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The Syrians, Bahrainis, Jordanians and Yemenis are marching against their dictators in order to – let’s not kid ourselves – replace them with dictators from a tribe or sect of Islam they like better. The Libyans are fighting a civil war that apparently every single Westerner, including yours truly, is too stupid to understand and know who to side with. The Egyptians are threatening they want “respect” in international relations; apparently they have no self-respect, and think that treating the rest of us the way they treat their wives will make them feel better about it. The Palestinians are advocating a march of millions to converge on Israel’s borders, overcome its defenders and reconquer the land, but peacefully(!), because everyone knows that swarming a sovereign state with millions of people who want to destroy it is how you make peace. The Iranians are raping protesters, especially children, as a “Fath Al Moin (aid to victory).”

No matter who, what, where, how or why, the Jews are responsible – the eminent slur of first resort. Indeed, who prior to this “Arab Spring” ever suspected that the Middle East was one big Zionist enclave? The Jews are trying to topple Ghaddafi, who is then himself uncovered as a Jew. First Ahmadinejad, then Mubarak, now Assad and tomorrow it will be G-d knows which other Arab and Shiite leaders are Zionist agents, putting down popular revolutions fomented by Israel! Who knew that the Jewish people had so many friends and allies, and why haven’t they made themselves known to us before? If you read everything and listen to everyone, you’d think the region is embroiled in a Zionist civil war!

Islamists, Communists, Fascists, Tribalists, Arab Nationalists, Liberals, Shiites, Sunnis, Sufis, Salafis, Alawites – all rush to discredit their enemies as Jews and Zionists. This, my few but dear Arab readers, this Zionist obsession, is why many suspect that the “Arab Spring” is not the genesis of your liberty, but a reshuffling of your jailers and executioners – no doubt, themselves card carrying Zionists, to be uncovered shortly. Everything changes yet nothing does, but the rage, that insatiable rage lives on.

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