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Solomonia ("Solomon" with an "ia" at the end) is the web log of Martin 'Solomon.'

Call me 'Sol.'

I am the owner of this site. I was born, grew-up and live in the Boston area. I'm a long time liberal and son of liberals. A Perenial voter for the Democratic Party. A Reagan-hater and two-time Clinton voter. Somewhere along the line, something happened, however.

I became one of those people, like David Horowitz, who began to have "second thoughts." (Does that make me a "neo-con?") This blog is the product of those thoughts. It's a way to sort of make notes to myself and maybe vent a bit about the things I read. If others would like to stop by and get something out of it, so much the better.

What triggered the change? I'm sure in great measure it's the typical story - 9/11. My second thoughts had already begun, but I may not have felt the push to put up a web page if it were not for that date. I started noticing, more than ever, the anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism so prominent in much of the world and wanted to start speaking out about it. As a secular American Jew, I've never felt any drive to trumpet my ethnic background - quite the opposite. But, as a self-identifying secular American Jew, I do not run from it. I started to realize that I needed to be one of the people speaking out and putting my voice behind the things I believed in, even if only in a very small way, like through this page. If you'd like to get a sense of where I'm coming from, you can read about what I think.

I've never been a big author or journal writer, but I'm getting there. I may just put up pointers to articles of note, I may offer a comment or thought, some short, some much longer. The funny thing is, I had no concept of this thing called the "blogosphere" when I started in on this (OK, so no one ever accused me of being overly quick on the uptake.), but I've quickly discovered there are loads of people out there doing the same thing - many better, but who cares, this place is mine, and I welcome you to it.

To be continued...daily.

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A note to fellow bloggers concerning blogroll linking: Like any blogger, I appreciate any link I can get, and I thank you in advance for including me on your blogroll if you have done so. I'm hardly the most linked to person in the blogosphere, but the thing is this, even at this point if I reciprocated to everyone who linked me by linking back, my blogroll would be lengthy beyond the point that it would have any value to be on it.

So what that means is, I can't guarantee a place on the blogroll just because you placed me on yours, though I still appreciate it. I mean, not to seem ungrateful or too big for my britches or anything, but that's the way it is. Feel free to let me know if you added me, but please don't get angry if I don't return the favor right away.

A few things that increase chances of being linked: 1) Be at least vaguely on the same page with me in the areas I cover. My blogroll is something of a "recommended blogs" list, so I want readers to know they'll be hitting sites that at least aren't terribly at odds with my world view (not that I am responsible for anything appearing on any site but this one, of course). 2) The site must be updated regularly -- more than once a week is best, otherwise it's only marginally a blog, y'know? I regularly go through my blogroll and remove blogs that haven't been updated in a couple of months. If you've been dropped by me for this reason, but have started back up again and promise to keep going this time, drop me a line and I will add you back (believe me, I hate de-linking people for any reason!). 3) I have to think that I'll be taking a look at your blog from time to time, so it's got to interest me, and the design can't be such that I just can't look at it (I have trouble with jet-black backgrounds, for instance).

Finally, blogs in the drop-down list are blogs I like but that don't link back. Shame, shame, shame. If you are on it and add me to your blogroll, I'll be happy to move you to the public list as well.

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