Exciting Jerusalem Archeological Find: Tunnel to the City of David

I love this stuff. It’s as significant and important in what it means today as it is interesting for the tale it tells. A drainage tunnel between the Old City to the City of David has been excavated. Above it, still buried, lies an ancient street used by pilgrims during the time of Jesus. The tunnel itself was where escapees, fleeing the Romans in 70 CE, met their fate. Video from Fox:

There’s an excellent blog post with photos and map, here: Tunnel-vision politics in Jerusalem

The tunnel passes along, but not under, the Temple Mount:

…For the last seven years, researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority have been involved in the removal of large amounts of debris that have accumulated in the largest water channel from the Second Temple period. The route of this channel follows that of the Tyropoeon Valley. The channel is located beneath the main paved and stepped road which traversed Jerusalem in those days. The road passed next to the Western Wall in the north and down to the Siloam Pool in the southern portion of the City of David. At no point, does the route of either the road or channel pass beneath the Temple Mount…

Now that it’s known, it will certainly need to be protected, and kept in responsible hands. We have seen the destruction wrought beneath ground level on the Temple Mount itself. The tactics of the forces of regression are well known, rabble-rousing, and violent. They are already gearing up. Conspiracy theories peddled by demagogues that the Al Aqsa Mosque is being undermined by the Jews have been a common occurrence for decades, if not centuries. Muslim religious extremists would like nothing more than to enhance their own standing by rousing the mob and churning this spot back in to the soil and out of memory and record. They want to protect their power and their fantasy version of history. These are not people who share, they are maximalists.

This provides more reason to be vigilant, stand up for history, Judaism, Christianity, science and truth. There is fruit for all of these exposed and still buried in that soil. It should prove an exciting spot for people of all faiths to visit as they experience a bit of humanity’s birthright. In Jerusalem, though, it’s always complicated.

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