Trump and the MSM’s Recruiting Drive for the Alt-Right

So it goes like this. The left and their MSM allies decided long ago that their narrative was that all conservatives, and Donald Trump in particular, were racists, sexists, homophobes, antisemites, etc., etc., ad nauseam…you get it…

It’s very difficult to get off an idea once you’ve been riding it for so long, even when it’s becoming more and more clear that the narrative is wrong and even self-destructive. People just don’t give up treasured ideas so easily, and when you’ve held them so long they become part of your own identity. And your own identity is something that none of us changes easily.

So the election is over… (It’s over people! You goof-balls are not going to overturn it through an online petition! Talk about social media rotting peoples’ brains…but I digress…) So the election is over but the Democrats and the MSM, as they always do, remain in campaign mode and continue to ride “the narrative.”

So what do we get? Endless stories about how various forms of White Nationalists and modern Nazis are happy Donald Trump won the election. Why? To tie Trump and anyone who supports him to these low-lifes. Isn’t that obvious? And isn’t it just as obvious that just because Nazis like someone, that doesn’t make them a Nazi? I am not responsible for the beliefs of everyone who reads this blog and Donald Trump is not responsible for every joker who voted for him.

The bottom dwellers seek to pull themselves out of the muck of obscurity and social unacceptability and so they seize the opportunity of a Trump victory. They know the MSM will be only too happy to give them the attention they so desperately seek, and help them ride the coattails of a man who’d scrape them off in a second if he could. “Just praise Trump and we’ll get attention!” they say.

And what does the MSM do? They cooperate! They give the White Nationalists of the country a platform on their pages the likes of which they couldn’t purchase if they paid for it. Funny thing that, it’s exactly what the MSM did for Trump during the primaries. Will they never learn? The Richard Spencers of the world must be beyond delighted with the attention. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. They understand that no matter how negative the article, if there are 99 people who avoid the “movement,” there will be 1 person, not as sharp or mentally deft as you or I, who react with, “Well, this guy sounds kind of interesting. I think he makes some good points. I think I’ll look for more.” You can NOT tell people what to think. You can only put the choices and arguments before them and let them choose. And there will always be people who choose unwisely. By opening the Overton Window a little wider, this attention is nothing but a win for the worst parts of the “alt-right,” all courtesy of the MSM.

This is a free country. You cannot demand people think a certain prescribed way. You can only present the facts and your arguments and then let the individual find their own level. When any issue becomes political, there will always emerge a faction to take the opposite view to you. These types have always been with us, and they always will be with us. It’s taken decades to anathematize the racists among us, but the left, in their eternal wisdom and petty call to wield anti-racism for short-term political gain, is risking blowing it all up in a matter of months.

It’s understandable for the the Democrats to do this. They have nothing else left in their playbook. Their policy prescriptions are uniform failures. If they can’t divide us along racial, religious, sexual, or other grounds – and after dividing, conquer through fear-mongering – they lose. Forever.

But the media need not go along with it. They need not be lap-dogs. They could exercise a little responsibility. I know, fat chance.

So Trump is expected to spend his time denouncing a running line-up of nothings or he’s somehow responsible for them? No, you are responsible for them Democrats. You are responsible for them MSM. Trump knows very well from being a media creature that you never punch down. The guy with the higher ratings never gives attention to rivals on lower rungs. That goes in radio, TV, the blogosphere… The names of individual alt-right leaders should never come out of his mouth – should never come out of The President’s mouth. That would be giving them attention and credibility no one should want them to get.

And the sickening smears directed at Steve Bannon (who is so obviously not an antisemite to anyone who’s followed him there barely needs to be more said about it) are just a symptom of the sickness of partisanship and continued campaigning the media just can’t seem to cure itself of. The real target is Trump, and fortunately (or sadly, depending on how you look at it), fewer and fewer people are listening anymore.

As to the hoards of hand-wringers on social media sharing this bunk over and over, I understand…you want to do good in the world. You want to feel like you are fighting hate. Let me assure you, you are not doing good. You are spreading unwarranted fear. You are spreading smears. White Supremacism is a non-growth industry without the help of well-meaning people. You are being manipulated by unscrupulous people who want to play on your fears. I don’t know about you, but I hate being used.

Now, if the left wants to do something on a real issue that they can have an actual impact on, they might start by asking why the DNC is ever for even one second considering Keith X as their chair.

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