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Hamas Looks for Trouble

When I heard that Hamas had fired an antitank missile across the border directly at an Israeli school bus, wounding the driver and critically injuring a child — only the fact that the bus was otherwise empty prevented an even more horrendous outcome — I thought: they want a war. The fact that the attack […]

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What Should U.S. Policy be Toward the Current Middle East Situation?

People ask me what the United States should be doing toward the upheavals in the Middle East. Here’s a short, quick list of themes: 1. Understanding that there are some people who want real democracy and others who don’t, U.S. policy should be focused on battling the latter, especially the revolutionary Islamists, just as much […]

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Lenin’s Lessons for Obama on Dealing with Radical Islamists

I just don’t get it. The more degrees from famous universities U.S. leaders have, the less they seem to know, especially about history. Consider this in light of their inability to understand that not only al-Qaida but also Syria, Hamas, Hizballah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the AKP government in Turkey, as well as Iran’s regime […]

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Arab Political Upheavals: Obsession with Israel Blinded Westerners to the Real Middle East

As we consider the lessons of the dramatic upheavals in Arabic-speaking countries one of the main ones is this: the overriding obsession with the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel-Palestinian conflict, and Israel as the supposed cause of all regional problems has repeatedly blinded people to the realities of the region. The “normal” issues of repression, dictatorship, economics, […]

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Antisemitism Is Now Almost Routine In Many Fashionable European Circles

From the most fashionable circles and down to the street level, from Hollywood stars to British universities to famous fashion designers antisemitism is becoming fashionable around the world. This is being fueled by the constant stream of hate-Israel material, most of it coming from the left including Jewish leftists who simply refuse to understand the […]

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Egypt: American Know-Nothings Play With the Lives of Millions of People

This article by Benjamin Kerstein is so good that I have to quote from it extensively: “[Peter] Beinart’s take on the [Egypt] situation—and I do not think it is an unusual one among American Jewish leftists and American leftists in general—is equal parts wishful thinking and willful self-deception. His thesis…is that Israel is opposed to […]

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Now We Know: How the Obama Administration is Going to Bring Disaster to the Middle East and U.S. Interests

In a moment, I’ll present you with what might be the most frightening paragraph in the modern history of U.S. Middle East policy. But first, here’s one that’s among the most deplorable. It’s from a Washington Post article: “The Obama administration is preparing for the prospect that Islamist governments will take hold in North Africa […]

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Flash: Is Rubin Reports Banned by Turkey?

Readers from Turkey reports that when they try to go to Rubin Reports the text is blocked and the following message appears: Bu siteye erisim mahkeme karariyla engellenmistir. Which means: “Access to this site has been denied by court order.” It’s frequently seen on sites with “objectionable political content.” In other words, none of my […]

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U.S. Government Discovers That There’s A Competition with Iran But Has No Idea How to “Fight Back”

In testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “We are in a competition. I just stress over and over again, we’ve got to be there. We’ve got to fight back.” A competition with who? With Iran, though she didn’t mention its long list of allies: Syria, Hamas, Hizballah, the […]

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Video: Barry Rubin: A History of the Muslim Brotherhood

Barry Rubin expounds at length:

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Egypt’s Future Starts Coming Into Focus: There’s Good News and Bad News

“All that [glitters] is not gold; Often have you heard that told… Gilded tombs do worms enfold…. –William Shakespeare, “Merchant of Venice” Is this the long-awaited Arab Spring of Democracy or is it a stealth Islamist revolution? Every country is different and most governments other than Egypt and Tunisia, possibly Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya, will […]

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Why Policy Forces the U.S. Government to Become the Muslim Brotherhood’s Press Agent

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Select Intelligence Committee recently that he thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is against the Egypt-Israel peace treaty but isn’t really sure and also doesn’t know much about the Muslim Brotherhood. Clapper earlier famously said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular and moderate group. Is Clapper that […]

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Persecution of Christians Begins in “Democratic” Egypt

Once the revolution began, Egypt’s Christians knew precisely what to expect. It isn’t that the regime of Husni Mubarak protected them so well from Muslim wrath. On the contrary, it was reluctant to prosecute Muslims who attacked and killed or wounded Christians as well as damaged or destroyed churches. The government often arrested Christians who […]

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Change in the Middle East? Much More Never Changes At All

In 1938 the Saudi diplomat Hafiz Wahbah secretly met with Zionist leader (and future Israeli prime minister) David Ben-Gurion. Wahbah explained to Ben-Gurion why it was impossible to negotiate a lasting peace. A few years before, Wahbah recounted, when he had called calling for peace in Jerusalem, Wahbah had mentioned that Jerusalem was a holy […]

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Remember Lebanon: The Counter-Example to Egypt’s Revolution?

It is completely understandable that Arabs, having waited decades for the democratic moment, are rejoicing at events in Egypt and elsewhere. One wishes them well and hopes that this all works out in a new Middle East of democracy, peace, progress, and rising living standards. Yet everybody–and I repeat everybody–has acted as if this is […]

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Egypt’s Revolution: The More They Reassure Us, The More We Worry

I think I was the first person to warn that the Egyptian revolution wasn’t all roses but also had a dangerous amount of thorns. And the more Western governments and media reassure us, the more we worry. Why? Because it shows they have no idea what they are facing and no idea of what they […]

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Turkish Government Repression Steadily Escalates

Repression in Turkey steadily increases and is ignored by the international community. The latest event is the jailing of a famous columnist for Hurriyet, Soner Yalcin, and three journalists for a website publication called Odatv. The crackdown came the day after Odatv reported that it had videos showing the state’s case in the Ergenekon conspiracy, […]

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American Pundits and Policymakers Don’t Understand that Democracy Isn’t Necessarily More Moderate

What must be written in order to promote one’s career in Washington or popularity in the Western world, and what must be written in order to understand the Middle East are two very different things. Consider the following theme, as expressed by a president, a former secretary of state, and a leading pundit. I could […]

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Egypt: The Most Moderate Democracy Advocate Speaks And Says A Lot

There is no more courageous, sincere, and moderate person in Egypt than the blogger who is known as Sandmonkey. He faced serious harassment under the Mubarak regime and is a big supporter of the democracy movement in his country. It is interesting to examine some of his recent tweets. I have fixed spelling, put them […]

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My Adventures with NPR: A Case Study of Media as Political Warfare Operation

Here’s an experience that I think is very revealing. I was asked by an NPR program to be interviewed on the situation in Egypt. I agreed and they telephoned me for a 12-minute taped interview. Just before we began they told me that I would be on with Professor Fawaz Gerges. I knew that would […]

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