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Trump and the MSM’s Recruiting Drive for the Alt-Right

So it goes like this. The left and their MSM allies decided long ago that their narrative was that all conservatives, and Donald Trump in particular, were racists, sexists, homophobes, antisemites, etc., etc., ad nauseam…you get it… It’s very difficult to get off an idea once you’ve been riding it for so long, even when […]

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Juden Raus – The Board Game

Googling around the other day I happened upon this little slice of history: Juden Raus, a board game. Published in Nazi Germany in 1936, a year after passage of the Nuremberg Laws, the game is a sort of Parcheesi for mental defectives. BoardGameGeek describes it as: A sort of amalgam of Monopoly and Halma, where […]

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More WikiLeaks Fallout: ACHTUNG! Juden Raus from all David Irving Events!

Adam Holland has been trawling through the WikiLeaks material and found some interesting material about, of all things, Holocaust denier David Irving. Seems he’d sort through the ticket requests for his speaking engagements and flag the Jewish-sounding names with an all-caps ACHTUNG! for his staff to take note of: Will David Irving violate the Civil […]

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Beware the Other Tsunami – of Jew-Hatred

The murder of the Fogel family in their beds and the sexual assault of the non-Jewish reporter Lara Logan in Tahrir Square to the screams of ‘Jew! Jew!’ are just two examples of an unparalleled tsunami of hate sweeping over the Arab and Muslim world. It’s a tsunami which, unless taken seriously, will eventually also […]

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Brotherhood, Hitler and Mufti: A Three-Way Alliance

The Muslim Brotherhood is back. Its spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has returned to Egypt from exile and has addressed an audience of millions in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Harold Brackman has produced a timely and significant report for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre against Antisemitism (PDF) warning against wishful thinking concerning the Brotherhood’s ‘moderation’. His […]

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J’Accuse: The New York Times Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Lies, Covering Up For Nazi Collaborators

Recently, Tariq Ramadan, considered by the Western intelligentsia to be the very epitome of enlightened Islamism, wrote a New York Times op-ed in which he was not only allowed–among other total lies–to deny that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and his grandfather, who then led the group, were Nazi collaborators before, during, and even after World […]

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J. Christian Adams: The White Rose: An Anniversary of Three Executions

J. Christian Adams: The White Rose: An Anniversary of Three Executions – ‘Today marks an anniversary of true bravery for the cause of liberty. On February 22, 1943, Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and Christoph Probst were executed by guillotine in Munich, Germany. Their crimes? Anonymously distributing leaflets criticizing the German government at the University […]

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Will 400 Rabbis Condemn Soros for Comparing Fox News to the Nazis?

Will 400 Rabbis Condemn Soros for Comparing Fox News to the Nazis? – ‘Recently, a George Soros-funded group called Jewish Funds for Justice issued a public letter from 400 Rabbis denouncing Fox News and Glenn Beck for using Nazi imagery to characterize ideological adversaries during broadcasts. Will the same group now speak out against Soros’s […]

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