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‘In North Africa, there is no future for the Jews’

‘Move along, nothing to see here’ was the message from the leader of the Tunisian Jewish community, who insisted that Jews had not been targeted in the recent wave of unrest – in spite of arson at a synagogue. For her take, The Jewish Week interviewed Tunisian-born Sarah Taieb-Carlen (pictured), author of The Jews of […]

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Why Go Back to Egypt Where I Never Belonged?

While Andre Aciman lived in Egypt he never felt he belonged there. For him, the tantalising fantasy of going back to Egypt from his new home, New York, is tempting but unsatisfying. Eloquent feature by the Alexandria-born professor of literature in Newsweek: (with thanks: Levana) The words that someone from Egypt had posted on my […]

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How safe are Iran’s Jews?

How safe are the 10,000 to 20,000 Jews still living in Iran today? Karmel Melamed writes that they are living with threats from armed Iranian fundamentalists to destroy the tombs of the Esther and Mordechai, which they consider ‘an arm of Israeli imperialism’. Melamed interviews Frank Nikbakht (above), an Iranian Jewish activist in Los Angeles […]

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Fearful Tunisian Jews Appeal for Protection

The Jewish community in Tunisia has called on JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) to help protect their synagogues and ensure their general safety ‘as they are afraid to speak out’.

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All non-Muslim Minorities Now Targeted in Tunisia

Following last week’s provocative Islamist demonstration at the Great Synagogue in Tunis chanting antisemitic slogans, Christians are now the target : a Catholic priest has had his throat slit. Report by The Star Tribune, Minnesota (via Atlas Shrugs): TUNIS, Tunisia – Tunisia’s official TAP news agency says a Catholic priest from Poland has been killed […]

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Opinions the Huffington Post Doesn’t Publish: Israeli Arab Speaks

Courtesy of Elder of Ziyon, we have a voice that doesn’t usually make it to the national stage, an Israeli Arab. He speaks candidly about life in Israel compared to life in Arab countries, and which he prefers.

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A Christian Convert in Afghanistan

A Christian Convert in Afghanistan – ‘Mr. Sayed Mussa, 46, is staring at the prospect of a death sentence. Mr. Mussa was arrested after a television station in Kabul broadcast images that it claimed showed Westerners baptizing Afghans and other Afghans praying at private Christian meetings. The broadcast stoked fears of proselytizing brought on by […]

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Report: Coptic Christians Murdered in Egypt During Unrest

The Assyrian International News Agency reports that 11 Coptic Christians were killed on Jan. 30. AINA provides the following detail: News of a massacre of two Christian Coptic families by Islamists just emerged from Upper Egypt with the return of the Internet connections after a week of Internet blackout by the Egyptian regime. The massacre […]

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Last Jews of Yemen Feature in Photo Exhibit

Two American students spent three months in Yemen documenting the life of the last Jews of Yemen. Now their work is being exhibited in California. Report by JWeekly online (with thanks: Sarah)

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Boutros Ghali Whitewashes Egyptian Intolerance

Periods of religious tolerance were ‘few and far between’ in Egypt : the Wall Street Journal publishes three rebuttals to an op-ed by the former (Coptic) UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali. One reminds readers that Mr Ghali’s own grandfather, an Egyptian Prime Minister, was assassinated by a Muslim fanatic. (With thanks: Lily) Regarding former United […]

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Murder Victim’s Son Kidnapped in Yemen

Supporters of the murderer of Moshe al-Nahari, a Yemeni Jew gunned down in 2008, have kidnapped his son in order to thwart a court decision upholding the killer’s execution – and force al-Nahari’s family to accept blood money instead. Elder of Ziyon has calculated that this amounts to a derisory $25,000. (Via EoZ) From Yemen […]

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