bomb Shelter in Washington Square Park

Kudos to Artists4Israel for this effective response to the various and sundry context-less traveling “apartheid wall” exhibitions. A4I’s event/display is not heavy-handed and not hate-driven. Creativity and beauty trump haters with plywood every time. Here’s video: More information, including links to press coverage, at their blog. [Hat tip to Dan Brooks from Artists 4 Israel.]

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Video: IDF Aid Delegation to Depart for Japan Crisis Zone with 60 Tons Equipment

From the IDF Spokesperson (via Daled Amos): A delegation of 50 soldiers and officers from the IDF Home Front Command and the IDF Medical Corps delegation left yesterday for the Miyagi district in Japan with 60 tons of medical aid and equipment–35 tons of which already left Thursday night. The delegation includes logistics teams, experts […]

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Video: “Obama Is Awesome”

I usually don’t have the patience to sit through these things, but this one was enjoyable. From the guys at Power Line, who note: Someone, I don’t know who, has made some entertaining videos out of dialogue between a rational conservative and a typical liberal. This one is the latest, titled “Libya vs. Iraq.” But […]

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Video: How Qaddafi Toughens Up His Army – Make them eat a dead dog, and French-kiss the carcass…

A very…interesting find by Nizo: Make them eat a dead dog, and French-kiss the carcass. And I mean French kiss, with lots of tongue. Not for the squeamish…’

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Those Anti-War Rallies Just Aren’t Drawing Like They Used To (Video)

…now that Obama is in the White House? Video of an anti-war rally in Boston, yesterday (Saturday)…it can almost make you feel sorry for the fascists of International ANSWER. You’ll get the idea within the first few seconds: The only slightly less sad march begins at around 7:55. Old friend David Rolde appears with his […]

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Who is Rebecca Black and How Did Her Video Get Made?

It’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show question. How self-aware were the people who made Rebecca Black’s video for her song Friday, when they made something that so many are now viewing as something awful? Actually, it’s not that awful. In fact, through a certain lens, it’s pretty good, and we come here today to praise […]

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Egyptians Get In On the Giant Jew-Hating Stuffed-Animal Act

Hamas had Nassur, Assud, Nahoul, and Farfur. It appears that Egypt’s Nour Al-Khaleejiyah TV has developed genocidal child-abusing mammal envy. MEMRI brings us this clip of Egyptian TV for kids. At least in this case, unlike the Hamas show, the adult is lecturing and the big rabbit, Sa’d, is mostly quietly munching a carrot and […]

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Live Stream of Fogel Memorial Service

Via Israel Matzav: [Update: It’s over now.] Broadcast from Kehillath Jeshurun in Manhattan.

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APOD Video: Cassini Approaches Saturn

Fabulous. Wait for the IMAX-quality video portion. So many of these astronomy pictures are color-retouched that it can be frustrating trying to imagine what you would really see if you were out there looking with your own eyes (through glass, of course). This purports to be “natural light and color.” It is magnificent enough. Try […]

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Video Fisking of Students for Justice in Palestine

Via Jim Wald, here’s a clever video response to an SJP attempt to explain themselves on film. Says Jim: …As I noted a while back, when Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Pittsburgh posted video documenting their efforts to disrupt a talk by Israel Defense Forces Reserve Sergeant Benjamin Anthony in […]

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Video: Glenn Beck on the Itamar Massacre

Via Israel Matzav, take it away, Glenn: I am, however, told by some that Glenn Beck is a notorious antisemite. Hmmmm…

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Video: A Cavalcade of Muslim Jew Hatred

Via Daled Amos, here’s a remarkable MEMRI compilation that should indicate to you that our problems run a bit deeper than a few individual bad apples:

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Purim Songs

First, a little acapella from The Fountainheads: And the same theme, with a little more polish from The Maccabeats:

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