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MJ Rosenberg is Furious!

As of the time of this writing, there have been two responses to the famous Goldstone op-ed on the Huffington Post. One is by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and the other is by MJ Rosenberg. As you might expect we are talking about the latter, titled “Goldstone’s Edit Changes Nothing.” Of course not. Heaven forbid Mr. […]

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MJ Rosenberg Spits on Elizabeth Taylor’s Grave

So predictable is MJ Rosenberg, the big-mouthed Jewish anti-Zionist, that one avoids his rants like the plague. Rosenberg, who blogs at TPM Café and the Huffington Post, is a Foreign Policy Fellow at George Soros’s Media Matters Action Network. A former aide to Democrats and one-time AIPAC bigwig, somewhere along the path he took a […]

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News the Huffington Post Doesn’t Cover: Itamar Survivors Edition

There were two important news stories that came from the survivors of the mass murder at Itamar. Here are some quotations from the grandfather of the three children who were killed: ‘His inspiring remarks on Voice of Israel government radio stunned the interviewer into near silence and brought tears to her eyes.

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Daoud Kuttab Breaks the Silence

In the four days or so since the killing of five people in Itamar, the Huffington Post has published a grand total of two articles about it, both news. One was about the attack itself, the second was about Abbas condemning it. Not one Huffington Post blogger had written anything about the story until Daoud […]

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HP Bias in Pictures Part 5

There are two articles that have to do with Israel that have over 1,000 comments currently on the HP (well, more than 2 but these are the main ones): A Palestinian man was allegedly abducted by the Mossad from the Ukraine and a Jewish family was massacred. Let’s take a look at the pictures the […]

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Families and Flotillas

When Jews kill Arabs and Turks:

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Rejecting Faith as a Weapon

A friend recently emailed me an article, by Phil Zuckerman, entitled, “Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus“. If the title isn’t enough, it will perhaps give you a flavor of the article to know that it was published on the Huffington Post, an unapologetically liberal news, opinion and gossip site. The piece is not very long, but […]

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AOL Reinvents Itself as Anti-America Online

AOL’s purchase of Huffington Post is not the beginning of a liberal new media monopoly, rather it’s the prolonged death rattle of a company that has money, but no reason for existing. AOL started out as the country’s biggest service provider, and is now nothing more than a third rate imitation of Yahoo, which is […]

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Huff-Watch: HuffPost allows banned radical leftist Moderator to return, resume posting threats against Scalia, the Kochs — and bans users who complain

Huff-Watch: HuffPost allows banned radical leftist Moderator to return, resume posting threats against Scalia, the Kochs — and bans users who complain – ‘On December 16, 2010, we published this detailed expose’, which documented the fact that HuffPost had been enabling and protecting a long-term radical leftist Moderator, “FoxInRetreat,” to post explicit threats and solicitations […]

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Mya Guarnieri Strikes Back

On Monday, we at Huffington Post Monitor were blessed with a visit from an Huffington Post blogger, Mya Guarnieri herself (or at least someone claiming to be her). She responded to my critique of her blog post, posted here. If you go to the blog post, you can see her comments, but I’m going to […]

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Huffington Post Blogger Exploits MLK Day For Anti-Israel Agenda

The Huffington Post came alive with articles to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday today, which connected his life and legacy to all kinds of topics including the living wage, President Obama, and anti-gay bigotry, among many others. In the Huffington Posts’ “World” section, however, the Huffington Post blogger stable spoke with one voice when […]

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The Huffington Post’s Jewish Problem

The Huffington Post is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. It is a liberal-leaning news media and opinion site that draws together news from a variety of media sources. It offers coverage of a variety of topics, but its primary focus is on politics. It has an Alexa rank of 37 in […]

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