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Guardian Commentator Slavo Zizek Muses on Jewish Supremacism, Poisoned Wells, and a Final Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Slavoj Žižek is a Guardian commentator, philosopher and unreformed communist who has attributed the attacks of 9/11 to the “antagonisms of global capitalism”, and has argued that Hitler’s greatest sin was that he was “not radical enough” in that he didn’t “dare to disturb the basic structure of the modern capitalist social space”, adding that […]

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The Guardian’s Brian Whitaker: Brutal Arab Dictator Whisperer

The Guardian’s Brian Whitaker, unlike us mere mortals – preoccupied as we are with such banal concerns as human rights abuses and totalitarianism – “gets” Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Whitaker, in today’s CiF, acknowledges that the Libyan dictator’s actions may seem a bit eccentric before insisting that there is, indeed, a method to his madness. Though […]

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The Guardian’s Mya Guarnieri Plays Nazi Card in Prophesying the “the death of Israeli democracy”

The Guardian’s Mya Guarnieri has reached a new low. In a recent piece for Al-Jazeera, titled, “The death of Israeli democracy“, Guarnieri outdid, by several degrees, her previous anti-Zionist opus in the Guardian in the levels of hyperbole and pure malice. In her Dec. 8 piece in CiF, “Israel Rabbi’s racist decrees strikes at the […]

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Translating the Guardian’s Sam Bahour

A couple of years ago my dear friend Chas Newkey-Burden of ‘Oy Va Goy’ (and other) fame sent me a Hannuka gift which, within minutes of opening it, made me cry. It was Daniel Gordis’ book ‘Coming Together, Coming Apart’ – a very personal account of his family’s life in Jerusalem during the years of […]

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Guardian Readers’ Editor Defends Decision to Publish Letter Justifying Suicide Bombing

Chris Elliott, the Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, responded today to criticism that his paper chose to publish a letter from “eminent” philosopher Ted Honderich defending Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians. As we noted, here, Honderich’s apologia for suicide bombing was quite explicit. He said: Palestinians have a moral right to their terrorism within historic Palestine [presumably […]

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Guardian “letters section” ongoing debate about which Israelis it’s moral to kill

The most interesting aspect of a letter written by Kashif Sheikh, and published by the Guardian on Friday, was that it was couched in language suggesting the opposite. He begins: “I have been a supporter of the Palestinian cause for many years, but I do not believe terrorism is justified.” Ok, it starts off well, […]

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Guardian editorial on Palestine Papers: Ideological Incitement

Robin Shepherd made a great observation about the Guardian Editorial on the Palestine Papers, one that we touched on in yesterday’s post The Guardian’s outrage over concessions relating to Jerusalem, and occupied territories, positions them closer to the views of Hamas than more moderate elements of Palestinian society. Even if we are to accept that […]

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A CiF reader’s spot-on analysis of the situation in the Middle East

In “Israel needs a coherent opposition“, CiF, Jan. 19, Naomi Shepherd displays the very worst intellectual ticks of the hard left – those stubborn few who seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the failures of Oslo and, despite all evidence, still believe that withdrawing from land will inevitably bring peace. For one, Shepherd completely […]

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Guardian Cartoonist Martin Rowson, and Israel’s Immutable Sin

The Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, Chris Elliott – of “facts are tricky things” fame – recently posted a meditation on political cartoons, and what he sees as the fine line between caricature and stereotype.

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Are Guardian editors guilty of criminal conspiracy?

The Guardian’s deep involvement with WikiLeaks, and its founder Julian Assange, has shown the paper and its editors in all their hubris, possessing, at the very least, a palpable indifference to U.S. and British national security and the potential ramifications of revealing classified state secrets.

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