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Trump and the MSM’s Recruiting Drive for the Alt-Right

So it goes like this. The left and their MSM allies decided long ago that their narrative was that all conservatives, and Donald Trump in particular, were racists, sexists, homophobes, antisemites, etc., etc., ad nauseam…you get it… It’s very difficult to get off an idea once you’ve been riding it for so long, even when […]

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Jewish Graves Desecrated in Iran

A sorry sight: desecrated and smashed-up gravestones in Jewish cemeteries in Iran. Arutz sheva has the story: A video uploaded to YouTube on Friday shows the broken tombstones and desecrated graves. The Jewish cemeteries that were desecrated are located in the Damavand region of Iran. There are two Jewish cemeteries in the area, one in […]

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Egyptians Get In On the Giant Jew-Hating Stuffed-Animal Act

Hamas had Nassur, Assud, Nahoul, and Farfur. It appears that Egypt’s Nour Al-Khaleejiyah TV has developed genocidal child-abusing mammal envy. MEMRI brings us this clip of Egyptian TV for kids. At least in this case, unlike the Hamas show, the adult is lecturing and the big rabbit, Sa’d, is mostly quietly munching a carrot and […]

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Towards a More Pluralistic Mideast and N. Africa?

The ‘revolutions’ sweeping the ‘Arab’ world could also allow the indigenous peoples of the Middle East – whose identity, language and culture has long been suppressed – to throw off the yoke of Arabism and Islamism. Could a more pluralistic Middle East and North Africa emerge? Arye Tepper looks at the increasingly close relations between […]

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PA TV talk show: Quran says Jews worry over money; Israel’s destruction is “hope of all Palestinians”

A talk show on official Palestinian Authority television recently promoted the classic Antisemitic stereotype of Jews being overly concerned with “accumulating money.” The guest attempted to validate his defamation by claiming that it is corroborated in the Quran. In addition, the guest’s call for the destruction of Israel, in his words, “to liberate the entire […]

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Greying Ponytails Against Israel in Cambridge, MA

You see them in every University town in America, the aging, angry and disaffected children of the ’60’s, grandchildren of Jewish socialism and communism of the ’30’s – in perpetual mourning for the Soviet Union, Cuba and all the other failed socialist experiments of the last 100 years. Like dinghys floating on the surface of […]

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MEMRI: Egyptian Cleric on the Benefits of Al-Azhar Curricula: We Got Books to Militarize the Students and Teach Jihad and Hatred of Jews!

This is from Egyptian television on December 23. You think things are going to get better now? Watch as this guy brags about the relevancy of the Al-Azhar curriculum because it teaches big time hating on Jews. Video: Egyptian Cleric Miqdam Al-Khadhari on the Benefits of Al-Azhar Curricula: They are the Only Textbooks to Militarize […]

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Robin Shepherd: Understanding the MidEast revolutions: Hope for democracy; plan for something worse

Robin Shepherd: Understanding the MidEast revolutions: Hope for democracy; plan for something worse – ‘…This is indeed a bleak and austere summary. But it is better to be aware of the problems the region is going to face in building free societies than to censor them out of our consciousness. We will know soon enough […]

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Iran Won’t Be Fooled by Zionist Infiltration This Time!

You’ve got to appreciate Iran. Alert to the recent row over a spate of Mossad trained animals which were wrecking havoc from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, the Iranian regime led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was clearly not going to be hoodwinked by attempts of the International Olympic Committee to insert pro-Israel messages into the upcoming 2012 […]

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Nasser Expelled Jews of all Nationalities

In a private exchange with Jewish friends, an Egyptian who describes himself as an atheist of Muslim origin takes issue with Andre Aciman’s piece (above). He argues that Nasser did not expel Jews in 1956 – he expelled French and British passport holders, and would have expelled Israelis if there had been any living in […]

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Jews on the Dark Side

Why do I write so much about anti-Zionist Jews, you ask? Why so much space dedicated to the phony ‘pro-Israel’ J Street, for example? We already know that there are a few Israel-hating crazies and naive-but-well-meaning liberals out there, but aren’t there more important targets? Well, no, I don’t think so. I am going to […]

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What Is Sweden’s Biggest Problem? Just Guess!

The New York Times recently ran an article on Sweden, much of it on the city of Malmo. That place has a high proportion of Muslim residents some of whom have become so militant that the city’s Jews have reportedly fled due to harassment. The Swedish mayor said that he didn’t want racist movements like […]

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Why the Jews are Losing the Battle for the Campus

The warnings have been there. In 2006, the US Commission on Civil Rights found that “many college campuses thought the US continue to experience incidents of anti-Semitism.” Gary Tobin in his 2005 book “Uncivil University: Politics and Propaganda in American Education,” concluded that “anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism are systemic in higher education and can be found […]

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Union Protester Berates Jewish FreedomWorks Employee: ‘You Are a Bad Jew!’

Union Protester Berates Jewish FreedomWorks Employee: ‘You Are a Bad Jew!’ – ‘Some interesting footage from the union protest outside FreedomWorks’s D.C. headquarters has been hitting the Internet, and it’s shown the protesters to be less than civil. In one video yesterday, a new-media director at FreedomWorks was assaulted by a union worker, and now […]

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CAMERA: A New Low: New York Times Running Interference for Yusuf Qaradawi

CAMERA: A New Low: New York Times Running Interference for Yusuf Qaradawi – ‘For the past several weeks, The New York Times has been running interference for the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization set to play a significant role in Egyptian politics after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. In addition to publishing commentaries by […]

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Anti-Israel Indoctrination in the UK

Anti-Israel Indoctrination in the UK – ‘…The relentless propaganda seems to be affecting just about everybody I know. It has got to the stage where even strongly pro-Israeli friends are unwittingly accepting anti-Israel bias as perfectly acceptable. I’d like to recount a very good example of this. The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond is currently […]

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Hate and Loathing at Hampshire College: Jewish Student Threatened

A week ago I pointed you toward a description of events at Hampshire College out in Western Mass. Members of Students for Justice in Palestine disrupted and effectively shut down an appearance by Sergeant Benjamin Anthony, of Our Soldiers Speak. Jim Wald is back with some of the continuing fallout: The Hampshire College “Climax” Covers […]

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Revolution in Tunisia, Reform in Jordan Unleashes Anti-Jewish Forces

Recently, when I spoke on developments in Egypt, a serious and respected Middle East expert claimed that there was no sign of anti-American or anti-Israel slogans in Egypt or Tunisia during their revolutions. Really? This is simply not true. The fact that a Jewish prayer room was burned down in Tunisia received only one passing mention […]

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Simon Tisdall’s “Arab Street” in Action Outside a Synagogue in Tunis

H/T Atlas, Elder of Ziyon and Joshua Pundit. In 1948 there were 120,000 Jews living in Tunisia. Today – after anti-Jewish government decrees were passed, synagogues destroyed, and Jews attacked and killed in the period following independence in the 50s and 60s – there are less than 1,000 remaining in a nation of over 10 […]

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Andrea Levin: Scheuer’s Ravings

Andrea Levin: Scheuer’s Ravings – ‘In the days following tectonic events in Egypt, media outlets scrambled to make sense of the crisis, turning at times to ill-prepared commentators who had little genuine knowledge of Egyptian society and political life. Ironically, one figure called upon in the rush to decipher developments was Michael Scheuer, a former […]

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