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Flash: American-Backed Egyptian “Moderate” (Next President?) Threatens War On Israel!

Everything has been so predictable. Designated “moderate” and U.S.-backed Egyptian leader Muhammad ElBaradei has made a profoundly shocking statement that should change U.S. policy overnight, show how disastrous Obama Administration policy was, and mark the beginning of the coming electoral defeat for the president. But presumably nothing will change. ElBaradei, a presidential candidate, said the […]

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Mass Media Now Admits It Was Also Wrong About Post-Mubarak Egypt’s Foreign Policy

Now that the New York Times tells us that the Muslim Brotherhood is really strong, organized, widely supported by the army, and capable of taking over Egypt–all the things I wrote at the time and the mass media denied–the Washington Post confirms every point I made during the revolution about what was going to happen […]

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Western Media Discover Egyptian Revolution Not So Moderate; Muslim Brotherhood is Powerful, Still Deny That It’s Radical

It seems like mere days ago that every reporter and expert on almost every television channel and newspaper was telling the American people that Egypt’s revolution was a great thing, run by Facebook-savvy liberal democrats, inspired by President Barack Obama and “universal values.” Those silly, paranoid Israelis had nothing to worry about. Christians were supporting […]

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MEMRI: In Egypt, Coptic Christian Assaulted By Muslim Extremists – Salafist gang cut off his ear

MEMRI: In Egypt, Coptic Christian Assaulted By Muslim Extremists – ‘In the village of Qana, in Upper Egypt, Coptic Christian teacher Ayman Anwar Metari was attacked by a Salafist gang that cut off his ear and wounded him in the head and body, while shouting religious slogans. The gang also burned his home and his […]

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Egypt Air Removes Israel from the Map

I wouldn’t get on one of those planes. They don’t know where they’re flying to: Egypt Air removes Israel from map Egypt Air, the largest airline in Egypt, has removed Israel from the map – literally. On its website, Ynet has learned, Jordan’s land reaches the Mediterranean Sea. The airline’s subsidiary, Air Sinai, flies to […]

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Synagogue Bomber Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

Egypt’s supreme state security court has convicted and sentenced a man to five years in prison for throwing a makeshift bomb at Cairo’s main synagogue, Ynet news reports: Authorities said Hussein was repeatedly jailed for drug dealing and was implicated in attacks organized in the 1980s by Islamic militant groups targeting video stores. Gamal Hussein […]

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Hey, President Obama, Watch What Anwar al-Sadat Said About the Muslim Brotherhood!

BENTLEY [American journalist]: What, in your opinion, do these people hope to gain from this war [World War One]? LAWRENCE: They hope to gain their freedom. BENTLEY: They hope to gain their freedom? There’s one [sucker] born every minute! LAWRENCE: They’re going to get it, Mr Bentley. I’m going to give it to them. –From […]

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One of the Big Flaws in Obama’s Middle East Policy: Islamists Don’t Want to be His Pals

I read this quote from Rashad Bayoumi, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s number-two leader, as translated by MEMRI, and it triggered a memory: “The thing I fear most is foreign intervention. Our people and societies must realize that their main enemy abroad is the U.S. and the Zionist gang, and that their main enemy within is […]

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Lee Smith: Egypt to Vote Tomorrow on Constitutional Amendments

Lee Smith: Egypt to Vote Tomorrow on Constitutional Amendments – ‘Demonstrators have been in Tahrir Square all day to rally voters for tomorrow’s referendum to ratify six amended articles of the country’s constitution. The content of the particular amendments—including term limits on the presidency and qualifications for the executive office—is less significant than the political […]

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Egyptian Politics Get Dangerously Messy

Well, what do you know? The two leading politicians in Egypt have decided—though they haven’t quite admitted it straight out—that the biggest threat to the country is…the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power. After we’ve been told by virtually every Western government official, academic, and journalist who has discussed the topic, that the Brotherhood is weak, pacifistic, […]

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Uh-Oh! Egyptian Revolutionaries Ungrateful to Obama Administration

Who’d possibly have thought it? Answer: Anybody who understands the Middle East. You see, the Obama Administration rushed to get rid of the Mubarak government in the belief that this action would make Egyptians see that they are simply wonderful people. This would assure that Egypt and America remained good buddies forever. Unfortunately, though, Secretary […]

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Amr Moussa: Meet Egypt’s Next President?

It’s now official. The Egyptian presidential election will pit Amr Moussa against Muhammad ElBaradei. It’s hard to see a third candidate emerging with a real chance of being elected. Come to think of it, thinking that ElBaradei has a chance of winning is also hard to believe. In May 2007, here’s how al-Jazira prophetically began […]

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“Democracy Without the Protection of Minority Rights is Mob Rule.”

U.S. Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Pennsylvania) lays it on the line in defense of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

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Coptic Christians Killed by Egyptian Military – Will the Blackout Continue?

Coptic Christians in Egypt who are hoping that major news outlets in the United States are going to shine a light on the recent attack they endured in Helwan and their ongoing protests in Cairo have good reason to wonder exactly what is going on. Their story is just not being told in the U.S. […]

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Anti-Christian Rampage in Egypt Goes Unnoticed

People who follow the #copts or #helwan hashtags on Twitter will know that on Saturday, a Church in the town of Sool (or Sol) was attacked by a mob of Muslims after intra-Muslim violence that took place the day before. Al Masry Al Youm reports that “Two men have been killed during clashes between Muslims […]

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Arab Liberals Worry About an Islamist Egypt; Western Observers Claim There’s No Threat

He jests at scars who never felt the wound, wrote Shakespeare, and it is an appropriate sentiment to point out that while Western observers ridicule the fear of an Islamist Egypt, a lot of Arab writers are very worried. In fact, here are three articles that display such concerns. The first is from Dr. Hasan […]

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New York Times’ Promoting Muslim Brotherhood; Hilary Clinton Promoting al-Jazira: It’s Beyond Satire!

I have pointed out several times how the New York Times has been whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood, including the publication of a terrible set of lies by Tariq Ramadan. Now, without having to my knowledge published a single piece pointing to the Muslim Brotherhood’s radical Islamism, anti-Americanism, antisemitism, and terrorism, we have still another op-ed […]

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Muslim Brotherhood’s New Campaign: Seize Control of Egypt’s Islamic Institutions

This is of gigantic importance (see if anyone else covers it). MEMRI has pointed out the opening of a Muslim Brotherhood campaign to replace Egypt’s current clerical hierarchy with its own people. If that happens…you can imagine. Once Islamists are in place making the “official” decisions on what constitutes proper Islam, an Islamist state cannot […]

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Why Go Back to Egypt Where I Never Belonged?

While Andre Aciman lived in Egypt he never felt he belonged there. For him, the tantalising fantasy of going back to Egypt from his new home, New York, is tempting but unsatisfying. Eloquent feature by the Alexandria-born professor of literature in Newsweek: (with thanks: Levana) The words that someone from Egypt had posted on my […]

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Nasser Expelled Jews of all Nationalities

In a private exchange with Jewish friends, an Egyptian who describes himself as an atheist of Muslim origin takes issue with Andre Aciman’s piece (above). He argues that Nasser did not expel Jews in 1956 – he expelled French and British passport holders, and would have expelled Israelis if there had been any living in […]

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