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Tunisians Embrace Israeli Song

Well, what do you know? An Israeli spoof becomes the ‘anthem’ of rebels trying to change Libya. Now a song written two years ago by Israeli singer Bezalel, the son of Tunisian Jews – all curly locks, bulging triceps and eyeliner – has found favour with Tunisians. Its name? Tunisia – of course. The pop […]

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Fifty Tunisian Jews Have Already Moved to Israel

Some 50 Tunisian Jews have already moved to Israel since the start of the Jasmine uprising, The Jerusalem Post reports. The Israeli government plans to offer financial incentives to attract still more: (With thanks: Lily) Israel is planning to offer Tunisian Jews interested in emigrating following the recent uprising in the country a special absorption […]

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Tunisia: Polish priest murdered by dishonest worker

Tunisia: Polish priest murdered by dishonest worker – ‘Father Marek Rybinski, the 34-year-old Polish Salesian who was murdered in Tunisia on February 18, was slain by a dishonest worker at the missionary house, according to the local bishop. “According to official investigations, this person, who was a jack-of-all-trades at the missionary house, was given 2,000 […]

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Fearful Tunisian Jews Appeal for Protection

The Jewish community in Tunisia has called on JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) to help protect their synagogues and ensure their general safety ‘as they are afraid to speak out’.

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Next Question for Tunisia: the Role of Islam in Politics

Next Question for Tunisia: the Role of Islam in Politics – ‘The second phase of Tunisia’s revolution played out in this city’s ancient medina last week as military helicopters circled and security forces rushed to carry out an unusual mission: protecting the city’s brothels. Police officers dispersed a group of rock-throwing protesters who streamed into […]

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All non-Muslim Minorities Now Targeted in Tunisia

Following last week’s provocative Islamist demonstration at the Great Synagogue in Tunis chanting antisemitic slogans, Christians are now the target : a Catholic priest has had his throat slit. Report by The Star Tribune, Minnesota (via Atlas Shrugs): TUNIS, Tunisia – Tunisia’s official TAP news agency says a Catholic priest from Poland has been killed […]

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Simon Tisdall’s “Arab Street” in Action Outside a Synagogue in Tunis

H/T Atlas, Elder of Ziyon and Joshua Pundit. In 1948 there were 120,000 Jews living in Tunisia. Today – after anti-Jewish government decrees were passed, synagogues destroyed, and Jews attacked and killed in the period following independence in the 50s and 60s – there are less than 1,000 remaining in a nation of over 10 […]

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What Really Happened at the Gabes Synagogue?

With thanks: Ahoova We now know what damage was done to El Hamma synagogue near Gabes a few days ago. Azria Ghozlane, the leader of the Jewish community of Gabes sent out his men to investigate and has now issued an official statement. The security post, common parts, Ekhal (Ark) and a Torah scroll were […]

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