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The Middle East Score So Far This Year: Iran and Brotherhood, 8; Hamas, 6, U.S., -11

Events in the Middle East have moved so quickly that one almost needs a daily scorecard to keep up. This article will try to give a basic picture of what has, and hasn’t, changed. Have Iran and revolutionary Islamists gained in recent months? Yes, since Islamism is advancing at the expense of declining Arab nationalism […]

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Quote of the year (special edition): Hillary Clinton

On the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Madame Secretary spoke of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad thus: Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer. One wonders: is she talking about our Bashar al-Assad, the one that lives on Earth? […]

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Video: “Obama Is Awesome”

I usually don’t have the patience to sit through these things, but this one was enjoyable. From the guys at Power Line, who note: Someone, I don’t know who, has made some entertaining videos out of dialogue between a rational conservative and a typical liberal. This one is the latest, titled “Libya vs. Iraq.” But […]

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Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Urges Syria Regime Overthrow Against White House Policy

As I’ve reported, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is horrified by White House policies in the Middle East. Indeed, he has an extra reason for being upset since it is his military forces that have to manage the Libyan mess while simultaneously fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while, on top of that, facing cutbacks […]

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Hillary’s Friends Echo Our Analysis: No Excuse for Not Knowing U.S. Foreign Policy Is At the Iceberg

Every analyst loves the day when policymakers and national leaders start echoing precisely what he’s been writing for weeks, months, and years. In this case, unfortunately, it’s about bad things happening. Read this article in the new mainstream, establishment Internet newspaper, The Daily, interviewing people around Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Insiders love to give […]

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The War in Libya: Unprecedented Strangeness

Should the United States and Europe want Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi out of power? Sure. But the real question is how U.S. policy is dealing with this crisis. 1. Nothing could be more obvious than the fact that all of these people talking about how evil Qadhafi is are doings only because he is being […]

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Sarah Palin at Kotel tunnel: Israel too apologetic

Sarah Palin at Kotel tunnel: Israel too apologetic – ‘Former American vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin expressed support for Jews praying openly on the Temple Mount on a visit to the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday, officials who accompanied Palin said. Palin and her husband Todd arrived for a two-day visit on Sunday afternoon […]

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Jeff Jacoby: This time, don’t betray the rebels

Jeff Jacoby: This time, don’t betray the rebels – ‘TWENTY YEARS ago this month, George H.W. Bush went wobbly. The Gulf War had ended. Kuwait, brutally occupied by Iraq in August 1990, had been freed by a massive US-led coalition. Saddam Hussein’s forces had been routed, and the hated tyrant had suffered a humiliating defeat. […]

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One of the Big Flaws in Obama’s Middle East Policy: Islamists Don’t Want to be His Pals

I read this quote from Rashad Bayoumi, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s number-two leader, as translated by MEMRI, and it triggered a memory: “The thing I fear most is foreign intervention. Our people and societies must realize that their main enemy abroad is the U.S. and the Zionist gang, and that their main enemy within is […]

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No Wonder Hillary Resigned! Mr. Burns Explains U.S. Middle East Policy

For a comprehensive statement of current U.S. Middle East policy you can’t do better than the testimony of Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on March 17, 2011. It’s horrifying. Here’s my summary of the key point: The United States will press for political reform […]

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Michael J. Totten: What about our hearts and minds?

Michael J. Totten: What about our hearts and minds? – ‘ As forces loyal to Libya’s cruel and de ranged tyrant Moammar Khadafy re conquer one rebel-held city after an other, the Arab League and the Arabic press are calling for a no-fly zone over the country to tip, or at least even, the odds. […]

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Lessons from Libya for Dictators in Distress

Lessons from Libya for Dictators in Distress – ‘1. If you want to remain in power, you need to do more than send a man on a camel into crowds. Declare war on your people; hire other people to help out. 2. Do not worry if the U.S. president says you must “step down” and […]

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Political Correctness Meets Neo-Colonialism

It would be timely for Barack Obama, Thomas Friedman, and their chorus mates to leave the Middle East to those who know more about it. Friedman’s own newspaper, The New York Times, calls Saudi Arabia America’s most important Arab ally, and indicates that leaders of that country “have made no secret of their deep displeasure […]

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Uh-Oh! Egyptian Revolutionaries Ungrateful to Obama Administration

Who’d possibly have thought it? Answer: Anybody who understands the Middle East. You see, the Obama Administration rushed to get rid of the Mubarak government in the belief that this action would make Egyptians see that they are simply wonderful people. This would assure that Egypt and America remained good buddies forever. Unfortunately, though, Secretary […]

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What Should U.S. Policy be Toward the Current Middle East Situation?

People ask me what the United States should be doing toward the upheavals in the Middle East. Here’s a short, quick list of themes: 1. Understanding that there are some people who want real democracy and others who don’t, U.S. policy should be focused on battling the latter, especially the revolutionary Islamists, just as much […]

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U.S. Middle East Policy and Those Little Ideas That Get Millions of People Killed

I listened again to President Barack Obama’s main speech on Egypt back during the revolution and two phrases caught my ear. They were both intended, perhaps, as bland phrases yet they carry an awesome amount of meaning. The first was this: “Suppressing ideas never make them go away.” At first glance, who could object to […]

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U.S. Head of Intelligence James Clapper Should Be Fired

If the Obama Administration would listen more to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates it might salvage its foreign policy. But it has a penchant for picking–and listening to–people who are incompetent, ideologically wacky or totally out of their depth. James Clapper, head of intelligence, is a remarkable example of […]

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Leon Wieseltier: Darkness Falls

Leon Wieseltier: Darkness Falls – ‘Barack Obama’s policy toward the Libyan struggle for freedom is no longer a muddle. It is now a disgrace. Here is what his administration and its allies have told the world, and the Libyan dictator, and the Libyan rebels, in recent days…’

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Greying Ponytails Against Israel in Cambridge, MA

You see them in every University town in America, the aging, angry and disaffected children of the ’60’s, grandchildren of Jewish socialism and communism of the ’30’s – in perpetual mourning for the Soviet Union, Cuba and all the other failed socialist experiments of the last 100 years. Like dinghys floating on the surface of […]

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Barack Obama and the Cavalcade of Naivete

President Barack Obama told Democratic Party contributors  in Miami: “When you look at what’s happening…in the Middle East, it is a manifestation of new technologies, the winds of freedom that are blowing through countries that have not felt those winds in decades, a whole new generation that says I want to be a part of this […]

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